Plains Cemetery

West side of Rt. 5 close to the road north of Hartland. This cemetery is the site of the grave of Timothy Lull one of the very first settlers of Hartland.

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Plains Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Rt. 5     Map
W from the road.
Tele. pole
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
220 x 220 feet
Number of Stones
Still Exists
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.560260 / -72.386160

Plains Cemetery Directory

There are 440 stones in this directory.

Aldrich, Noah1818
Alexander, Taylor
Allen, Abidahw/o Zadock
Allen, Abigail (Dickenson)17791864w/o Zadock Allen
Allen, Alice1874w/o F. H. Allen
Allen, Almira
Allen, Amanda18421858
Allen, Amanda1841
Allen, F.
Allen, Hannah18061893
Allen, William1889s/o Zadock and Abigail (Dickenson) Allen
Allen, Zadock17761855h/o Abigail D.
Alvord, Susannah (Page)1830w/o Simeon Alvord
Ashley, Aurelia1859w/o William S.
Ashley, Clarissy1816w/o William S.
Ashley, Daniel1867h/o Clarissy
Ashley, Sarah1819w/o Martin
Ashley, William1879
Ashley, William1846h/o Clarissa Ashley
Badger, Marcal
Bagley, Lucy
Barnes, Abigail1768w/o Moses Barnes
Barr, Dorothy
Barrett, Abigail17011768w/o Moses
Barrett, Frank
Bates, Jacob1832s/o Phineas Bates
Bates, Jonathan
Bates, Joseph1789
Bates, Joseph
Bates, Lucy
Bates, Mary18281888
Bates, Oliver
Bates, Phineas17901868h/o Mary & Olive s/o Jacob
Berry, Mary1895w/o John Berry
Bishop, Elzear
Bramble, Lucy (Cushman)1819w/o Charles
Brown, Joseph1813
Brown, Joseph1815
Brown, Josiah
Brown, Luciniad/o Josiah
Brown, Sarah1849d/o A. & C. Brown
Bryant, Charlotte17801860w/o Samuel Bryant
Bryant, Samuel1866h/o Charlotte
Bryant, Sylvester18171840s/o Samuel & Charlotte
Burk, Lovinia1846
Burrill, George1888h/o Diana
Burrill, George1864s/o Harriette & George
Burrill, Harriette1859d/o George & Diana
Cady, George182597s/o Morris & Betsey Cady
Cady, Helen182597d/o Morris & Betsey Cady
Cady, Martha1852w/o Thomas H
Cady, Mary1806d/o Thomas & Martha
Cady, Thomas1824h/o Martha
Call, Nathan1789
Chambers, Weltha1892
Chase, Elizabeth1865d/o Capt. Charles & Olive Chase
Chase, Increase1802s/o Henry & Susannah Chase
Child, Daniels/o Daniel & Polly
Child, Daniel1860h/o Mary Shattuck
Child, Elizabeth1830w/o Samuel Child
Child, Freeman17851858
Child, Lyman
Child, Lyman1803s/o Lyman & Polly
Child, Mary (Shattuck)w/o Daniel
Child, Mary (Shattuck)1886w/o Daniel
Child, Polly1828w/o Lyman
Childs, Infant
Clark, Elisha1810
Colston, Charles
Colston, Manerva
Colston, Mary1860w/o Avery
Colston, Sukey
Cory, Adeline1837d/o Partemus & Elizabeth
Cory, Dudley1847s/o Partemus & Elizabeth
Cory, Kimball1946s.o Partemus & Elizabeth M.
