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Hartland Village Cemetery

Hartland Village Cemetery is located about 100 yds. east of Rt. 5 and 12 intersection (Three Corners), behind the Congregational Church. This is the largest of the Hartland cemeteries and faces south toward Mt. Ascutney. It was established in 1763 and today is managed and maintained by the “Hartland Cemetery Association”. There are many old stones directly behind and beside the church.

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Hartland Village Cemetery Facts

ID Num.
Map ID
Cemetery Name
Hartland Village
Town, County, State
Hartland, Windsor, VT
Nearest Road
Station Road     Map
S from the road.
Tele. pole
Town of Hartland VT    
Tax Map, Plat, Lot
Deed book: page
Cemetery Size
Number of Stones
Still Exists
Hilly moderate
Stone wall
Open/no gate
Sign Condition
Cem. Condition
Oldest Stone
Newest Stone
43.540872 / -72.395486

Hartland Village Cemetery Directory

There are 2338 stones in this directory.

Adams, Donald1925h/o Rachel (Williams) Adams
Adams, Donald19421986s/o Frank D. and Emily (Cobleigh) Adams
Adams, Emily (Cobleigh)1915w/o Frank D. Adams
Adams, Frank1912h/o Emily A. (Cobleigh) Adams
Adams, Frank19401940s/o Frank and Emily (Cobleigh) Adams
Aiken, Mildred (Haynes)
Ainsworth, Edwin18421927
Ainsworth, Elijah18081868h/o Selina (Sabine) Ainsworth
Ainsworth, Hattie (Putnam)18441934w/o Edwin Ainsworth
Ainsworth, Mary18481849d/o Elijah and Selina Ainsworth
Ainsworth, Selina (Sabine)18111879w/o Elijah R. Ainsworth
Alexander, George1844s/o Daniel F and Clarissa Alexander
Alexander, George1872s/o Taylor
Alexander, Susan18241882w/o Taylor Alexander
Alexander, Sybil18211867w/o Taylor Alexander
Alexander, Taylor18151885h/o Sybil B.
Allen, Bertha (Gingham)18681941w/o Hiram Allen
Allen, Dorothy (Smith)1912w/o George H Allen
Allen, Emma (Woodward)18701953w/o William Allen
Allen, George19001968f/o Hiram & Brenda
Allen, Hiram18481921
Allen, William18361917
Amell, Eva19041978w/o Chester Smith; d/o Nelson & Viola
Amell, Nelson18701959h/o Viola (Stebbins) Amell
Amell, Viola (Stebbins)18741959w/o Nelson S. Amell
Andrews, Sarah1934
Appleton, Jeanne (Fuller)18871975
Ashline, Adelorde
Ashline, Ruth (Murphy)19161988w/o Adelord Ashline
Atwood, Charles19071972s/o Charles T. and Clara (Colston) Atwood
Atwood, Howland19182010h/o Priscilla Atwood
Atwood, Priscillaw/o Howland
Ayers, Fred18711904
Backus, Charles18631945h/o Clara L. (Shedd) Backus
Backus, Clara (Shedd)18701913w/o CW Backus
Badger, Abbie (Rogers)1878w/o Versal Badger
Badger, Hannah (Rogers)1834w/o George W. Badger
Badger, Harriet (Lamphere)1871w/o Versal Badger
Badger, Versal1871h/o Harriet Lamphere
Bagley, Alice19101989
Bagley, Bessie (Small)18821961w/o Dix Bagley
Bagley, Charles18711881s/o Cyrus and Jennie Bagley
Bagley, Cyrus18471911h/o Jennie E. Bagley
Bagley, Dix18801938h/o Bessie Evelyn (Small) Bagley
Bagley, Dustin19061912s/o Harry A and Blanche Leonard Bagley
Bagley, Emily18481919
Bagley, Frank18791881s/o Cyrus and Jennie Bagley
Bagley, Henry1925
Bagley, Jennie (Sleeper)18481932w/o Cyrus R. Bagley
Bagley, Lula18751881d/o Cyrus and Jennie Bagley
Bagley, Robert1917
Bagley, Sanford18411923
Bagley, William18741881s/o Cyrus and Jennie Bagley
Baker, Thelma (Merrill)18991990d/o Ernest and Emma Merrill
Balch, Lowell19051978h/o Mildred Clayton Balch
Balch, Lucina (Hadley)18251900w/o L.L. Balch
Balch, Mildred (Clayton)19181979w/o Lowell L. Balch
Bandy, Lester1936
Bandy, Marion19471947
Barbour, Addie19131986w/o Chester A. Barbour
Barbour, Bessie18791885
Barbour, Chester19121966h/o Addie M. Barbour
Barbour, David18501926h/o Mary R. (Skerry) Barbour
Barbour, David18761962
Barbour, Edith (Murphy)18761945w/o Fred E. Barbour
Barbour, Eldonw/o Harold F. and Jennie M. Barbour
Barbour, Elsie (Pratt)19221996w/o Ralph H. Barbour
Barbour, Frances18461926
Barbour, Fred18741962h/o Edith (Murphy) Barbour
Barbour, Harold19041986h/o Lettie E. Barbour
Barbour, Harold18661954h/o Jennie M (Clogston) Barbour
Barbour, Jennie (Clogston)18851963w/o Harold F. Barbour
Barbour, Lettie1915w/o Harold W. Barbour
Barbour, Mary (Emory)19121997w/o Allen M. Bishop and Eldon Barbour
Barbour, Mary (Skerry)18521932w/o David Peter Barbour
Barbour, Milton19091944s/o Harold and Jennie Barbour
Barbour, Ralph19171987h/o Elsie (Pratt) Barbour
Barnard, Constance (Crowell)1925w/o Eliot Bernard
Barnes, E.19021966
Barnes, Eldred18701931
Barnes, Mary18711950d/o Ellen and William Rodgers
Barney, Ruth18901984
Barrell, Alonzo18411907
Barrell, Caleb18851891s/o Caleb and Minerva Barrell
Barrell, Caleb18261896h/o Minerva Barrell
Barrell, Carrie (Parks)18391923w/o Paschal S. Barrell
Barrell, Charles18501915
Barrell, Dorris18981907d/o John F. and Lizzie (Barker) Barrell
Barrell, Edgar1870s/o R. and. S. Barrell
Barrell, Edmund1864h/o Sarah (Flower) Barrell
Barrell, Elisha18081896
Barrell, Faithful18221870w/o Elisha Barrell
Barrell, Frank18831954
Barrell, Hubbard1890
Barrell, Jean18921909d/o John F. and Lizzie (Barker) Barrell
Barrell, John18441936h/o Lizzie C. (Barker) Barrell
Barrell, Lena18901963d/o John F. and Lizzie (Barker) Barrell
Barrell, Lizzie (Barker)18581920w/o John F. Barrell
Barrell, Martha18381915w/o Elisha Barrell
Barrell, Mary18391908d/o Edmund and Sarah W (Flower) Barrell
Barrell, Paschal18321910h/o Carrie (Parks) Barrell
Barrell, Sarah (Flower)1880w/o Edmund Barrell
Barrell, Serena (Luce)18971990w/o Frank E. Barrell
Barrett, Alice19181955
Barrett, Dorothyw/o Frank Barrett
Barrett, Faustina (Longley)1922w/o John J. Barrett
Barrett, Ida18891964
Barrett, John19131975h/o Faustina (Longley) Barrett
Barrett, John18721927
Barrows, David19301932
Bartlett, Dennis18771942h/o Fanny K. (Stark) Bartlett
Bartlett, Fanny (Stark)18681936w/o Dennis O. Bartlett
Bates, Abbie18651942d/o James C Bates
Bates, Betsy (Fox)18001887w/o Jacob Bates
Bates, Clark19021996h/o Flora A. Bates
Bates, Edward18661955s/o James Gideon Bates
Bates, Edward19211962s/o Lee James & Marion Spaulding Bates
Bates, Edward18661955h/o Mary (Amsden) Bates and Marie C. (Wright) Bates
Bates, Elias17931872s/o Eliphalet Bates
Bates, Elisabeth18241919d/o Elias & Mary Sabin Bates
Bates, Flora1908w/o Clark W. Bates
Bates, Glenna19131913d/o Lee James & Marion Bates
Bates, Hattie (Sargent)18671938w/o Homer H. Bates
Bates, Homer1860s/o James C Bates
Bates, Homer18601942h/o Hattie A. (Sargent) Bates
Bates, Jacob17951885
Bates, Jacob18371881s/o Betsey and Jacob Bates
Bates, Jacob1839s/o Phineas and Mary Bates
Bates, James18241901s/o Elias Bates
Bates, James1824
Bates, Joseph18281869s/o Phineas
Bates, Joseph17211789s/o Joseph
Bates, Kate18671869
Bates, Lee18901938s/o Homer Hatch Bates & Hattie Sargent
Bates, Louise18651885
Bates, Lucy1878w/o Joseph C Bates
Bates, Marie (Wright)18821967w/o Edward Bates
Bates, Marion (Spaulding)18911942w/o Lee James Bates
Bates, Mary (Sabin)17911879w/o Elias Bates
Bates, Mary18281888d/o Elias & Mary Sabin Bates
Bates, Mary17911841w/o PK Bates
Bates, Mary (Amsden)18621911w/o Edward Bates
Bates, Minnie1874d/o James C Bates
Bates, Miranda18351929w/o James Bates
Bates, Olive1857w/o P K Bates
Bates, Phineas1868
Bates, Rachel18231900w/o Nathan Harlow
Bates, S (Ainsworth)19381911w/o Jacob Fox Bates
Bauer, A.19151941
Baxter, Aurabelld/o Freeman Baxter & Isabell Swift Gibbs
Bean, Edward18691938h/o Mabel A. Bean
Bean, Mabel18681951w/o Edward I. Bean
Beede, Edwin18901976B
Beede, Mary (Shepard)18911964B
Beers, George18611891
Beers, Hattie18851885d/o GW and LE Beers
Bell, Melba (Davis)1932w/o Harold Richard Bell
Bement, Ethel (Russell)1896w/o Frank A. Bement
Bement, Frank18951963h/o Ethel (Russell) Bement
Bement, Vivian (Babbie)19242114w/o William R. Bement
Bement, William1923s/o Frank and Ethel (Rusell) Bement
Benedict, Alan19421974
Benjamin, Alvin1845h/o Sally Cady
Benjamin, George1833h/o Charlotte (Labree) Benjamin
Benjamin, Sally (Cady)1881w/o Alvin Benjamin
Bennett, Asahel18541935h/o Grace Bennett
Bennett, Dorothy19081913
Bennett, Frances1850d/o JC and RC Bennett
Bennett, Grace (Bennett)18791964w/o Asahel Frank Bennett
Bennett, John18121893
Bennett, May18521928
Bennett, Ruth (Britton)18101887w/o Rev John C Bennett
Bernard, Constance (Crowell)1925w/o Eliot Bernard
Bernard, Eliot19211954h/o Constance A. (Crowell) Bernard
Best, Ada (Hough)18871975w/o Guy Best
Best, Clifford1909h/o Vivian I. (Gaudette) Best
Best, Floyd19081966h/o Madeline (Coombs) Best
Best, Gerald19662011s.o Floyd & Madeline Best
Best, Guy18811959h/o Ada (Hough) Best
Best, Madeleine (Coombs)19121995w/o Floyd H. Best
Best, Nellie (Patch)18951973w/o Ralph H. Best
Best, Ralph19051991h/o Nellie (Patch) Best
Best, Vivian (Gaudette)19122008w/o Cliftord K. Best
Bierwith, Hester1892
Billings, Carrie1873Bd/o EC and SA Billings
Billings, Edwin18401918Bs/o Lysander and Hannah (Cady) Billings
Billings, Elias18341910
Billings, Elwin18451920B
Billings, Frank18741891Bs/o EW and SE Billings
Billings, Franklin1842s/o LM and HC Billings
Billings, Hannah18181895w/o Lysander M Billings
Billings, Laura (Marcy)18441910w/o Elias Billings
Billings, Lysander18131881
Billings, Nina1871d/o EC and SA Billings
Billings, Sarah (Holt)18501914Bw/o Elwin Billings
Billings, Sarah1895Bw/o Edwin C Billings
Billings, Winnie1874Bd/o EC and SA Billings
Birch, Fannie (Small)w/o Bradford Leslie Birch
Birch, Kenneth19021990h/o Pauline (Johnson) Birch
Bishop, Allen19121997h/o Mary M. (Emery) Bishop
Bishop, David19511951s/o Allen and Mary (Emery) Bishop
Bishop, Gordon19242000
Bishop, Maxine (Towne)19281985w/o Gordon Louis Biship
Bjorkman, Doris (Parkier)19301995w/o Kenneth Bjorkman Sr.
