Densmore Hill Cemetery

Located off T.R. 23 Densmore Hill Road, just north of intersection with Creampot Rd.

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Densmore Hill Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Densmore Hill
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Densmore Hill Road     Map
W from the road.
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
89 x 115 feet
Number of Stones
Still Exists
Moderate Hilly
Stone wall
Wooden gate
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.567480 / -72.497270

Densmore Hill Cemetery Directory

There are 116 stones in this directory.

Ackley, Mary (Bigelow)17821865R3003w/o Trumbull Ackley, Relict of Wm. Perkins
Alexander, Elijah18211823s/o Freedom & Tirzah
Allen, Unknownw/o Hiram E. Allen
Bagley, Helen
Bell, Emily1843L8001d/o Alfred & Arrozina Bell
Buswell, Chloe (Evans)1850R7005w/o Sylvanus Buswell
Buswell, Sylvanus17881859R7004h/o Chloe (Evans) Buswell
Carey, Abigail (Waldron)1833L7001w/o Ephraim
Carey, Ephriam17481836L7002h/o Abigail
Clark, Charles18291861R2001h/o Frances Densmore
Cobb, Albert1849L5007s/o Isaac Cobb & Melinda Richmond
Cobb, Isaac17921839L5008h/o Melinda Richmond
Crawford, Betsey1813R1008consort of Jona.Crawford
Densmore, Betsey17791858R4001w/o John Densmore
Densmore, Caroline (Bement)1902L4005wife of M.M.Densmore
Densmore, Elijah1823L2008s/o Freedom & Tirzah Densmore
Densmore, Franklin1818L1007
Densmore, Frederick18041886R1004w/o Julia s/o Wallace
Densmore, James18121893L5002h/o Martha Lyman
Densmore, John17801867L4002s/o John & Phebe
Densmore, John17581815L1010h/o Phebe
Densmore, Julia (Slayton)18091839R1005w/o Frederick Densmore
Densmore, Louisa (Thomas)18321853R1001w/o Wallace Densmore
Densmore, M.1902L4004
Densmore, Marshal1817L2009s/o John & Betsey Densmore
Densmore, Martha (Lyman)18181901L5001w/o James d/o Elias Lyman and Pattie Farnham
Densmore, Phebe (Robbins)1847L1009w/o John Densmore
Densmore, Wallace18321853R1001h/o Louise Thomas
Dinsmore, L.1867L4003
Dinsmore, Louisa1836L2010d/o Alden & Mary
Dinsmore, Willie1855L2007s/o J.H.Dinsmore, MD, & M.S.
Douglass, John17821872R2004h/o Mehitable Douglass
Douglass, Mehitable (Elliot)1849R2003w/o John Douglass
Douglass, Warren1867L8002s/o J & C Doughlass
Dunlap, Horace1875R7001
Dunlap, Meriel1827R7003
Dunlap, Samuel1820R7002
Dutton, Benjamin1842L5005
Dutton, Henry1866L6001
Dutton, Oliver1845L6002
Dutton, Permelia (Pomeroy)1850L5004w/o Benj. Dutton
Dutton, Silas1826L5006
Emery, infant1811L7005s/o James & Eliz.
English, John1859L7004
English, Mary1875L7003w/o John English possibly Mary Cary
Fulton, Henry1866L6001s/o J.W.& P.H.Fulton
Fulton, infant1838L6001s/o J.W & P.H. Fulton
Griswold, Frances1849R4002d/o George & Eliza Perkins Griswold
Hoadley, Cyrus18021841R1002s/o Elias Hoadley & Sarah French
Hoadley, Mary (Densmore)18821897R1003w/o Cyrus d/o John & Eliz. Densmore
Hodgeman, Elias1864R8001s/o James & Mary
Hodgeman, James1880R8001h/o Mary
Hodgeman, Mary1873R8001w/o James
Holt, Addie18691963d/o A. J. & Mary
Holt, Mary1863w/o A. J, Holt
Kendall, Abigail (Hadley)18131872L3011w/o Isaac A. Kendall
Kendall, Amaziah1856L3013h/o Lydia
Kendall, Augustus1871L4007s/o Isaac & Abigail
Kendall, infant1848L4008s/o Isaac & Abigail
Kendall, Isaac18151886L3012h/o Abigail G. (Hadley) Kendall
Kendall, Julia1860L4006d/o Isaac & Abigail
Kendall, Leonard1842L4009s/o Isaac & Abigail
Kendall, Lydia1831L3013w/o Amaziah
MacKenzie, Alvira1846L2002
MacKenzie, David1813L2006s/o Isaac & Polly
MacKenzie, Elizabeth1827L1006w/o Joseph
MacKenzie, Joseph1825L1006h/o Elizabeth
MacKenzie, Oliver18191885L2001
Marcy, Sarah1876L3009w/o Sullivan Marcy
Marcy, Sullivan1871L3010h/o Sarah
Marcy, Sullivan1824l3008s/o Sullivan & Sarah
Mckenzie, Almira1846L2003
Mckenzie, Betsey1814L2006d/o Isaac & Polly
Mckenzie, Charles1847L1005h/o Eliza
Mckenzie, David17851800Ls/o Joseph & Elizabeth
Mckenzie, Eliza1869L1004w/o Dea Charles Makenzie
Mckenzie, Frederick1842L2004
Mckenzie, Isaac1824L2005s/o Dea Charles & Eliza
Mckenzie, Polly1803L1003w/o Isaac
Perkins, Cyrus18101892R3001h/o Sophronia Perkins
Perkins, Francis1852R3004h/o Sally Perkins
Perkins, Laura1867R4003d/o Cyrus & Sophronia
Perkins, Sally1843R3004w/o Francis Perkins
Perkins, Sophronia (Stratton)18131895R3001w/o Cyrus Perkins
Perkins, William1820R3002Relict Mary Bigelow
Perkins, William1840R4001s/o Norman & Sarah Perkins
Ritter, Abigail1813R1008consort/David Ritter
Ritter, David1823R1007consort of Abigail
Scott, Lemuel1823L1002h/o Mary
Scott, Mary1813L1001w/o Samuel
Slayton, Eliza18261850R1006d/o R. & Betsey Perkins
Slayton, Laura (Clark)1849R2002w/o R. M. Slayton
Stevens, Rosaline (Densmore)18091895L5003w/o George Stevens
Waldron, Edward1836L4010s/o Lemuel & Sylvia Patrick
Waldron, Lydia (Salisbury)1815L3014w/o Nathaniel
Waldron, Nathaniel17561828L3005h/o Lydia
Whiting, Hannah1834L7006w/o Homer Whiting
Whiting, Henry1820L7007s/o Homer & Hannah
Wilder, Benjamin18301915R5001
Wilder, Benjamin1867R5003
Wilder, Lydia1879R5004
Wilder, S. Maria18331915R5002d/o Joseph & Lucy Wilder
Williams, Charles18551906R4004
Wood, Amos1835L6003
Wood, Anna1833L3006w/o John S.
Wood, Betsey (Clement)17871867R6005w/o Jonathan Wood
Wood, Caroline1827L3001d/o John S, & Anna
Wood, Clarinda1833L3002d/o of John & Anna Wood
Wood, Erastus1844L3004
Wood, Franklin1843L3005
Wood, infant dtr1829R6001d/o Jonathan & Betsey
Wood, infant son18196002s/o Jonathan & Betsey
Wood, John1837L3007
Wood, Jonathan1859R6004h/o Betsey
Wood, Mary1854R6003d/o Jonathan & Betsey
Wood, Samuel1848L3003