Cotton, Abby1839d/o Odial & Ruth
Cotton, Almira1847d/o Odial & Ruth
Cotton, Jerusha1847d/o Odial & Ruth
Cotton, Odial1848s/o Ebenezer and Tirzah (Grow) Cotton
Cotton, Owen1846s/o Odial P. and R. W. Cotton
Cotton, Ruth (Lull)18031883w/o Odial
Crandall, Aaron1849h/o Fanny
Crandall, Adam1796
Crandall, Fanny1848w/o Aaron
Cushman, Clark
Cushman, Harriette1804d/o Holmes
Cushman, Holmes1833
Cushman, Husbia1812s/o Robert & Lucy Cushman
Cushman, Ichabod
Cushman, Isiah1817
Cushman, Joseph1828
Cushman, Josiah1822
Cushman, Mary1805
Cushman, Mary1814w/o Holmes
Cushman, Nancy
Cushman, Oliver
Cushman, Priscilla1835
Cushman, Sarah1814
Davis, Amasa1885twin brother of Jonathan
Davis, Hannah1854w/o Amasa
Davis, Henry1863s/o Amasa & Hanna Davis
Davis, Jonathan1851
Deen, Benjamin1806
Deen, Eunice1807w/o William Deen
Dennison, George17511829h/o Submit, consort o/Theody
Dennison, Jonathan1779s/o George & Theody
Dennison, Martha1846w/o Daniel Dennison
Dennison, Submit1812w/o George
Dennison, Theody1800consort of George
Dennison, Theody1784d/o George & Theody
Dewey, Charles1858s/o Elisha & Mary
Dewey, Elisha1844s/o Elisha & Mary
Dewey, Elisha1888h/o Mary Rice
Dewey, infant1841s/o Elisha & Mary
Dewey, Mary (Rice)1891h/o Elisha
Dewey, Mary1841d/o Elisha & Mary
Dewey, Philena Kimballd/o Elisha & Mary Dewey
Dickinson, Martha1849w/o Wright
Dodge, A
Dures, Sarah1807d/o Fred Dures
Dustin, Rhoda1824w/o Lt. William Dustin
Ellison, Gilbert
English, Eli17891852h/o Emily A. English
English, Emily17941850
Evans, Submit1880
Farman, Jeremiah1880h/o Cynthia Arnold
Finley, W.
Flower, Elisha1812f/o Elizabeth
Flower, Elisha1852h/o Judith
Flower, Elizabeth1796d/o Elisha
Flower, Harriet
Flower, James
Flower, John1843
Flower, John1803
Flower, Judith1879
Flower, Susanna1843
Furbur, Joseph1855
Furbur, Martha1853
Gallop, Emily (Shattuck)1865w/o W. H. Gallop
Gardner, Charles1900h/o Erma/Edna
Gardner, Erma (Shepard)1900w/o Charles
Gay, Francis1853s/o Richard and Lucy Gay
Gay, John1865
Gay, Lucy1852w/o Richard Gay
Gay, Richard1853h/o Lucy Gay
Gilson, (Infant)1841d/o Alfred & Sarah Gilson
Gilson, Alexander1859s/o N. & M> A. Gilson
Gilson, Alfred18031861h/o Sarah Gilson
Gilson, Benjamin18401840s/o Alfred & Sarah Gilson
Gilson, Benjamin18401840s/o Alfred & Sarah Gilson
Gilson, Betsey (Pinney)1875w/o James Jr.
Gilson, Clarisa1841w/o James Gilson Jr.
