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Center Cemetery

Located off Town Road 32 Center of Town Road a few yards east of the junction of Advent Hill Rd. This is the site of the original center of the town of Hartland thus the name Center Cemetery.

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Center Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Town Road 32     Map
S from the road.
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
127 x 331 feet
Number of Stones
Still Exists
wood gate
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.571920 / -72.424770

Center Cemetery Directory

There are 286 stones in this directory.

, Unknown
, unknown
, Unknown
, Unknown
, Unknown
, Unknown
Abbott, Lydia1843w/o Samuel Abbott
Abbott, Samuel1825h/o Lydia Abbott
Ainsworth, Mary1849d/o E.R. & M.S. Ainsworth
Allen, Abigail (Dickenson)h/o Zadock Allen
Allen, Amandas/o Willian & Hannah Allen
Allen, Hannah (Shaw)h/o William Allen
Allen, Williamh/o Hannah Shaw
Allen, Zadockh/o Abigail Dickenson
Alvord, Simeon1840h/o Spedy Alvord
Alvord, Spedy1837w/o Simeon Alvord
Ayers, Charles1846s/o Ira & M. Ayers
Badger, Hannah1834w/o George Badger
Balch, John1873h/o Julia Pond
Balch, Julia (Pond)18031896w/o John Balch
Barker, Laommi1875h/o Polly N. Barker
Barker, Polly1883w/o Loammi Barker
Barret, Anne (Denison)1855w/o William Barret
Barrett, James1838s/o Will, & Anne Barrett
Barrett, William17841872h/o Anne Denison
Barrett, Williams/o William & Anne
Bates, Elvira18371840d/o Dustin Bates
Bates, Lucy18431845d/o Sidney & Maria Bates
Bayley, Jamess/o James Bayley & Hannah
Bishop, Eleazer1811h/o Anne Bannister
Bramble, Lucy (Cushman)17961819w/o Charles Bramble
Bramble, Lucy1819
Breck, Clarissa18021804d/o Daniel & Hannah
Breck, Daniel1845h/o Hannah Breck
Breck, Hannah17571838w.o Daniel Breck
Breck, Hannah17891848d/o Daniel & Hannah Breck
Breck, Lucy1838d/o Daniel and Hannah Breck
Breck, Mary1829d/o Daniel and Hannah Breck
Brothers, Alice1873d/o Mitchel & Mary Brothers
Brown, Abigail1878
Brown, Betsey1853w/o Solomon
Brown, Charles17901870h/o Hannah (Bartlett) Brown
Brown, Hannah (Bartlett)1832w/o Charles Brown
Brown, Simon18181840s/o Charles Brown
Brown, Solomon1850
Bryant, Abner17821812h/.o Mary
Bryant, Amasa1832h/o Lavina
Bryant, Amasa1826s/o E. & M. Bryant
Bryant, Benjamin1801
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, Charlotte17801860w/o Samuel Bryant
Bryant, Eleazor
Bryant, Elizad/o E. & M. Bryant
Bryant, Eliza18091811d/o Ephraim Bryant
Bryant, Elizabeth1842
Bryant, Ephraim18261826s/o E. & M. Bryant
Bryant, Ephraim17911869h/o Martha Bryant
Bryant, Joseph1843
Bryant, Lavina1825w/o Amasa Bryant
Bryant, Martha17851872w/o Ephraim Bryant
Bryant, Rebeccad/o Ephraim
Bryant, Samuelh/o Charlotte
Bryant, Silas1827s/o Abner and Mary Bryant
Bryant, Sylvester18171840s/o Samuel & Charlotte
Cabot, Lavina1818w/o Marston Cabot
Cabot, Marston1814h/o Lavina Cabot
Cady, Elizabeth1841w/o Mannssah Cady
Campbell, Alex1813h/o Ruth Campbell
Campbell, Hugh1820
Campbell, Ruth1834w/o Alex Campbell
Campbell, Sarah1813
Capon, Rhoda1821w/o Samuel Capon
Capon, Samuel1809h/o Rhoda Capon
Chamberlain, Diana1846
Chandler, James1846s/o Josiah and Lydia Chandler
Chandler, Joseph1854h/o Sally Chandler
Chandler, Lydia1855w/o Josiah Chandler
Chandler, Sally1851w/o Joseph Chandler
Clark, Eliza1864
Cleveland, Albilena1834d/o Thomas & Anne Cleveland
Cleveland, Anne
Cleveland, Mary1812h/o Thomas