Bjorkman, Kenneth19281985h/o Loris (Parker) Bjorkman
Blackford, Alfred18591919
Blackford, Janet (Harding)18661945w/o Rev Alfred Blackford
Blair, Clinton1893
Blais, Phebe1869w/o Joseph Blais
Blanchard, Arthur18621877
Blanchard, Edna18721872
Blanchard, Ellen18371933w/o Ira Blanchard
Blanchard, Ira18281912
Blanchard, Jennie18701875
Blanchard, Mina18801881
Blanchard, Wilber19241991
Blodgett, Ralph19151995h/o Sylvia Blodgett
Blodgett, Sylvia (Lafountain)19182012w/o Ralph A. Blodgett
Blood, Clare (Cleveland)18961975w/o Sanford Blood
Blood, Genevieve1918d/o Sanford and Clare Blood
Blood, Sanford18931927
Boardman, Clara (Britton)18551914w/o TA Boardman
Boardman, T18541928
Bond, Hartwell1880
Boucher, Heilene (Russell)18991921d/o Addison and Catherine Russell
Bowers, Albert18691955h/o Goldie A. (Dean) Bowers
Bowers, Betsey19461946d/o James and Phyllis Bowers
Bowers, Goldie (Dean)18761965w/o Albert D. Bowers
Bowers, James1919h/o Phyllis (Farnsworth) Bowers
Bowers, Lucy1896w/o James H. Bowers
Bowers, Phyllis (Farnsworth)1923w/o James A. Bowers
Bowley, Frieda19201938d/o George and Grace (White) Bowley
Bowley, George18971959h/o Grace K. (White) Bowley
Bowley, Grace (White)18961981w/o George W. Bowley
Bradley, Dean18951977
Bramble, Charles1861
Bramble, G1841s/o G A and E W Bramble
Bramble, Gilman1867
Bramble, Gilman1848
Bramble, John1881
Bramble, Matilda1853w/o Charles Bramble
Bramble, William1844s/o Charles and Metilda Bramble
Britton, Addie1847d/o Robert and Huldah Britton
Britton, Allen18841968
Britton, Harry18761947
Britton, Henry18381914
Britton, Huldah1907w/o Robert Britton
Britton, John18821950
Britton, John1874
Britton, Lovisa18091885
Britton, M (Hoisington)18521922w/o William Britton
Britton, Marcia (Hoisington)d/o CH and LH Hoisington
Britton, Marion (Stevens)18841968w/o John Britton
Britton, Mary (Wheeler)18911965w/o Allen Henry Britton
Britton, Mary (Wheeler)18601932w/o Henry S. Ketchum
Britton, Robert1880s/o Robert and Sarah (White) Britton
Britton, Robert1856
Britton, Sarah1850w/o Robert Britton
Britton, Susan (Young)18271891w/o Wilson Britton
Britton, William18481928
Britton, Wilson18231896
Brothers, Allen19171986s/o Ralph and Maude (White) Brothers
Brothers, Alphonso18461915
Brothers, Anna (Howard)18131889w/o Oliver Brothers
Brothers, Cornelia (Boyd)18451918Bw/o William Brothers
Brothers, George18591926
Brothers, Jane (Boyd)18441926w/o Oliver Brothers Jr.
Brothers, Janice19252008w/o Ralph d/o Clarence
Brothers, Jeanette (Eastman)18481922w/o Alphonso Brothers
Brothers, Jennie18611870Bd/o W and C Brothers
Brothers, Johnny18641866Bs/o W and C Brothers
Brothers, Maude (White)1888w/o Ralph W. Brothers
Brothers, Minnie (Jones)18591931w/o George Brothers
Brothers, Olive19192011d/o Ralph & Maude
Brothers, Oliver18391919
Brothers, Oliver18161901
Brothers, Ralph18831947h/o Maude (White) Brothers
Brothers, Ralph19232011h/o Janice
Brothers, William18451912B
Brown, Caroline1887w/o Frederick A Brown
Brown, Christine18921959
Brown, Ernest19191991h/o Nellie (Mower) Brown
Brown, Erwin1939s/o Ernest and Nellie (Mower) Brown
Brown, Frances (Buckman)18661934Bw/o Fred C Brown
Brown, Fred18601934B
Brown, Frederick1899
Brown, Harriet (Pingree)18361913w/o S W Brown
Brown, Jennie (Ward)1906
Brown, Josiah1827
Brown, Laura1834d/o Dr. HB and Laura Brown
Brown, Lucina1828d/o Josiah & Lucy Brown
Brown, Lucy (Bagley)1873w/o Josiah Brown
Brown, M18921959d/o Fred C. and Frances L. Brown
Brown, Mary1856d/o FA and CE Brown
Brown, Nellie (Mower)19091988w/o Ernest W. Brown
Brown, Ozzie19081983
Brown, Pauline19091910d/o of Charles S. and Abbie C. (Hadley) Brown
Brown, Rena187619d/o Sidney W. and Harriet N. Brown
Brown, Sidney18341915h/o Harriet (Pingree) Brown
Brown, Verne19101969s/o of Charles S. and Abbie C. (Hadley) Brown
Bruce, Edna (Hadley)19131938w/o Glendon E. Bruce
Bryant, Abbie1928
Bryant, Elbert18611930w/o Gilbert and Susan Bryant
Bryant, Flora (Merrill)18651898w/o Elbert A. Bryant
Bryant, Gilbert18261907h/o Susan H. Gilbert
Bryant, Hazel1897d/o Gilbert and Susan Bryant
Bryant, Our Baby1895Child of Elbert and Flora Bryant.