Gilson, Elizer1803s/o James & Sarah
Gilson, Ellen1855d/o N. & M. A. Gilson
Gilson, Esther (Spaulding)1845w/o Peter
Gilson, George1840s/o Hiram & Mary
Gilson, Hiram1846h/o Mary
Gilson, infant1836c/o Hiram & Mary
Gilson, James1843h/o Betsey Pinney
Gilson, James1874
Gilson, James1874
Gilson, Lemuel1850
Gilson, Mary1890w/o Hiram
Gilson, Peter17641849h/o Esther
Gilson, Polly1799d/o Peter & Esther
Gilson, Sarah1851w/o James
Gilson, Sukey1800d/o Peter & Esther
Gilson, Thomas1840s/o Alfred Gilson & Sarah
Grow, Maria18021803d/o Samuel
Grow, Samuel1811
Grow, Tirjah (Sanger)1853w/o Enenezer Cotton
Grow, Tirjah18081808d/o Samuel * Jerusha
Hall, David1796
Hamilton, Elizabeth1813consort of Robert Hamilton
Hamilton, Harriette1825d/o Levi & Sally
Hamilton, Leonard
Hamilton, Levi1832
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Sally1813d/o Levi & Sally
Hamilton, Salome1803d/o Levi & Sally
Hamilton, Salome1798w/o Levi
Harris, Samuel1797w/o Sarah
Hayes, Abby1851d/o Henry & Lydia
Hayes, Charles1836s/o Henry & Lydia
Hayes, Charles1830s/o Henry & Lydia
Hayes, Frederick1836s/o Henry & Lydia
Hayes, Henry1848h/o Lydia
Hayes, Lydia1867h/o Henry
Hayes, Oliver1884
Hodgman, Azubah (Lull)1830w/o Lot
Hodgman, David1842father of Steven
Hodgman, Eunice1864w/o Thomas
Hodgman, Jonathan1801h/o Sarah
Hodgman, Lot1831h/o Azubah Lull
Hodgman, Sarah1805w/o Jonathan
Hodgman, Steven1807s/o David & Polly
Hodgman, Thomas1854h/o Eunice
Howe, Sophia1800d/o Joseph & Martha Howe
Hutchinson, Austin18321862s/o R.R .& E.J. Hutchinson
Hutchinson, James18431862s/o R. R. & E. K. Hutchinson
Hutchnison, Elisha1830s/o Elisha & Lurinda Hutchison
Jenison, Daniel1820
Jenison, Martha1820w/o Dr,Daniel Jennison
Joyce, Benjamin
Killam, Phineas1835h/o Prudence
Killam, Prudence1847w/o Phineas
Knowlton, David1843h/o Lucy
Knowlton, Lucy (Freeman)1826
Labaree, Anna1857d/o Benjamin & Charlotte
Labaree, Benjamin18231894
Labaree, Charlotte (Ayer)18251874
Lakin, Charlotte1812w/o Joshua
Lakin, Charlotte1811d/o Joshua & Charlotte Lakin
Lamphear, Adda1864d/o N.S, & C. W. Sheperd
Lamphear, Catherine (Remington)1847w/o Reuben
Lamphear, Eliza18311914w/o Eliphalet Shattuck
Lamphear, Lizzied/o Eliphelot Shattock
Lamphere, Thompson1850
Lamphire, Hannah1857w/o Reuben
Lanphear, Reuben18291862s/o Shubel w/o Catherine
Liscomb, Nehemiah1835h/o Rebekah
Liscomb, Rebekah1828
Livermore, Almer18161837s/o Joseph and Jersha Livermore
Livermore, Almira1840w/o B. Livermore
Livermore, Benjamin1871s/o Joseph & Jerusha Merritt (Lull) Livermore
Livermore, Betsey (Lull)1847w/o Jason B. Livermore
Livermore, Charles18071807s/o Capt. Charles & Sibyl (Eggleston) Livermore
Livermore, Dolly1800d/o William & Mary Livermore
Livermore, Jason1855
Livermore, Jerusha (Lull)17881869w/o Joseph Livermore
Livermore, Joseph17891887h/o Jerusha (Lull) Livermore
Livermore, Julia1847d/o Joseph & Jerusha Livermore
Livermore, Mary (Bigelow)17571838w/o William Livermore
Livermore, Nathan1846s/o Joseph & Jersha Livermore
Livermore, William1800s/o William & Mary Livermore
Livermore, William17521806h/o Mary (Bigelow) Livermore
Livermore, William1815s/o William
Longley, George1887h/o Hannah
Longley, Hannah1892w/o George
Luce, Abigail1804d/o Elihu & Jenny Luce
Luce, Abigail (Ahearn)1790w/o Adonijah
Luce, Abigail
Luce, Abigail1804d/o Elihu & Jenny Luce
Luce, Abigail
Luce, Adonijah
Luce, Adonijah1796h/o Abigail
Luce, Dustin1804s/o Elihu & Jenny
Luce, Dustin
Luce, Elihu
Luce, Elihu1846h/o Jenny
Luce, Fordice1812s/o Elihu & Jenny Luce
Luce, Jenny1860w/o Elihu Luce
Luce, Napoleon18071888h/o Phebe Luce
Luce, Olive
Luce, Pamelia1815d/o Elihu & Jenny
Luce, Phebe (Gilson)1839w/o Napoleon
Luce, Zeruah1791w/o Oliver
Lull, Abigail1848w/o Asa Lull
Lull, Asa1838h/o Abigail
Lull, Benjamin1773h/o Ruth .
