Damon Hall Celebration

The Hartland Historical Society will have displays of Damon Hall memorabilia in the downstairs of Damon Hall during the celebrations September 26th and 27th. There will also be a surprise display made by Carol Mowry that will bring back many memories for longtime Hartland residents.

2016 Historical Photo Calendar

Purchase our new 2016 calendar, illustrated with early Hartland photos never printed before. Each month has a beautifully-restored black/white photo that was taken by Hartland photographer, farmer, and innovator, Byron Ruggles in the very early 1900s. The calendar is one way that the Historical Society is celebrating its 100th centenary. The cost is $15.00 if you pick it up from the Historical Society, or $20.00 if mailed to you. These will make a wonderful holiday gift. Get yours while the supply lasts!

Museum hours
Mondays 1-4pm
Other times by appointment.
Call Carol Mowry at 802-436-3383.


Sandra S. Palmer

Past President
Carol Mowry

Vice President
Clyde Jenne

Robert Bibby

Les Motschman

(Term expires)

Stephen Dow (2015)
Rosemary Morancy (2015)
Gary Staples (2015)
Paula Staples (2015)
Edith Hoose (2016)
Diane Bibby (2016)
Julie Hazen (2016)
Anne Adams (2017)
Judy Howland (2017)

Honorary Member
Gary Trachier

Brad Hadley

Asst. Webmaster
Bev Lasure

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News and Events

Quilt raffle: The Society's quilt raffle was held November 1. The winner was Rosemary Morancy. Congratualtions Rosemary!

Thanks to all who bought tickets to support our New Computer fund!

The Cookbooks are still available! Click here for more information.
“Your Grandparent's Recipes from the Hills of Hartland” has more than 80 pages of recipies collected from Hartland. To order, send a check for $18.75 (includes shipping) made payable to The Hartland Historical Society at the address in our header. For those of you in town, they will be available at the Historical Society and at B.G.'s Market any time they are open.


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