Cleveland, Thomas1861h/o Anne
Corey, Elizabeth (Maine)18131889w/o Parenas Corey
Corey, Parenas1874h/o Elizabeth Corey
Cory, Adeline1847d/o Parmanas & Elizabeth Cory
Cory, Kimball1864s/o P. & E.M. Cory
Cory, Sedley1846s/o Parmenas & Elizabeth Cory
Cotton, Abby
Cotton, Albert1841s/o Porter & Elvira Cotton
Cotton, Almira
Cotton, Ashley1843
Cotton, Charity1852w/o Ward Cotton, Esq.
Cotton, Charity1832d/o Ward Cotton + Charity
Cotton, Ebenezer1819h/o Tirzah
Cotton, Hannah1854w/o Melvin Cotton
Cotton, Hilarity1827d/o Ebenezer and Tirzah
Cotton, Jane1859d/o W. & C. Cotton
Cotton, Jerusha
Cotton, Joanna1798d/o Melvin and Hannah Cotton
Cotton, John1836s/o Ashley Cotton
Cotton, Martha (Bryant)1873w/o Ward Cotton
Cotton, Mary1812w/o Thomas Cotton
Cotton, Melvin1846h/o Hannah Cotton
Cotton, Sidney1857s/o Ward Cotton
Cotton, Thomas1808h/o Mary Cotton
Cotton, Tirzah1853w/o Ebenezer Cotton
Cotton, Ward1868h/o Martha Bryant
Craft, Anna1825h/o Thomas Cleveland
Cushman, Harriet1804d/o Holmes and Mary Cushman
Cushman, Hercules1843s/o Robert Cushman & Lucy
Cushman, Holmes17621833h/o Mary
Cushman, Icabod1804
Cushman, Joseph1828
Cushman, Joseph
Cushman, Judith
Cushman, Lucy1851w/o Robert Cushman
Cushman, Mary1837d/o Robert and Lucy Cushman
Cushman, Mary (Paddock)1814w/o Holmes Cushman
Cushman, Nancy1819d/o Robert and Lucy Cushman
Cushman, Nancy1805d/o Holmes and Mary Cushman
Cushman, Priscilla17521835
Cushman, Robert18011819s/o Robert and Lucy Cushman
Cushman, Robert1819
Cushman, Sarah1819
Cushman, Thomas1822s/o Robert and Lucy Cushman
Davis, Calista1868w/o Ozro P. Davis
Davis, Edwin1937
Davis, Gertrude1867d/o O.P. & C.D. Davis
Davis, Ozro1900
Davis, Susan1874
Evans, Submit1880
Faunce, Mercy (Vaughn)1855w/o Ansel Faunce
Furbur, Joseph
Furbur, Martha
Gay, Francis
Gay, Lucy
Gay, Richard
Gilson, Alfred1877h/o Sarah
Gilson, Benjamins/o Alfred & Sarah Gilson
Gilson, infantchild of Alfred & Sara Gilson
Gilson, Sarahw/o Alfred
Gilson, Sarah1865w/o Alfred
Gilson, Thomass/o Alfred & Sara Gilson
Grow, John
Grow, Joseph1813h/o Tirzah (Sanger) Grow
Grow, Joseph1813s/o Joseph and Tirzah (Sanger) Grow
Grow, Maria
Grow, Olive17871790d/o Timothy & Phalle Grow
Grow, Patience
Grow, Phalle (Richardson)17631828w/o Elder Timothy Grow
Grow, Polly1813w/o John Grow
Grow, Samuel
Grow, Samuel
Grow, Timothy1842h/o Phalle Grow
Grow, Tirzah
Grow, Tirzah
Hall, Ellen1884w/o Charles Hall
Hathaway, Angeline1883w/o Elijah Hathaway
Hathaway, Elijah1880h/o Andeline Hathaway
Hebown, Simon
Hendrick, Caleb17671837h/o Sarah Abbott
Hendrick, Hannah (Abbott)17341813w/o John Hendrick
Hendrick, John1810
Hendrick, Lydia1811d/o Caleb and Sarah Hendrick
Hendrick, Rachel1844
Hendrick, Sarah (Abbott)17791849w/o Caleb Hendrick
Hoisington, Aaron1857h/o Orra and Laura W. Hoisington
Hoisington, Laura1862w/o Aaron Hoisington
Hoisington, Orra1848w/o Aaron Hoisington
Holbrook, Clarissa (Maine)17961923
Holbrook, Diadema (Durkee)1821w/o Ebenezer Holbrook
Holbrook, Dorothy (Hendrick)17871835w/o George Holbrook
Holbrook, Osgood1804s/o Ebenezer and Diadema Holbrook
Holbrook, Sally1821d/o George and Clarrissa Holbrook
Hoyt, Patience1826w/o David Hoyt
Huntley, Sarahw/o Moses Huntley
Knowlton, Daniel1843h/o Lucy Knowlton
Knowlton, Daniel
Knowlton, Lucy1826w/o Daniel Knowlton
Lakin, Charlotte1811d/o Joshua & Charlotte Lakin
Lakin, Charlotte1912
Lamphear, Sabrina1834d/o David & S. Lamphear
Lamphere, Hannahw.o Reuben Lamphere
Lamphere, Reuben
Lamphere, Thompson