Lull, Charles
Lull, Elizabeth1772w/o Benjamin
Lull, Hannah1796w/o Jesse
Lull, John1832
Lull, Landy1792d/o Capt. Timothy & Mary Lull
Lull, Laura1850d/o Zera S. Lull
Lull, Margaret
Lull, Mary1790Consort of Capt. Timothy Lull
Lull, Miriam17961821
Lull, Nathan17631843h/o Ruth W.
Lull, Nathan17981821
Lull, Ruth1863w/o Nathan D,
Lull, Theresa
Lull, Timothy1811
Lull, Timothy1833
Mason, James1783consort of Sarah
Mason, Sarah1798consort of James
Miller, Charlie1874s/o Richard
Miller, George1965h/o Lucy
Miller, Hannah (Dodge)1851w/o Josiah Miller
Miller, Lucy1858w/o George
Miller, Richard1865f/o Charlie G.
Minor, David1832s/o William
Minor, Harriette1857d/o William
Minor, Laura1846
Minor, Marcia1832d/o William
Morgan, Florence
Mower, Charles19031907
Mower, Clemmie19111912
Mower, Edna19001907
Mower, Eliza
Noyes, Stephen1822s/o Stephen & Sarah A, Noyes
Page, Cyrus
Page, John1833
Page, Nathaniel1825
Patterson, Isaac1811h/ Susan
Patterson, Joseph
Patterson, Lydia1821w/o Joseph Patterson
Patterson, Rhoda1833w/o Joseph Patterson
Penney, Betsey
Perry, Christian1852w/o William
Perry, Norman1816
Perry, William1846h/o Christian
Person, Sally (Rogers)1825w/o Flynn Person
Powers, Eunice17801863
Remington, Frederick1852
Remington, Joseph
Rogers, Abigail1877w/o Jonathan
Rogers, Benjamin1845
Rogers, Christiana1870w/o Gilbert
Rogers, Diana
Rogers, Eliphalet1841h/o Sarah Rogers
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Infant1868d/o Lorenzo & Jane Rogers
Rogers, Jane1872w/o Lorenzo Rogers
Rogers, Jerusha1888w/o Lewis
Rogers, Jonathan1872h/o Olive
Rogers, Lewis1888h/o Jerusha
Rogers, Lydiaw/o Henry Rogers
Rogers, Martha1871
Rogers, Martha1832d/o Thomas & Rhoda
Rogers, Nelly1844d/o Jonathan
Rogers, Olive1862w/o Jonathan
Rogers, Rachel1848w/o Thomas
Rogers, Rachel1828d/o Thomas & Rhoda
Rogers, Robert1806
Rogers, Ruth1845w/o Pethuel
Rogers, Sarah1838w/o Eliphalet Rogers
Rogers, Susan1829w/o Pethuel Rogers
Rogers, Thomas1859
Royce, Jane (Allen)1851w/o Sylvester Royce
Royce, Lucy1831w/o Benjamin Royce
Royce, Sylvester1857h/o Jane
Russell, Jonas1890
Russell, Phebe
Russell, Sarah
Sawyer, Lucy (Williams)1884w/o John W. Sawyer
Shattuck, Betsey1854w/o Silas
Shattuck, Betsey1797d/o Silas & Betsey
Shattuck, Eliphalet18251881h/o Eliza J. Lamphear
Shattuck, Foster1865
Shattuck, James1854
Shattuck, John1865
Shattuck, John18031875f/o Eliphalet Shattuck
Shattuck, Lepha (Rogers)1865w/o John Shattuck
Shattuck, Lizzie18701870d/o Eliphalet Shattuck & Eliza Lamphear
Shattuck, Lovicia1853
Shattuck, Nancy1797d/o Silas & Betsey
Shattuck, Silas1812h/o Betsey
Shattuck, Sophronia1866
Shattuck, William1847
Shaw, Catherine
Shaw, Eliza
Shaw, Martha
Shaw, Nathan
Shaw, Thomas1848h/o Martha Shaw
Shepard, Charlotte1845w/o Noah Jr.
