Gallup - Dunbar Cemetery

West side of Rt. 5 1 mi south of North Hartland Village.

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Gallup - Dunbar Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Gallup - Dunbar
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Rt. 5     Map
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
163 x 62 feet
Number of Stones
Still Exists
iron gate
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.581832 / -72.374440

Gallup - Dunbar Cemetery Directory

There are 66 stones in this directory.

Arsonneau, Ruth (Homer)1763181142w/o Pierre Remi Arsonneau
Cotton, Alonzo1845104s/o Silas B. & Martha A. Cotton
Crombie, Abigail (Allen)185962w/o Samuel Crombie
Crombie, Mary (Hibbard)184163w/o Samuel Crombie
Crombie, Mary H.182861d/o S. & M.H. Crombie
Crombie, Nancy (Page)182664w/o Samuel Crombie
Crombie, Samuel185865h/o Nancy, Mary & Abigail
Crombie, William183061s.o S. & M. H. Crombie
Denny, Jonathan180924s/o Thomas Denny and Martha Denny
Denny, Laura1793182825w/o Thomas A. Denny
Denny, Lucy1772180422w/o Thomas
Denny, Mary1803180422d/o Thomas and Lucy Denny
Denny, Thomas1753183021h/o Lucy
Gallup, Abigail (Willard)1770185273w/o Joseph Gallup
Gallup, Bethiah (Homer)181033w/o Col. Oliver Gallup
Gallup, Elias1734182988h/o Susan Verdyke s/o Wm. & Luct D Gallup
Gallup, Eliza180434d/o Col. Oliver Gallup & Bethiah Gallup
Gallup, Elizabeth183831relict of Col. Oliver Gallup
Gallup, George1806188674s/o Joseph & Abigail
Gallup, Infant180511d/o John S. & Eunice Gallup
Gallup, Joseph1769184972h/o Abigail Willard
Gallup, Lewis F.1793186675s/o Joseph Adam Gallup & Abigail Willard Gallup
Gallup, Lucy (Dennison)181244consort of William Gallup
Gallup, Lucy184977w/o William Gallup 2nd
Gallup, Lucy1747182678d/o Wm. Gallup, 2nd,
Gallup, Mary180435d/o Oliver & Bethiah Gallup
Gallup, Oliver1800180336s/o Oliver & Bethiah Gallup
Gallup, Oliver1763181832s/o William Gallup & Lucy Dennison Gallup
Gallup, Perez1765180852
Gallup, Unknown186274
Gallup, William182541
Gallup, William180343
Gallup, William182876h/o Lucy
Graham, Alexander1792186185h/o Lucy Kimball
Graham, Henry K.185184s/o Alexander Graham
Graham, John G.184683s/o Alexander& Lucy Graham
Graham, Lucy186686w/o Alexander
Graham, Mary Jane185281d/o Alexander
Graham, Ziba184782d/o Alexander Graham
Griffin, Addie1867911w/o Lyman Griffin
Griffin, Annah (Warriner)183819198Bw/o Warrren T. Griffin
Griffin, Catharine184593w/o William Griffin
Griffin, Herbert185996s/o Wm. & Sarah Griffin
Griffin, Isaac186099
Griffin, Jennie186499
Griffin, Marion187497d/o William and SA Griffin
Griffin, Sarah184292d/o Wm. & Catherine Griffin
Griffin, Sarah (Crombie)186895w/o William Griffin
Griffin, Sarah (Wood)185998w/o Isaac Griffin
Griffin, Warren183619058Ah/o Annah J. Warriner
Griffin, William185694
Griffin, William184191s/o Wm & Catherine Griffin
Griffin, William184780s/o William and Sarah (Crombie) Griffin
Hawkins, Elijah17711851106h/o Lucy Barrett & Sarah Dudley
Hawkins, Jonathan1838107s/o Elijah & Sally Hawkins
Hawkins, Sally1862105w/o Elijah Hawkins
Jenkins, Catherine1824101w/o Samuel Jenkins
Kimball, Eunice (Gallup)1761179551Consort of Joseph Kimball
Mower, Harriett1827182771d/o Benjamin & H. Mower
O'Hara, Chloe17991836103w/o Capt. James O'Hara
O'Hara, Henry1817
O'Hara, Infant1820
O'Hara, James1841102h/o Chloe
Warriner, Addie1867912w/o Warren Griffin
Warriner, Ella1872912d/o D.L. S.T. Warriner
Winslow, Sarah182587d/o Rev. Seth & Sarah E. Winslow