Latimer, George1846
Lemmex, Elvira1833d/o William H. & Elvira Lemmex
Lewis, Emily (Carter)1897w/o William S. Lewis; former wife of Samuel A. Williams
Liscomb, Darrias1831h/o Olive Liscomb
Liscomb, Nehimiah1835
Liscomb, Olive1826w/o Darrias Liscomb
Liscomb, Rebekah1828
Maine, Betsey (Holmes)17801827w/o Stephen Maine, Esq.
Maine, Hampden1829s/o Stephen & Betsey Maine
Maine, Isaac (Kimball)1837h/o Sarah Maine
Maine, Sarah1832w/o Isaac Maine
Maine, Stephen17651838h/o Betsey Maine
Minor, Daniel
Minor, David1832
Minor, Ephriam1828h/o Lucy Minor
Minor, Harriet1831d/o Wm. & Mehitable Minor
Minor, Laura1846
Minor, Loderic1812s/o Ephraim & Lucy
Minor, Lucy1813w/o Ephraim Minor
Minor, Marcia
Minor, Mehitable1853w/o William Minor
Minor, William1850h/o Mehitable Minor
Mott, Sylvia1818w/o Eli Mott
Murphy, Ephriam1876h/o Mary C. Murphy
Murphy, Mary1865w/o Ephraim H. Murphy
Page, Cyrus1824s/o Samuel & Laura Page
Page, John1825
Page, Nathaniel
Paul, Betsey1853w/o Hial Paul
Paul, Candace1865d/o Hial and Betsey Paul
Paul, Hial1833h/o Betsey Paul
Person, Sally (Rogers)
Person, Sally (Rogers)w/o Flyn Person
Pierce, Davids/o James Pierce
Pierce, James1874h/o Lucy Pierce
Pierce, Lucy1867w/o James Pierce
Plank, Eunice (Brown)1865w/o Joseph Plank d/o Solomon Brown
Platt, Priscilla1806w/o Capt Eben Platt
Prior, Lucy (Minor)1875w/o William Prior
Sabin, Albert1813s/o Wm. & Rachel Sabin
Sabin, Ruth1812w/o Seth Sabin
Scott, Benjamin1801s/o John & Ruth Scott
Scott, Lucy1797d/o John & Ruth Scott
Shattuck, Lepha (Rogers)
Shattuck, William
Shaw, Catherine
Shaw, Eliza
Shaw, Martha
Shaw, Nathaniel
Shaw, Thomas1948
Shortt, Harrietw/o Samuel Short
Shortt, Samuelh/o Harriet L.
Smith, Daniel1858
Smith, Jamesh/o Sarah
Smith, Jamesh/o Sarah
Smith, Polly1865
Smith, Sarah1847w/o James
Smith, Sarahw/o James
Spear, Abigail1872w/o John W. Spear
Spear, Ebenezer1860
Spear, Harriet (Warriner)1899w/o John W. Spear
Spear, John1894h/o Abigail
Swan, Austin1812s/o Edward & Hannah Swan
Swan, Edward1805h/o Hannah Swan
Swan, Edward1854s/o Moses and Nancy Swan
Swan, Hannah1817w/o Edward Swan
Swan, Hannah1862d/o Moses T. & Nancy M. Swan
Swan, Moses1887h/o Nancy (Minor) Swan
Swan, Nancy1859d/o Moses T. & Nancy M. Swan
Swan, Nancy (Minor)1864w/o Moses Swan
Swan, Norman1825s/o Moses and Nancy Swan
Tinkham, Louisa1806d/o Seth & Sarah Tinkham
Tinkham, Zilpha1814d/o Seth & Sarah Tinkham
Vaughan, Lewis18111892h/o Lucy F. Vaughan
Vaughan, Lewis1861s/o Lewis & Lucy F. Vaughan
Vaughan, Lucy1857w/o Lewis Vaughan
Vaughan, Vesta1872w/o Lewis Vaughan
W., J.
Webster, David1829
Whitney, Achsah (Balch)1894w/o Hiram Whitney
Whitney, Amanda (Balch)1871w/o John B. Whitney
Whitney, Hiram1889h/o Achsah P. (Balch) Whitney
Whitney, Hiram1844s/o Hiram & A. P. Whitney
Whitney, James1871s/o John & Amanda Whitney
Whitney, John1871s/o John & Amanda Whitney
Whitney, Laura1844d/o Hiram and Ashsah (Balch) Whitney
Whitney, Mary1868d/o John & Amanda Whitney
Williams, Dudley1851h/o Tabitha Williams
Williams, Gertrude1890d/o Lewis D. and Harriet R. (Wetherbee) Williams
Williams, Hannah1870
Williams, Harriet1874
Williams, Harriet18281920w/o Lewis D. Williams
Williams, Isaac1834s/o Dudley and Tabitha Williams
Williams, Laura1849d/o L.L. & H.L. Williams
Williams, Lewis18261901
Williams, Lois1810w/o Samuel Williams
Williams, Samuel1814h/o Lois Williams
Williams, Samuel1873
Williams, Tabitha1859w/o Dudley
___, Ellen

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