Bryant, Susan19361907w/o Gilbert Bryant
Buckman, Abby18541936
Buckman, Alice19041904Bd/o William and Carrie Buckman
Buckman, Carrie (Holt)18651941Bw/o William Buckman,d/o JC and AE Holt
Buckman, Fanny (Wallace)1867w/o Jasper Buckman
Buckman, Louisa (Shepard)18261902w/o William Buckman
Buckman, William18501923B
Buckman, William18231881
Bugbee, Alfred1925h/o Pauline H. Bugbee
Bugbee, David1951s/o Alfred and Pauline Bugbee
Bugbee, Earle19001961h/o Marion (Withington) Bugbee
Bugbee, Louise (Gates)18411928w/o Norman Bugbee
Bugbee, Marion (Withington)19001992w/o Earle J. Bugbee
Bugbee, Mehitable1844w/o Benjamin Bugbee
Bugbee, Norman1876
Bugbee, Orimer18731920
Bugbee, Pauline1930w/o Alfred N. Bugbee
Bullock, Emery18601912
Burch, Donald19192010
Burch, Irene E.19281988w/o Donald
Burgett, Adelaide1849d/o DA and A Burgett
Burgett, Ellen1846d/o Daniel and Adeline Burgett
Burgett, Esther (Boynton)1866w/o John Burgett
Burgett, John1854
Burk, Albert1893
Burk, Etta18621953
Burk, George18431895h/o Rose B. Burk
Burk, Isaiah
Burk, Lucy (Jaquith)1887w/o A. B. Burk
Burk, Rodney18961943
Burk, Rose1891w/o G. A. Burk
Burke, Annie (Davis)18841945w/o Martin Burke
Burke, Martin18771942h/o Annie Burke
Burke, Martin19071969
Burke, Stanley19091975
Burnham, Barbara1945w/o Wayne M. Burnham
Burnham, Chester19671982s/o Wayne and Barbara Burnham
Burnham, Wayne1942h/o Barbara A. Burnham
Burrows, Marion (Pollard)18991944d/o Dallas and Katherine Ainsworth Pollard
Butler, Mabel (Bagley)18691944
Cabot, Isabel (Crosby)1914Bw/o Loring B Cabot
Cabot, Loring1891B
Cady, E. (Walker)18661926w/o F. W. Cady
Cady, Eleanor (Farman)18391918d/o JG and CA Farman; w/o Leonard F. Cady
Cady, Elias1849
Cady, Henry1838s/o Elias and Sarah Cady
Cady, Sarah1836w/o Elias Cady
Campbell, Erwin19061961h/o Gladys (Briggs) Campbell
Campbell, Gladys (Briggs)1907w/o Erwin E. Campbell
Campbell, Irene (Lasure)1931w/o William Campbell
Campbell, William1927h/o Irene Lasure
Carey, Arthur18591939
Carey, Benjamin1878
Carey, Cora (Bramble)18711949w/o Arthur Bramble
Carey, Louisa1872w/o Benjamin S Carey
Carey, Mary1870w/o Benjamin S Carey
Carey, Ruth1889d/o BS & M. Carey
Carnes, Betsey (Dailey)18331876w/o Edmond Carnes
Carnes, Edmond18321859
Carnes, Ellen18521896
Carnes, Mary18541918d/o Edward and Betsey (Dailey) Carnes
Carroll, Josephine (Wright)19021898w/o Marshall Carroll
Carroll, Marshall18901974h/o Josephine (Wright) Carroll
Carter, Ethel (Brothers)18721894Bd/o W and C Brothers, w/o Edward Carter
Carter, William18941946
Case, Ann1901w/o Hubbard W Case
Cawthorn, Dorothy (Lamb)w/o John B. Cawthorn
Chase, Abbie (Murphy)18711904w/o H. W. Chase
Chase, Edwin1877s/o O.K. & J.A. Chase
Chase, Elizabeth1865d/o Capt Charles and Olive Chase
Chase, Julia (Barbour)1902w/o Orrin Chase
Chase, Mildred (St. John)19151993w/o Raymond H. Chase
Chase, Orrin1897
Chase, Raymond19121991h/o Mildred (St. John) Chase
Clark, Kenneth19151990h/o Rachel (Royce) Clark
Clark, Rachel (Royce)1914w/o Kenneth H. Clark
Clay, Charlotte (Orcutt)18271917w/o James Clay
Clay, James18251901h/o Charlotte (Orcutt) Clay
Claypool, Marjel (Evans)1901w/o Howard Claypoole
Claypoole, Howard1940
Claypoole, Majel (Evans)1901w/o Howard Claypoole
Clayton, Arthur18221963
Clayton, Cora1907d/o Edwin and Laura Clayton
Clayton, Laura18581910w/o Edwin D Clayton
Cobb, Herberts/o Thomas and Mary M. Cobb
Cobb, Mary (Hadley)18231905w/o Thomas Cobb
Cobb, Thomas18191873
Cochran, Clair19081974h/o Myrtle (Shute) Cochran
Cochran, Edna (Parker)
Cochran, Harold18891950h/o Nellie S. Cochran
Cochran, Jeffery19611964
Cochran, June1939w/o Ronald M. Cochran
Cochran, Myrtle (Shute)19011982w/o Clair E. Cochran
Cochran, Nellie18861961w/o Harold A. Cochran
Cochran, Ronald19371987h/o June Cochran
Coker, Dorithy19111974
Coker, William19051974
Colby, Adaline (Kneeland)1897w/o John Colby
Colby, Henry18481852
Colby, John18071875
Cole, Nathaniel1840
Collins, Alma18541943B
Colston, Avery18091888h/o Mary Brown, Judith Hadley
Colston, Charles17841864h/o Sukey Platts
Colston, Charles18431906h/o Marcia M. Burk
Colston, Clara1878d/o Charles E. and Marcia M. Colston
Colston, Eliza (Gay)18451913w/o John Colston
Colston, John18411921
Colston, Judith (Hadley)18201892w/o Avery Colston
Colston, Lucy (Bagley)18021873w/o Josiah Brown, Charles E. Colston
Colston, Marcia (Burk)18511916w/o Charles E. Colston
Colston, Mary (Brown)18121860w/o Avery Colston
Colston, Minerva18271829
Colston, Roseltha18681903d/o Charles E. and Marcia Colston
Colston, Sukey (Platts)1828w/o Charles E. Colston
Colston, Sukey1828w/o Charles E. Colston
Comstock, Eleanor1958w/o Michael C. Comstock
Comstock, Elwin19061991h/o Lucia (Webster) Comstock
Comstock, Lucia (Webster)19112005w/o Elwin C. Comstock
Comstock, Mary19431948d/o Elwin and Lucia (Webster) Comstock
Comstock, Michael19561978h/o Eleanor M. Comstock
Cone, Marjorie (Nutting)19222011w/o Warren Cone
Cone, Warren2011h/o Marjorie Cone
Connor, Harriet (Hamilton)18491888w/o AG Connor
Cook, Anna18721936
Cook, Nancy (Tucker)1826
Coombs, Clifford18891971h/o Winnie Winifred)
Coombs, Earl19302012h/o Nancy Atkins
Coombs, Eileen (Ingalls)19252001w/o Stanley
Coombs, Nancy (Atkins)19312008w/o Earl
Coombs, Stanley19232008h/o Eileen
Coombs, Vera19101928d/o Clifford & Winnie
Coombs, Winnie (Davis)18891962w/o Clifford Coombs
Cotter, Myrtie (Keene)18841954
Coughlin, Michael19421968
Coutermarsh, Alex18711940h/o Rosetta (Flint) Coutermarch
Coutermarsh, Rosetta (Flint)18771946w/o Alex E. Coutermarsh
Couture, Oswald19251999
Couture, Oswald19281999
Couture, Sadie19211987m/o Nich, Ray and Sheila
Cowles, Catherine1878
Cragin, Jennie1894
Craig, Charles19191943
Craig, Robert
Craig, Ruth (Allen)18961984w/o Charles G Craig
Crandall, Aaron1908h/o Lurana H. (Rogers) Crandall
Crandall, Cedric18991973
Crandall, Frank18661954
Crandall, Lurana (Rogers)1894w/o Aaron Crandall
Crandall, Martha (Lamphere)18701927w/o Frank A Crandall
Crawford, Barbara (Gambell)1907w/o Bradford F. Crawford
Crawford, Bradford19021939h/o Barbara A. (Gambell) Crawford
Crawford, Fred18701942
Crawford, Loren18641930h/o Paulina (Page) Crawford
Crawford, Paulina (Page)18681936w/o Loren Crawford
Crawford, Stella (Hadley)18671923w/o Fred Crawford
Crooker, Barker1825
Crooker, Deborah1849w/o Barker Crooker
Crooker, Eliza18451871d/o William and Pauline Crooker
Crooker, Ethan1852
Crooker, Luella18551915d/o Wm. and Paulina Crooker
Crooker, Pauline (Paul)18121887w/o Wm. S. Crooker
Crooker, William18171899
Crosby, Adeline (Gates)18361916w/o Galo Crosby
Crosby, Almira1871w/o Jefferson Crosby
Crosby, Augustus18471916h/o Eunice (Hadley) Crosby
Crosby, Eunice (Hadley)18531934w/o Augustus Crosby
Crosby, Galo18401916h/o Adelaide (Gates) Crosby
Crosby, Jefferson1881
Crosby, Marion (Barney)18901969w/o Maxwell D. Crosby
Crosby, Maxwell18861955h/o Marion H. (Barney) Crosby
Crosby, Nettie18671911d/o Galo and Adelaide (Gates) Crosby
Crowell, Catherine (Craig)19252006w/o Delnon
Crowell, Delnon19271987
Crowell, Fred18911966
Crowell, Lyle18881987s/o Edgar and Addie (Churchill) Crowell
Crowell, Pearl (Merill)19071996w/o Lyle
Curry, Mabel (Barrell)18791929w/o Frederick Curry
Cushing, Arthur19521977h/o Florence (Blanchard) Cushing
Cushing, Florence (Blanchard)1929w/o Arthur W. Cushing
Cushing, Winford19141991
Cushman, Abigail (Tucker)18171902w/o Clark Cushman
Cushman, Annie (Jordan)18581920w/o EW Cushman
Cushman, Clark18011869h/o Abigail (Tucker) Cushman
Cushman, Irving19001920s/o William Cushman
Cushman, Mary18441889
Cushman, Oliver18411864s/o Clark & Abigail Tucker Cushman
Cushman, William18801911s/o EW and AA Cushman
Damon, Margaret (Temple)19241974d/o Arthur Temple, w/o Maynard
Damon, Maynard19171995h/o
Damon, Ronald19562006s/- Maynard & Margaret
Darling, Charles18331915
Darling, Janet (McIntyre)18431912w/o Charles E. Darling
Darling, Jason18641943h/o Minnie (Harlow) Darling
Darling, Minnie (Harlow)18681938w/o Jason S. Darling
Darling, Nancy18621932d/o Charles and Janet Darling
Davis, Addie (Barker)18571925w/o William Davis
Davis, Almon18241890s/o Johnathan and Sophia (Lull) Davis
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Belinda1882w/o Samuel W.Davis
Davis, Caleb18301908
Davis, Catherine (Russell)19091994w/o Elmer Davis
Davis, Emily (Barrell)18281890w/o Oscar P Davis
Davis, George18581938h/o Nellie (Boyd) Davis
Davis, Lydia18261902w/o Almon Lull Davis
Davis, Mary18481920
Davis, Nellie (Boyd)18661912w/o George Davis
Davis, Oscar18261903
Davis, Pauline
Davis, William18481926
Davis, William18791910
Day, Charles2012h/o Jean Baker
Dean, Melvina1874
Dean, Sally (Spooner)1869
DeMaroney, Barbara19151955w/o James A. DeMaroney
Denison, Daniel17941861
Denison, Daniel18281896s/o Daniel and Pamelia Denison
Denison, Jessie18701870d/o DB and LH Denison
Denison, Mary18351838d/o Daniel and Pamelia Denison
Denison, Pamelia18011863w/o Daniel Denison
Dewey, Algerta19151992w/o Ira Dewey
Dewey, Irwinh/o Algerta M. Dewey
Dickinson, Frank18701952h/o Gertrude H. (Brothers) Dickinson
Dickinson, Gertrude (Brothers)18731957w/o Frank L. Dickinson
Dickinson, Paul19221991
Dickinson, Pearl18991937s/o Frank and Gertrude (Brothers) Dickinson
Ditty, Sophronia (Tinkham)18301903Bw/o John Q. A. Ditty
Dodge, Albert18471914s/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, Eliza (Ayer)18081865
Dodge, Frederick18381927s/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, Henry18331921s/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, James18451870s/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, Marietta (Backus)18471923w/o Frederick Dodge
Dodge, Martha (Farwell)18041887w/o William Dodge
Dodge, Susand/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, Thomas18361861s/o William and Martha Dodge
Dodge, William18031889
Dodge, William18421901s/o William and Martha Dodge
Donahue, Flora18821955
Donahue, John1917
Donnelly, Elizabeth18981960w/o Harry R. Donnelly
Donnelly, Harry1896h/o Elizabeth J. Donnelly
Dore, Jean (Porter)19451979w/o Steven
Dow, David1929h/o Joan
Dow, Dexter19071962h/o Vera O. (White) Dow
Dow, Evelyn19191984w/o Hollis Dow
Dow, Hollis1913h/o Evelyn H. Dow
Dow, Joan19322012w/o David
Dow, Kenneth19312012h/o Virginia Royce
Dow, Vera (White)19081977w/o Dexter A. Dow
Dow, Wayne19391999
Downing, Beverly (Griffin)19452008
Downing, Edna1924w/o John A. Downing
Downing, John19201981h/o Edna J. Downing
Downing, Lorraine (Fournier)19462007
Draper, Ernest19131982h/o Holly R. Draper
Draper, Holly1916w/o Ernest M. Draper
Driscoll, Alma19031980w/o Eugene Driscoll Sr.