Shepard, Katie1859d/o Noah and C.W. Shepard
Shepard, Noah
Shepard, Noah
Shepard, Sarah (Chase)1881w/o Sylvanus H. Shepard
Shepard, Sylvanus1885h/o Sarah
Shive, James
Short, Daniel1837h/o Experience
Short, Levi1805s/o Abel & Polly Short
Short, Lora1809d/o Abel & Polly Short
Short, Mercy1849w/o William Short
Short, Simeon1818
Shortt, Abel1865h/o Polly
Shortt, Experience1822w/o David
Shortt, Martha1849w/o John
Shortt, Polly1833w/o Abel
Shortt, Sarah1844w/o Abel
Shortt, William1866h/o Mercy
Sikes, Betsey1863w/o Levi
Sikes, Levi1847s/o Levi & Betsey
Sikes, Levi1853h/o Betsey
Simmons, Abigail1835w/o Simon
Simmons, Simon1824h/o Abigail
Sleeper, Ephriam1853h/o Rachel
Sleeper, Ezekiel1817
Sleeper, Rachel1846w.o Ephraim
Sleeper, Sophia1871
Snith, Sarah
Spaulding, Betsey1881w/o Dexter
Spaulding, Chloe1819d/o Leonard & Sally
Spaulding, Dexter1841h/o Betsey
Spaulding, Eleazer1805
Spaulding, Leonard1849h/o Sally
Spaulding, Lewis1818s/o Leonard & Sally
Spaulding, Mary1870
Spaulding, Sally1827w/o Leonard
Spaulding, Timothy1826
Spaulding, Zadock1817s/o Leonard & Sally
Spooner, Elikiam1819
Stevens, Daniel1803s/o D. S. Stevens & Polly
Stevens, Frances1817
Stevens, Mary1851
Streeter, Isiah1801h/o Sarah
Streeter, Nancy1817d/o Isiah Sarah
Streeter, Sarah1851w/o Isiah
Streeter, Sarah1852w/o Isiah
Sturdevant, Friend
Swan, Austin1812s/o Edward & Hannah Swan
Swan, Edward1805h/o Hannah Tyler
Swan, Hannah (Tyler)1817w/o Col. Edward Swan
Switser, Simeon1797s/o Wm. & Sukey Switser
Symes, Martha1794w/o William
Symes, son1812s/o William & Martha
Symes, William1780h/o Martha
Thompson, Albert1830
Thompson, Jonah1854
Thompson, Lucy1830d/o Jonah
Tuttle, Leverett1814
Unknown, Raymond
Warren, Charles1875h/o Julia M. P.
Warren, Julia1881w/o Charles
Warren, Lizzie1867d/o Charles & Julia
Warren, Norman1830
Welch, Henry1852s/o Henry Welch
Welch, James1841h/o Lurenda
Welch, Lurenda1839w/o James Welch
Whitams, George
Willard, Aaron1817h/o Mary
Willard, Elizabeth1812d/o Aaron & Mary
Willard, Henry1802s/o Aaron & Mary
Willard, Marshall1804s/o Aaron & Mary
Willard, Mary1829w/o Aaron
Willard, Susannah
Williams, Adin1820h/o Lucinda
Williams, Densey1857w.o Samuel William
Williams, George1876
Williams, Lucia1803d/o Adin & Lucinda
Williams, Lucinda1844w/o Adin
Williams, Lucy1803d/o Adin & Lucinda
Williams, Mary
Williams, Sarah1803d/o Adin & Lucinda
Williams, Sarah1803d/o Adin & Lucinda