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Almon Lull

Dr. Almon Lull   Almon Lull was born in Hartland in 1804, and died a millionaire in Glen County, California in 1894. His fortune was made from the goldrush although it was said that he did receive some unsolicited assistance in his rise from rags to riches, that assistance coming from a justice of the […]

Hartland in the Civil War – Part 7

Seventh Installment By Les Motschman Constant Conflict Last spring’s newsletter described the terrible Battle of The Wilderness and ended with the running battle between the two armies through Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. There was no break from the fighting. Elements of both armies engaged each other all over northern Virginia throughout the summer and fall […]


That one word in bold print caught my eye in a ship’s library while we were on vacation about three years ago. I don’t own gold and I don’t think I would have been a gold seeker if I was around in the mid 1800’s, but I regard the California Gold Rush as one of […]

Hartland News 1877

In the course of her work at HHS, Pip Parker came across this interesting (and amusing) newspaper article. The punctuation, italics and spellings are as the original.   Hartland, VT 1877 A little excitement happened in District No 6 in April. Mr. Sumner T. Lull who lives on the Cady farm, received from the hotel […]

Lucia Summers

Lucia Summers, 1835-1898 First Resident Botanist in the Pacific Northwest Lucia Summers was a pioneer botanist in the Pacific coast states between 1871 and 1898. She experienced the Northwest landscape just as it was beginning to be altered by the first settlers. At the age of 34, she arrived in Seattle with her husband, the […]

Baseball in Hartland

It’s hard to believe with all the sports available today to men and women, boys and girls, that a hundred years ago there was really only one game in town and that was baseball. It truly was the National Pastime back then. A history written in the 1950’s indicated that Hartland had fielded a town […]

Lewis E. Merritt

Lewis E. Merritt 1868-1946 Now to honor Leon Royce’s request that Lewis Merritt be featured in the H.H.S. newsletter. When Leon was growing up in the house next to Damon Hall on the main street, the Merritts lived just up the street in the fine house now occupied by Larry and Jeannie Frazer. Of course, […]

Leon Royce

Leon Royce July 15, 1924 – January 16, 2016 This newsletter is dedicated to Leon Royce, a life-long Hartland resident and long-time H.H.S. member who died in Florida this past winter. After his retirement from teaching and coaching at Windsor High School, Leon and wife Marjorie went to Florida every winter for the Red Sox […]

More on the Damons

by Les Motschman   While researching the Damon essay, I read a sentence in the 1985 application to place Damon Hall on the National Register of Historic Buildings that alluded to a subject in which I have long been interested. After noting that William Damon married Alma Otis of Windsor, the researcher wrote: “Thereafter the […]