Driscoll, Eugene19202008h/o Alma
Drumm, Sarah19231992w/o William Drumm
Drumm, William1921h/o Sarah Drumm
Dunbar, Catherine1862d/o Norman W. Dunbar
Dunbar, Clara18551892d/o Susan and Norman Dunbar
Dunbar, Fred1946
Dunbar, George18361917h/o Mary (Wood) Dunbar
Dunbar, Henry18331911
Dunbar, Henry18661935h/o Jennie (Jenks) Dunbar
Dunbar, Jennie (Jencks)18661941w/o HT Dunbar
Dunbar, John18761916
Dunbar, Joseph18581910
Dunbar, Louisa (Teague)18431910w/o Henry Dunbar
Dunbar, Mary (Kompsi)19011984w/o Norman Dunbar
Dunbar, Mary (Wood)1871917w/o George Dunbar
Dunbar, Maude (Spiller)18811958w/o Joseph Henry Dunbar
Dunbar, Norman19041986
Dunbar, Norman18261899h/o Susan E. Dunbar
Dunbar, Phebe1892w/o Samuel Dunbar
Dunbar, Samuel1890h/o Phebe Dunbar
Dunbar, Susan18361892w/o Norman W Dunbar
Durphey, Carroll19171988h/o Viola (Howe) Durphey
Durphey, Frank18761922h/o Lulu (Davis) Durphey
Durphey, Helen (Sturtevant)18831975
Durphey, Lulu (Davis)18811905w/o Frank A. Durphey
Durphey, Viola (Howe)1921w/o Carroll Durphey
Durrell, Harold19011985h/o Mildred Myrtle (Howe) Durrell
Durrell, Mildred (Howe)19001992w/o Harold Durrell
Dutton, Alvin1873
Dutton, Sarah (Cotton)1888w/o Alvin Dutton
Dyer, David1864
Eastman, Abigail (Edson)18031889
Eastman, Alice (Brothers)18401922w/o George Eastman
Eastman, Arthur18631927s/o George and Alice Eastman
Eastman, Bessie (Foster)18471932w/o Jerome H. Eastman
Eastman, David18841884s/o Jerome and Bessie (Foster) Eastman
Eastman, George18381914
Eastman, Jerome18441911
Eastman, Leonard19201985
Eastman, William18021886
Eaton, Genett1841
Eli, Jennied/o George Eli & Marilla Hoisington Tarble
Ellison, Gilbert18361896
Ellison, Marion (Dunbar)18401921w/o Gilbert Ellison
Ellison, Norris18771951h/o Rena (Greene) Ellison
Ellison, Rena (Greene)18951977w/o Norris G. Ellison
Emerson, Carrie (Perry)18331905w/o Jacob Emerson
Emerson, Horace18501916s/o Nathaniel Emerson & Rebecca Hurd
Emerson, Jacob18421922
Emery, Cora (Lawn)18741911w/o Harry Emery
Emery, Harry18671937
Emery, Howard18931957B
Emery, Mabel (Richmond)18711941w/o Leslie Emery, d/o L. A. Richmond
Emery, Ruth18991899d/o Leslie A and Mabel L Emery
Emmons, Jane1856w/o Lewis Emmons MD
Emmons, Lewis18041878
Emmons, Malinda1880w/o Lewis Emmons MD
English, Analdo18491939
English, Analdo18491939s/o Nathan Frederick and Emily Livermore English
English, Aurabell (Gibbs)18511913
English, Emily (Livermore)18251902w/o Nathan Frederick English
English, Ernest18691939s/o Nathan Frederick and Emily Livermore English
English, Jennie (Tarble)18711951w/o Ernest English
English, N.18221902h/o Emily (Livermore) English
English, Nathan18221902h/o Emily Livermore
Eubanks, Betty (Bedell)1953w/o Cecil J. Eubanks
Eubanks, Cecil19351988h/o Betty I. (Bedell) Eubanks
Evans, Alice (Barrell)18811967w/o David Evans
Evans, Carrie (Tucker)18901966w/o Warren B. Evans
Evans, Clarine (Marcotte)19191968w/o Pearle Warren Evans
Evans, David18721942
Evans, Louise19021904d/o David and Alice Evans
Evans, Mosesh/o Chloe
Evans, Pearle19121984h/o Clarine (Marcotte) Evans
Fallon, Susie (George)18711957w/o Willis Fallon
Fallon, Willis18741912
Farman, Cynthia (Arnold)1865w/o Jeremiah G Farman
Farman, Jeremiah1880
Farwell, Abel1850h/o Anna Farwell
Farwell, Anna1857w/o Abel Farwell
Field, Adella1886
Field, Frank18841886
Field, L (Weston)18531943w/o Wardner Field
Field, Wardner18441908h/o L. Jennie (Weston) Field
Field, Warren18811948
Finley, Almira (Wood)18371902w/o Horace Finley
Finley, Horace18311909
Finley, W18651896
Fletcher, Benjamin1874Bh/o Sophronia Tinkham s/o Benjamin and Polly Fletcher
Flint, Alice (Spaulding)18691931w/o Samuel P. Flint
Flint, Samuel18661924h/o Alice C. (Spaulding) Flint
Flower, Ahire18771948h/o Mattie
Flower, Curtis1894h/o Nellie (Davis) Flower
Flower, Dennis18471926
Flower, Diamond18901977w/o J Howard Flower
Flower, Don1869
Flower, Donald18781929
Flower, Elisha1911
Flower, Elisha18791953h/o Estella (Field) Flower
Flower, Eliza
Flower, Estella (Field)18821968w/o Elisha Flower
Flower, Faithful1864d/o DC and RS Flower
Flower, Helen18851967
Flower, J18831967
Flower, Lottie18761960w/o Charles H. Flower (3rd)
Flower, Lucian18711872
Flower, Lucy (Malona)18501871w/o Dennis Flower
Flower, Lucy (Malona)18751900
Flower, Malone
Flower, Mattie (Rich)18781936
Flower, Nancy (Sweet)18551904w/o Dennis Flower
Flower, Nellie (Davis)1932w/o Curtis A. Flower
Flynn, Clara (Hall)1851w/o Chester C Flynn
Foley, Thomas19271990
Fortier, Arthur1929h/o Beulah
Fortier, Beulah19242012w/o Arthur Sr.
