Share Hartland Artifacts Responsibly for Everyone

The Hartland Historical Society would like members and interested friends to consider the Society a sharing organization. SHARE the fun, SHARE the work, SHARE the responsibility, SHARE your talents, SHARE your information, SHARE your resources, and certainly SHARE the results of your work.

If we can continue to preserve the wonderful items that we now have, along with adding items and information to our collection, then we will have great things to SHARE with our community. As an example, Carol has been doing a program of inviting school classes to come to the museum. She has made it fun for the children to see our artifacts. They are the people who will inherit this organization and if they begin to get interested now, who knows what plans they might have for us. We have been open two days a week and at other times by appointment. It was wonderful on July 4 to see all the people who came through the museum and who were pleasantly surprised at the displays. Our thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to make this possible.

We have a great new web site that is getting a lot of hits. We will use the web site to help SHARE our information with those who cannot make it to Hartland in person.

The Hartland Historical Society is its members and volunteers. Your support in sharing your time, skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm is what makes the Society work. If you would like to help SHARE Hartland History, please contact one of the officers. Or, visit our “Help Wanted” page.

      Bev Lasure, Assistant Webmaster

Museum hours
Mondays 1-4pm
Other times by appointment.
Call Carol Mowry at 802-436-3383.


Sandy Palmer

Past President
Carol Mowry

Vice President
Clyde Jenne

Robert Bibby

Les Motschman

(Term expires)

Stephen Dow (2015)
Rosemary Morancy (2015)
Gary Staples (2015)
Paula Staples (2015)
Edith Hoose (2016)
Diane Bibby (2016)
Julie Hazen (2016)
Anne Adams (2017)
Judy Howland (2017)
Suzanne Northagle (2017)

Honorary Member
Gary Trachier

Brad Hadley

Asst. Webmaster
Bev Lasure

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News and Events

Quilt Turning The Hartland Historical Society is having a quilt turning on Sept 27 and 28. We are looking for pre 1950 quilts to display. Every quilt has a story and that's part of the fun. If you have one that you would be willing to share send an e-mail to Sandy Palmer at atruevermonter@aol.com. Plan to come to the Elementary School on the 27th or the 28th for this interesting event.

Quilt raffle: The Society is raffling a hand-made quilt to raise funds for a new computer. Tickets are $5.00 for 1 or $20.00 for 5. Send a stamped, self addressed envelope to The Hartland Historical Society, Box 297, Hartland, Vt 05048. The drawing will be November 1, 2014.

The Cookbooks are still available! Click here for more information.
“Your Grandparent's Recipes from the Hills of Hartland” has more than 80 pages of recipies collected from Hartland. To order, send a check for $18.75 (includes shipping) made payable to The Hartland Historical Society at the address in our header. For those of you in town, they will be available at the Historical Society and at B.G.'s Market any time they are open.


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