Fortier, Gordon19181991h/o Helen R. Fortier
Fortier, Helen19202006w/o Gordon R. Fortier
Foster, Alice (Britton)1904w/o Wright Foster
Foster, Wright19021976
Fox, Reginald19251992
Frail, David19651975w/o Donald and Imperia Frail
Frail, Donald19171993h/o Imperia (Mainetti) Frail
Frail, Imperia (Mainetti)19231999w/o Donald A. Frail
Freeman, Edmond17641854
Freeman, Russell1853
French, Addie (Bean)18651925w/o Charles French
French, Albert18221893h/o Georgia (Cushing) French
French, Charles18541927h/o Hattie (Crandall) French
French, Charles19261992h/o Pauline (Gilbert) French
French, Charlie18611929
French, Clinton18971978h/o Margaret (Colburn) French
French, Dora18611865d/o Robert and Lucia French
French, Frank18851964
French, Georgia (Cushing)18311897w/o Albert French
French, Hattie (Crandall)18601923w/o Charles A French
French, John18641870s/o Robert and Lucia French
French, Lucia (Bagley)18271898w/o Robert E French
French, Margaret (Colburn)18971977w/o Clinton A French
French, May18981945
French, Pauline (Gilbert)1926w/o Charles R. French
French, Richard18561898s/o Robert and Lucia French
French, Robert18531919
French, Robert18251899
French, Susan1857w/o Calvin French
French, Wallace18541860s/o Robert and Lucia French
Fuller, Jeanie (Keyes)18451928w/o Steven E Fuller
Fuller, Philip18621897
Fuller, Steven18361895
Furnari, Anthony19582001
Gage, Sophia (Enos)1904
Gallagher, Justin19182001h/o Laura Ellen (Russell) Gallagher
Gallagher, Laura (Russell)1918w/o Justin F. Gallagher
Gambell, Kenneth19181941
Gardner, Etta (Hastings)18621959w/o Frank Gardner
Gardner, Frank18641915h/o Etta (Hastings) Gardner
Gardner, M (Hawks)18931925w/o Shirley M Gardner
Gardner, Marjorie (Hobson)19091979w/o Vernon K. Gardner
Gardner, Vernon19051964h/o Marjorie (Hobson) Gardner
Gates, Adeline18421907d/o JA and LM Gates
Gates, Benjamin17971870
Gates, Catherine18321833d/o Benjamin F. and Mary (Crosby) Gates
Gates, Elbridge1930
Gates, Eliza1873w/o Elbridge Gates
Gates, Elizabeth1822d/o Zelotes and Margaret Gates
Gates, Emily18331905d/o Benjamin F. and Mary (Crosby) Gattes
Gates, Franklin18341839s/o Benjamin F. and Mary (Crosby) Gates
Gates, James18031886h/o Lucy (Marcy) Gates
Gates, John17991827
Gates, Lucy (Marcy)18071887w/o James Gates
Gates, Margaret (Rawson)17611850w/o Zelotes Gates
Gates, Mary (Crosby)17971858w/o Benjamin F Gates
Gates, Mary1885w/o Thomas J Gates
Gates, Nelson1841s/o Thomas and Mary Gates
Gates, Thomas1844
Gates, Zelotes17551823h/o Margaret (Rawson) Gates
Gee, Kate (Willard)18601935w/o Luman W. Gee.
Gee, Luman18561938h/o Kate (Willard) Gee
Geer, George1895h/o Maria Geer
Geer, Jesse18621915
Geer, Maria1867w/o George D Geer
Gehlbach, Michael19911992
George, Archie18841962h/o Ella. A. George
George, Charles18741941
George, Dollyd/o Charles and Hazel George
George, Dorisd/o Charles and Hazel George
George, Ella1888w/o Archie E. George
George, Hazel (Sanderson)18981919w/o Charles George
George, Jane (Anderson)18421881w/o Moses George
George, Moses18411925h/o Jane (Anderson) George
Gilbert, Charlotte (Crawford)1894w/o Walter J. Gilbert
Gilbert, Walter18931972
Giles, Blanche18751879Only child of WH and EL Giles
Giles, Clemmie (Barrell)18871960w/o Edward Giles
Giles, Edward18881944
Giles, Edward19201977s/o Edward and Clemmie Giles
Giles, Edward19201977
Giles, Elizabeth1922w/o Ethan Giles
Giles, Ella (Hall)18501923w/o William Giles
Giles, Ethan1889
Giles, Tina (Laskevich)19211961w/o Edward Herbert Giles
Giles, William18521914
Gill, Amanda (Hopkins)18281904w/o Rush Gill
Gill, Angelia1853d/o Arnold and Sylvia Gill
Gill, Antoinette18721939d/o Rush and Amanda Gill
Gill, Arnold1863h/o Sylvia H. Gill
Gill, Charles18681959h/o Mary (Nelson) Gill
Gill, Etta18301861d/o Theodore H and Julia M. Gill
Gill, Frank18641946s/o Rush and Amanda Gill
Gill, Julia18321919
Gill, Mary (Nelson)18651952w/o Charles O. Gill
Gill, Orsan1852s/o Arnold and Sylvia Gill
Gill, Rush18331912h/o Amanda (Hopkins) Gill
Gill, Sylvia1850w/o Arnold Gill
Gill, Theodore18201886
Gillingham, Kenneth19242001h/o Lois Gillingham
Gilman, Anna (Buckman)18591933Bw/o Frank Gilman
Gilpin, Dana18911975h/o Nora C. Gilpin
Gilpin, Nora (Chamberlin)18881984w/o Dana S. Gilpin
Gilson, Albert18381921
Gilson, Benjamin
Gilson, Benjamin18761965
Gilson, Bennie1871BOnly s/o Joel and Sarah M Gilson
Gilson, Charles18631884
Gilson, Emma1860d/o L and F Gilson
Gilson, Fanny1860w/o L Gilson
Gilson, Fred18611922
Gilson, George18451928B
Gilson, Gladys1899w/o BenjaminGilson
Gilson, Helen18801961w/o Richard A. Gilson
Gilson, Jessie18701885
Gilson, Joel1872B
Gilson, Julia (Fuller)18421922w/o Albert Gilson
Gilson, Leonard1873
Gilson, Lillian (Kendall)1878Bw/o George E Gilson
Gilson, Mary18611943Bw/o George E Gilson
Gilson, Nathaniel18081890
Gilson, Richard18791947h/o Ellen B. Gilson
Goodrich, Etta1860d/o A H and P I Goodrich
Goodrich, Persis (Bramble)1860w/o Allen H Goodrich
Gordon, Jeanne (Pfister)19512004
Goss, Augusta (Crooker)18241897w/o Daniel P Goss
Gould, Lucy1867w/o John Gould
Gove, Addie18611862d/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, Alvin1834s/o Levi and Olive Gove
Gove, Bessie1879d/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, Edgar18611911s/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, Edwin1874B
Gove, Elanora1835d/o Levi and Olive F Gove
Gove, Eva18501869d/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, Frank1857s/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, George18551856s/o John L. and Mary Ann (Lawton) Gove
Gove, John18261906h/o Mary A. (Lawton) Gove
Gove, Levi1869
Gove, Mary (Lawton)18301924w/o John L. Gove
Gove, Olive (Low)1888w/o Levi Gove
Gove, Sarah1917Bw/o Edwin Gove
Gove, Wynne1871h/o Lavonder Flora (Johnson) Gove
Graham, Annie (Harlow)18641928w/o Guy Graham
Graham, Earle18961988h/o Edith (Barrett) Graham
Graham, Edith (Barrett)19101987w/o Earle H. Graham
Graham, Ellen18471912
Graham, Guy18611942
Graham, Joseph18091900h/o Submit (Burt) Graham
Graham, Lee18921961
Graham, Madeline (Gardner)18991946w/o Earl Graham
Graham, Submit (Burt)18221898w/o Joseph K. Graham
Graham, Willie18711892
Gray, Chester19121989s/o Chester A. Gray Sr.
Gray, Chester18791955f/o Chester A. Gray, Jr., h/o Bessie Ruth (Pierce) Gray
Gray, Ollie (Sargent)19191982w/o Chester A. Gray
Grout, Alice18791932Bd/o William and Indah Grout
Grout, Almer18881952Bs/o William and Indah Grout
Grout, Arthur18881888Bs/o William and Indah Grout
Grout, Herbert18831966Bs/o William and Indah Grout
Grout, Inelah (English)18511913Bw/o William Grout
Grout, Mabel18761957Bd/o William and Indah Grout
Grout, Nancy1869w/o William K Grout
Grout, Nathaniel1875s/o William and Nancy Grout
Grout, William18471900B
Grout, William18941974B
Grout, William1860
Grow, Elijah1863h/o Ruth Grow
Grow, Ruth (Marcy)1878w/o Elijah Grow
Grzegorowicz, Elsie19131977w/o John J. Grzegorowicz
Grzegorowicz, John19101978h/o Elisie Grzegorowicz
Guerin, Martha (Bruce)19342003
Hadley, Amelia (Ainsworth)18511917w/o George L. Hadley
Hadley, Caroline (Walker)19141883w/o Wells G. Hadley
Hadley, Clara (Marcy)18551934w/o Frederick J.J. Hadley
Hadley, Francis18441927d/o Jerry G. and Hannah A. (Gallup) Hadley
Hadley, Frederick18481924h/o Clara (Marcy) Hadley
Hadley, George18421916h/o Amelia L. (Ainsworth) Hadley
Hadley, Hannah (Gallup)18201907w/o Jerry Green Hadley
Hadley, Hannah18871967d/o Frederick J.J. and Clara (Marcy) Hadley
Hadley, Isadore18511920d/o Jerry G. and Hannah A. (Gallup) Hadley
Hadley, James18341862s/o Wells G. Hadley
Hadley, James18501926
Hadley, Jane (Chase)18491914w/o James L Hadley
Hadley, Jerry18151864h/o Hannah A. (Gallup) Hadley
Hadley, Laura18941895d/o James L. and Julia A. (Chase) Hadley
Hadley, Wells18071881h/o Caroline F. (Walker) Hadley
Hadley, William18541908h/o Della G. (Kent) Hadley
Hall, Frank18631917h/o Lucy (Strong) Hall
Hall, James1865
Hall, Lucy (Strong)18651942w/o Frank A. Hall
Hall, Maria1854d/o J and L Hall
Hamilton, Edward18541938
Hamilton, Fannie (Phelps)1860
Hamilton, John18521924
Hamilton, Leonard18471882
Hamilton, William18561936
Hammell, Leon19321997
Hammond, Clara (Blodgett)19271986d/o George and Mary Ellen (Goss) Blodgett
Hammond, Sidney18272000h/o Clara Blodgett
Hammond, Stephen1858
Hamner, Carol \"Mimi\" (Fox)19552000d/o Reginald & Viola
Hanchett, Helen (Cady)1858w/o Henry H.Hanchett
Hansen, A18391916
Hanson, Allie (Turner)18731903w/o H.P.C. Hanson
Harding, Bolliver18321906s/o Dr John Harding Jr
Harding, Henry18371910s/o Dr John Harding Jr
Harding, John18271895s/o Dr John Harding Jr
Harding, Thomas19182011h/o Rita
Harding, Watson18331901s/o Dr John Harding Jr
Harlow, Abner1879
Harlow, Archie
Harlow, Betsey1875w/o Abner Harlow
Harlow, Carlos1867s/o Abner and Betsey Harlow
Harlow, Charles18661945s/o Marshall C. and Elizabeth (Archibald) Harlow
Harlow, Elizabeth18351910
Harlow, Elizabeth (Archibald)18351905w/o Marchall C. Harlow
Harlow, Florence18511920
Harlow, Frances (Barstow)18251910w/o Lucian Harlow
Harlow, Francis18501867
Harlow, Fred1924Bh/o Ida (Rogers) Harlow
Harlow, Frederick18531924
Harlow, Ida (Rogers)1910Bw/o Fred B Harlow
Harlow, Jennie18561928
Harlow, Julius18381897
Harlow, Lucian1868h/o Frances (Barstow) Harlow
Harlow, Margaret1880w/o CD Harlow
Harlow, Marshall18301900h/o Elizabeth (Archibald) Harlow
Harlow, Mary1864d/o DP and HT Harlow
Harlow, Mary1845d/o Abner and Betsey Harlow
Harlow, Nathan18231904
Harlow, Rachel (Bates)18231900w/o Nathan Harlow
Harrington, Thera (Billings)1867w/o L.E. Harrington
Harris, Edna (Royce)1904Bw/o Gordon D. Harris, d/o Frank and Julia Royce
Harris, Gordon1900Bh/o Edna F. Harris
Harrison, Donald19251984
Harwood, Clara18731958
Harwood, David18421918
Harwood, James18701927
Harwood, Lester18921919
Harwood, Louis18831945
Harwood, Nellie1838
Harwood, Rachel (Fallon)18521911w/o David Harwood
Harwood, Robert18751953
Hatch, Arthur19141990h/o Helen (Best) Hatch
Hatch, Benjamin18271876h/o Lucina (Hadley) Hatch
Hatch, Deane18861978h/o Mary Eliza (Combs) Hatch
Hatch, Delia (Jepson)19041987w/o Webb Thomas Hatch
Hatch, Dorothy19221995d/o Deane B. Hatch
Hatch, Helen (Best)19202009w/o Arthur K. Hatch
Hatch, Irving19282004s/o Dean B. and May E. Hatch
Hatch, Lee18831929s/o Leslie B. Hatch
Hatch, Leslie18531901h/o Lillian (Fletcher) Hatch
Hatch, Lillian (Fletcher)18621925w/o Leslie B. Hatch
Hatch, Lucina (Hadley)1900w/o L.L.Hatch
Hatch, Lucy18881962d/o Leslie B. Hatch
Hatch, Lucy18681869d/o Benjamin F. and Lucina (Hadley) Hatch
Hatch, Margaret18941982
Hatch, Marjorie (Wilkinson)19341995w/o Raymond L. Hatch
Hatch, Mary (Hatch)18921944w/o Walter F. Hatch
Hatch, May (Combs)18941974w/o Deane B. Hatch
Hatch, Orin18651865s/o Benjamin F. & Lucina (Hadley) hatch
Hatch, Raymond1930h/o Marjorie (Wilkinson) Hatch
Hatch, Rodney19241953s/o Dean and Mary E. (Coombs) Hatch
Hatch, Walter18941983h/o Mary Helen (Hatch) Hatch
Hatch, Webb18951983h/o Delia (Jepson) Hatch
Hathorn, Cora19201993w/o Gardner Hathorn
Hathorn, Gardner19161991h/o Cora
Hawkins, Frank18981953h/o Velna (Smith) Hawkins
Hawkins, Velna (Smith)19101992w/o Frank E. Hawkins
Hawthorn, Elmer18941953h/o Ruth T. (Dickenson) Hawthorn
Hawthorn, Ruth (Dickinson)18951972w/o Elmer A. Hawthron
Hawthorne, Robert19222003
Hayes, George1868
Hayes, Georgeanna1844d/o George and Hannah Hayes
Hayes, Hannah1874w/o George P Hayes
Hayes, Martha1850d/o George and Hannah Hayes
Hayes, Sarah1871d/o George and Hannah Hayes
Headle, Elsie (Dodge)1874w/o Reuben W. Headle
Headle, Emma (Clay)1880w/o Reuben W. Headle
Headle, Milo18561927
Headle, Reuben18341917h/o Emma (Clay) Headle and Elsie (Dodge) Headle
Hemenway, Irving18651946
Hemenway, Oscar18371903
Hemenway, Susan (Burnham)18381932w/o Oscar Hemenway
Herrick, Harriett18381914
Herrick, Hattie (Labaree)18601892d/o Benjamin and Charlotte Labaree; w/o Wilber Fisk Herrick
Herrick, Susan (Craig)1914
Hickory, Bertha (Smith)19021970
Hill, Julie19541990
Hodgman, Adaline1885w/o Jonathan Hodgman
Hodgman, Charlotte1853d/o P and N Hodgman
Hodgman, Frank1864s/o FF and MA Hodgman
Hodgman, Frankies/o FF and MA Hodgman
Hodgman, Franklin1864s/o FF and MA Hodgman
Hodgman, Henrys/o FF and MA Hodgman
Hodgman, James1851s/o P and N Hodgman
Hodgman, James1864s/o FF and MA Hodgman
Hodgman, Jonathan1868
Hodgman, Nancy (Hall)1854w/o Pembleton Hodgman
Hodgman, Pembleton1870h/o Nancy (Hall) Hodgman
Hodgman, Sarah1857w/o Jonathan Hodgman
Hodgman, Sarah1846d/o P and N Hodgman
Hoisington, Abba (Harding)18291872w/o Freeman Hoisington
Hoisington, Albert1857s/o CH and LH Hoisington
Hoisington, Andrew18641933h/o Gertrude (Pierce) Hoisington
Hoisington, Bertha1871d/o F.B. And A.W. Hoisington
Hoisington, Charles18571931
Hoisington, Cyrus18191883
Hoisington, Deane18961978
Hoisington, Edwin18381924
Hoisington, Edwin18721940
Hoisington, Elijah1847
Hoisington, Fred18501883s/o FB and AW Hoisington
Hoisington, Freeman18291894h/o Abba (Harding) Hoisington
Hoisington, Gertrude (Pierce)18721931w/o Andrew Hoisington
Hoisington, Infant18951895s/o AJ and G Hoisington
Hoisington, John18631923s/o FB and AW Hoisington
Hoisington, Kate1880d/o F.B. And A.W. Hoisington
Hoisington, Lillias (Willard)1885w/o Charles H. Hoisington
Hoisington, Lizzie (Lawton)18611910w/o Charles H. Hoisington (2nd); w/o Ahira Flower
Hoisington, Lucina (Harding)18251895w/o Cyrus H. Hoisington
Hoisington, Mabel18681871d/o Edwin and Ruth Hoisington
Hoisington, Mary18531938
Hoisington, Maude19011988
Hoisington, Nancy (Dewey)18331900w/o Freeman Hoisington
Hoisington, Olive1877w/o Elijah Hoisington
Hoisington, Ruth (Tilson)18381923w/o Edwin Hoisington
Hoisington, Sylvester18501894
Holmes, Hazen19231978
Holmes, William18791933
Holt, Abbie1865Bd/o JC and AE Holt
Holt, Abigail1854d/o O and E C Holt
Holt, Arria (Small)18221910Bw/o James Holt
Holt, Henry18441862s/o Oliver & Eliza
Holt, James18161887B
Holt, Mary1864Bd/o JC and AE Holt
Holton, Marion (Richardson)18451914
Hood, Lee18891929h/o Lena (Temple) Hood
Hood, Lena (Temple)18971981w/o Lee Hood
Hood, Muriel1926w/o Temple Hood
Hood, Temple1923h/o Muriel Hood
Hooker, Howard18931966h/o Olive Hooker
Hooker, Olive (Bates)18941966w/o Howard Hooker
Hooker, Wilfreds/o Howard C. and Olive M. Hooker
Hopkins, Rhoda (Weed)18211887w/o R.T. Hopkins
Hopkins, Rinaldo18211879
Horton, Lyle19081986h/o Winifred Horton
Horton, Winifred1918w/o Lyle F. Horton
Hough, Alma (Crandall)18551935w/o Henry Hough
Hough, George18891942
Hough, Henry18581920
Howe, Aaron19641964
Howe, Alonzo18711956
Howe, Christiene (Barbour)19001918w/o Raymond S. Howe (1896-1970)
Howe, Hazel (Barbour)19021997w/o Raymond S. Howe
Howe, Laura (Stickney)18731930w/o Alonzo Howe
Howe, Raymond18961970
Howe, Raymond19241990
Howland, Carol19471948d/o James O. and Marjorie (Spear) Howland
Howland, James19182006h/o Marjorie (Spear) Howland
Howland, Marjorie (Spear)19121996w/o James Orvis Howland
Howland, Nancy1943d/o James O. and Marjorie (Spear) Howland
Hoyt, Ella18631943d/o Lucius M. Hoyt
Hoyt, Lucius18171874
Hubbard, Alice1899
Hughes, Archie19001986
Hughes, Gordon19331976
Hughes, Mildred (Cochran)19041976w/o Archie J. Hughes
Hull, Dorothy (Hood)1915
Hull, Guy19091973
Hunt, Clementine (Small)18831903d/o John and Laura Small
Hunt, Cynthia19382003d/o Kenneth and Mae (Burke) Hunt
Hunt, Kenneth19051968h/o Mae E. (Burke) Hunt
Hunt, Mae (Burke)19051973w/o Kenneth R. Hunt
Hunt, Roger19312002h/o Carol Ann Knap
Huntoon, Patience18661943
Hyland, Albert1871s/o James and Lavina Hyland
Hyland, Helen1835d/o James and Lavina Hyland
Hyland, James17881878h/o Lovinia Frost
Hyland, John1824s/o James and Lavina Hyland
Hyland, Josephine1835d/o James and Lavina Hyland
Hyland, Lavina (Frost)17901870w/o James Hyland
Hyland, William1819s/o James and Lavina Hyland
Ide, Arme (Martin)19051966w/o Nicholas P. Ide
Ide, Nicholas19031968h/o Arme C. (Martin) Ide
Ide, Philip19751984
Jackson, Clarence18851970h/o Emma G. Jackson
Jackson, Emma18851966w/o Clarence S. Jackson
Jackson, Frank18911975h/o Hazel D (Stillson) Jackson
Jackson, Hazel (Stillson)w/o Frank D. Jackson
Jarvis, Adeline (Marcy)1925w/o David Jarvis
Jenne, Bertha18981907d/o George and Laura (Graham) Jenne
Jenne, George18591933h/o Laura (Graham) Jenne
Jenne, Laura (Graham)18591934w/o George M. Jenne
Jenne, Ruthd/o George and Laura (Graham) Jenne
Jensen, Anna18871943
Johnson, Elizabeth (Weed)19081893w/o Thomas Johnson
Johnson, Jesse18481932
Johnson, Ralph19011958h/o Ruth C. Johnson
Johnson, Ruth19061972w/o Ralph G. Johnson
Johnson, Thankful (Webster)18121899w/o Joseph H Johnson
Johnson, Thomas19061990
Jones, Cutler18401881B
Jones, George18281907
Jones, Harold19242001
Jones, James1884Bs/o C and S Jones
Jones, Laura1880w/o Lyman Jones
Jones, Lyman18021884
Jones, Martha (Morrill)18291892w/o George Jones
Keene, Gertrude (Hoisington)18591931
Kendall, Stella (Rodgers)18671934
Kerylow, Dorothy (Lapine)19111990w/o Peter Kerylow
Kerylow, Peter19121991h/o Dorothy (Lapine) Kerylow
Ketchum, Ellen (Barstow)18361914w/o Henry M. Ketchum
Ketchum, Grace1890d/o H.M. And E.B. Ketchum
Ketchum, Grace19001900
Ketchum, Henry18301876
Ketchum, Henry18721900
Ketchum, Rebecca1907
Keyes, Alvah18081880
Keyes, Frank18571933
Keyes, Harriet (Wood)18711914
Keyes, Lucy (Bennett)18181887w/o Alvah Keyes
Kibler, Lucy (Hawk)18621935w/o Thomas Kibler
Kibler, Thomas18581937h/o Lucy (Hawk) Kibler
Kilburn, Abigail1883w/o Iddo Kilburn
Kilburn, Iddo1858
Kilburn, Louisa1897w/o Merrill Kilburn
Kilburn, Merrill1871
King, Addie (Britton)18721923w/o Dana King
King, Dana18631913
King, Frank18551915
King, George18251891h/o Maria L. (Proctor) King
King, Maria (Proctor)18271902w/o George A King
King, William18731947
Kingsley, Elvia (English)18561934w/o Theodore A Kinsley
Kingsley, Jacob1920
Kingsley, Lrinda (Kendall)1878w/o R.A.H. Kingsley
Kingsley, R. A.1882
Kingsley, Theodore1916
Kittredge, Marcy (Marble)18251909Bw/o C V N Kittredge
Kivler, Kevin19512001
Kneen, Arthur18711951
Kneen, Dorcas18821952
Kneen, Jane18361921w/o TA Kneen
Kneen, Jennie1880d/o TA and JL Kneen
Kneen, T18331910
Koch, Doris (Low)19191984d/o Walter Low
Labaree, Alzina (Royce)18321920Bw/o Charles Labaree
Labaree, Anna1867d/o Benjamin F. Labaree
Labaree, Benjamin18231894
Labaree, Caroline (Deane)1890w/o Ralph Labaree
Labaree, Charles18301906Bh/o Alzina (Royce) Labaree
Labaree, Charles18691908B
Labaree, Charlotte (Ayer)18261871w/o Benjamin Labaree
Labaree, Clara1864d/o R and CS Labaree
Labaree, Etta18631936B
Labaree, James1849s/o R and MS Labaree
Labaree, Lucy (Willard)1854w/o John S Labaree
Labaree, Miranda1856w/o Ralph Labaree
Labaree, Parthena1850w/o William Labaree
Labaree, Ralph1887
Labaree, William1858
LaFarr, Priscilia19221979
Lamb, Carleton18881967h/o Etta (Russell) Lamb
Lamb, Carrie (Headle)1888w/o Edward Lamb
Lamb, Charles19551982s/o Edward and Laura Lamb
Lamb, Clara18591931
Lamb, Clarissa1913d/o Harvey and Esther Lamb
Lamb, David
Lamb, Edward18651906h/o Carrie (Headle) Lamb
Lamb, Edward19221990h/o Laura J. Lamb
Lamb, Edward18651906h/o Carrie (Headle) Lamb
Lamb, Emily (Leavitt)18331907w/o Julius Lamb
Lamb, Esther (Hammond)1865w/o Harvey Lamb
Lamb, Harriet1894d/o Harvey and Esther Lamb
Lamb, Harvey1869
Lamb, John18271856
Lamb, John18571907
Lamb, Julius18191896h/o Emily (Leavitt) Lamb
Lamb, Laura1955w/o Edward R. Lamb
Lamb, Lizzie18561924
Lamb, Lucy (Emerson)18321913
Lamphear, William18621922
Lamphere, Charles18351893
Lamphere, J18441921
Lamphere, Mary (Williams)18321887w/o Charles T Lamphere
Lamphere, Nellie (Laware)18541918w/o J Royal Lamphere
Lamphere, Perry1863
Lamphere, Sophia1870w/o Thompson Lamphere
Lamphere, Thompson1874h/o Sophia s. Lamphere
Lamphire, Reuben1863h/o Hannah
Lance, Frederick19061971
Lance, Ruth19041981
Lansing, Mary (Penniman)18631939d/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Lapine, Alice19171918
Lapine, Andrew19101980
Lapine, Edward19091958s/o Frank and Minnie (Redman) Lapine
Lapine, Frank18791963
Lapine, Minnie (Redman)18861954w/o Frank Lapine
Lasure, Fred18581916h/o Hattie N. Lasure
Lasure, Hattie (Chase)18681915w/o Fred L. Lasure
Lasure, Lee18941957f/o Lee Jr.
Lasure, Lee19231984h/o Beverly
Lawton, Albert18711926
Lawton, Allan19181981h/o Alma B. Lawton
Lawton, Alma19181993w/o Allan A. Lawton
Lawton, Almina18701925w/o Albert Lawton
Lawton, Nellie (Royce)18731903w/o Albert A. Lawton
Lawton, Nellie (Fish)18991970w/o Walter Lawton
Lawton, Patricia1948
Lawton, Roger1947
Lawton, Walter18951970h/o Nellie (Fish) Lawton
Le Seur, George18201905
Le Seur, Mary18341906w/o George Le Seur
Lefebre, Cyrile18541927
Lefebre, David18971959
Lefebre, Marguerite (Riel)18601932w/o Cyrile Lefebre
Lenois, Mabel (Richey)18971986w/o Philip A. Lenois
Lenois, Philip18881949h/o Mabel (Richey) Lenois
Leonard, Andrew18661916
Leonard, Frank18541937Grandson of Joseph Marcy Jr
Leonard, George1891
Leonard, Hattie (Watriss)1889w/o George B Leonard
Leonard, James18271904
Leonard, James19671968
Leonard, Mary (Marcy)18281881w/o James H Leonard
Leonard, Mary (Marcy)d/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Leonard, Phyllis19481968
Leonard, Winnie (Gill)18671933w/o Andrew Leonard
Letourneau, Albert19191998h/o Rachel (Adams) Letourneau
Letourneau, Albert19501998s/o Albert F. and Rachel (Adams) Letourneau
Letourneau, Rachael (Adams)19181979w/o Albert F. Letourneau
Leve, Elizabeth (White)19021960w/o Russell Leve
Leve, Russell19031951h/o Elizabeth (White) Leve
Litch, Edwin1896
Litch, Mary (Cunningham)1881w/o Edwin Litch
Litch, Mary1881d/o Edwin and Mary Litch
Lobdell, Dorothy19201965B
Lobdell, Eva18931988w/o Gershia L. Lobdell
Lobdell, Evelyn (Blodgett)19182004w/o Hial C. Lobdell
Lobdell, Flora (Vanderburgh)18651917w/o Leslie Lobdell
Lobdell, Florence19081994w/o John A. Lobdell
Lobdell, Frances18951911
Lobdell, Gershia18841956h/o Eva C. Lobdell
Lobdell, Glenn18881924h/o Olive Mary (White) Lobdell
Lobdell, Hial19192010h/o Evelyn (Blodgett) Lobdell
Lobdell, Iva18981899
Lobdell, John19041972h/o Florence M. Lobdell
Lobdell, Kenneth19191945
Lobdell, Lawrence19041974h/o Mabel (Johnson) Lobdell
Lobdell, Leslie18641937
Lobdell, Mabel (Johnson)18981985w/o Lawrence Lobdell
Lobdell, Madeline19192000B
Lobdell, Olive (White)18921971w/o Glenn O. Lobdell
Lobdell, Orin18691949B
Lobdell, Raymond19301935s/o Lawrence and Mabel (Johnson) Lobdell
Lobdell, Ruth18821933B
Lobdell, Ruth18931965
Lord, Arthur RB
Lord, Bertha (Hawley)19051961Bw/o Ernest L. Lord
Lord, DorisBd/o Ernest and Bertha (Hawley) Lord
Lord, Edward19071991
Lord, Ernest19011977B
Lord, Gracie (Flower)19272006Bw/o Arthur R. Lord
Lord, Myrtle (Watson)19021980d/o Ord and Belle Watson
Luce, Calvin1879
Luce, Mary1882w/o Calvin Luce
Lull, Albourne18331915
Lull, Mary (Short)1879w/o Albourne Lull
Lyman, Bayard18711966h/o Ellen (Hadley) Lyman
Lyman, Ellen (Hadley)18731934w/o Bayard Lyman
Lyman, Eunice1913B
Lyman, Eunice (Cobleigh)19132000Bw/o Leslie B. Lyman
Lyman, Leslie19111992h/o Eunice (Cobleigh) Lyman
MacDonald, Doris19201973B
Mackenzie, Abbie (Weed)1878w/o James M Mackenzie
MacKenzie, Beatrice1903d/o Edgar E. and Margaret (Cummings) MacKenzie
Mackenzie, Charles18551906
MacKenzie, Charles19041945w/o Elmer E. and Margaret (Cummings) MacKenzie
MacKenzie, Elmer18621950h/o Margaret J. (Cummings) MacKenzie
Mackenzie, James1898
MacKenzie, Margaret (Cummings)18831948w/o Elmer E. MacKenzie
Marble, Betsey (Stone)1879Bw/o Charles Marble
Marble, Charles1872B
Marble, Mary1895Bd/o Charles and Betsey Marble
Marcott, Emma (Thompson)1896w/o Lewis Marcott
Marcott, Ethan19061970s/o Lewis and Henrietta Marcott
Marcott, Eugene19301930
Marcott, Glenn19441964s/o Ethan Erwin Marcott
Marcotte, Allen19371994
Marcotte, Diane (Emery)19441978w/o Stephen L. Marcotte
Marcotte, Edward19141977s/o Lewis and Henrietta (Murphy) Marcotte
Marcotte, Henriettaw/o Lewis Marcotte
Marcotte, Lewis18631939h/o Henrietta Marcotte
Marcotte, Lillian (Hatch)1916w/o Wendell E. Marcotte
Marcotte, Stephen19421965h/o Diane L. (Emery) Marcotte
Marcotte, Wendall19121988h/o Lillian (Hatch) Marcotte
Marcy, Amarilla (Dutton)1888w/o Buckley Marcy
Marcy, Andrew18411887
Marcy, Austin1862s/o W. & M. Marcy
Marcy, Benjamin18531875s/o Ithamar and Mary (Smith) Marcy
Marcy, Benjamin18701944
Marcy, Buckley17961876h/o Mary Hadlocke
Marcy, Catherine1837w/o Winthrop Marcy
Marcy, Charity18011863w/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, Charles1901
Marcy, Daniel18221903
Marcy, Edgars/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, Eliza (Bradstreet)18071881w/o Squire Marcy
Marcy, Frank
Marcy, Freds/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, G1883
Marcy, Georges/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, Ida (Gill)18671951w/o Benjamin Marcy
Marcy, Isabel (Cabot)18621959w/o Warren Marcy
Marcy, Ithamar18091847h/o Mary L. (Smith) Marcy
Marcy, Joseph17581838
Marcy, Joseph18001878s/o Joseph and Mary Cole Marcy
Marcy, L.infant son of Joseph Marcy, Jr.
Marcy, Lewis18421918
Marcy, Lucia
Marcy, Lucia1872w/o Edward W Marcy
Marcy, Males/o LJM Marcy
Marcy, Maria (Stone)1895w/o Winthrop Marcy
Marcy, Mary (Smith)18191901w/o Ithamar Marcy
Marcy, Mary (Hadlock)1834w/o Buckley Marcy
Marcy, Mary (Cole)1854w/o Joseph Marcy Sr
Marcy, Mary Ann (Latimer)18421921w/o Lewis Marcy
Marcy, Rhoda (Field)18381892w/o Charles C Marcy
Marcy, Squire18031878
Marcy, StephenBrother of Joseph Marcy Sr
Marcy, Stephen1877
Marcy, Sylvester17991840s/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, Thomas18311881s/o Joseph Marcy Jr
Marcy, Vashti (Hale)18261912w/o Daniel Marcy
Marcy, Warren18611899
Marcy, Winthrop1880h/o Maria P. Stone
Martin, Allan18741942
Martin, Alonzo18421916
Martin, Alonzo19031995h/o Nancy (Richardson) Martin
Martin, Barbara19152002w/o W. David
Martin, Barry1948h/o Linda Martin
Martin, David19112000h/o Barbara
Martin, Earl18821956s/o Frank and Lucy Martin
Martin, Ella (French)18501926w/o Alonzo Martin
Martin, Ella (Carpenter)18781948w/o Allan Martin
Martin, Ernest18741965s/o Frank and Lucy Martin
Martin, Frank18451911
Martin, Frank18851954s/o Frank and Lucy Martin
Martin, Heidi19681984d/o Barry and Linda
Martin, Helen (Dudley)18701934d/o Allen & ___ Dudley
Martin, Lillie (Petrie)1879w/o Edward Martin
Martin, Linda1949w/o Barry Martin
Martin, Lucy (Hoisington)18471935w/o Frank Martin
Martin, Miner18611928
Martin, Myra (McCoy)18421910w/o William Martin
Martin, Nancy (Richardson)19031988w/o Alonzo A. Martin
Martin, Nina18911957d/o Frank and Lucy martin
Martin, W. David19112000h/o Barbara
Martin, Walter18711874s/o CL and CA Martin
Martin, William18371919
Martin, Willie1883s/o Edward and Lillie Martin
Maxfield, Bertha (Miller)1927w/o Leslie Ernest Maxfield
Maxfield, Leslie19051994h/o Bertha (Miller) Maxfield
Maxfield, Margaret (Mayhew)19292002h/o Lewis
Maxfield, Margaret (Mayhew)19292002w/o Lewis
Maxfield, Richard19361992
Maxham, Belle
Maxham, Calvin1946h/o Rose (Sawyer) Maxham
Maxham, Donald19481987brother of Calvin R. Maxham, Sr.
Maxham, Earl
Maxham, Earl
Maxham, Earl19492007
Maxham, Edwin1917h/o Miranda (Williamson) Maxham
Maxham, Miranda (Williamson)1915w/o Edwin Maxham
Maxham, Rose (Sawyer)1947w/o Calvin R. Maxham, Sr.
May, Eva (Paige)18831935
Maybee, Edith (Dana)18841945w/o Frank Maybee
Maybee, Frank18681946
Maybee, Lillian19091927d/o Frank and Edith Maybee
Mayhew, Alfred19101994h/o Arlyne (Doolittle) Mayhew
Mayhew, Arlyne (Doolittle)19061971w/o Alfred M. Mayhew
Mayhew, Bertha (Sloan)18891964w/o John J. Mayhew
Mayhew, John18821938h/o Bertha (Sloan) Mayhew
Maynard, Flora
Maynard, Florance18401929
Maynard, Ida
Maynard, Joseph18801926
Maynard, Maria (Thompson)18431952w/o Florance Maynard
McArthur, Deane18961959h/o Grace (Andrew) McArthur
McArthur, Grace (Andrew)18901937w/o Deane McArthur
McArthur, Infant19241924d/o Deane and Grace McArthur
McArthur, Infant19411941s/o Deane and Jane I McArthur
McArthur, Janew/o Deane
McArthur, Johnson18401902h/o Mary Sophia (Jones) McArthur
McArthur, Leonard18681925h/o Minnie (Bates) McArthur
McArthur, Mary (Jones)18351915w/o Johnson McArhtur
McArthur, Minnie (Bates)18741970w/o Leonard McArthur
McArthur, Thelma (Coombs)19161998w/o Wayne McArthur
McArthur, Wayne19071967h/o Thelma (Coombs) McArthur
McCarthy, Daniel19261991
McDonald, Eldon1942h/o P. Lynne McDonald
McDonald, P.19451993w/o Eldon J. McDonald
McGregor, Ann (Barrett)1875w/o Carlos McGregor
McGregor, Carlos18231909
McGregor, Ellen (Patch)1878w/o Carlos McGregor
McKenny, Clifton19081954
McLaughlin, Charles18861887s/o Fred and Effie McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Effie (Curtis)18621899w/o Fred McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Frank18541902
McLaughlin, Fred18541899
McLaughlin, Levinia (Wood)18091892w/o Amos McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Nellie18581942w/o Frank McLaughlin
Meader, George18501907
Meader, Martha (Richardson)18461917w/o George Meader
Merrill, Bert18771932h/o Florence Eva (White) Merrill
Merrill, Calvin18381910h/o Jane (Towne) Merrill
Merrill, Cecil
Merrill, Emma18741960w/o Ernest Merrill
Merrill, Ernest18681962h/o Emma A. Merrill
Merrill, Florence (White)18861984w/o Bert Merrill
Merrill, George18701953
Merrill, Jane (Towne)1841w/o Calvin Merrill
Merrill, Jennie (Bates)18681927w/o George Merrill
Merrill, Priscilla
Merritt, Adaline1854Child of L and C Merritt
Merritt, Asa18511912
Merritt, Asa19131913s/o Lewis and Della (Dunsmoor) Merritt
Merritt, Cora1868d/o LH and R Merritt
Merritt, Della (Dunsmoor)18831982w/o Lewis E. Merritt
Merritt, Eliza (Marcy)1888w/o Lewis Merritt
Merritt, Geneva19101982d/o Lewis and Della (Dunsmoor) Merritt
Merritt, Henry18651923B
Merritt, Henry1922h/o Janet (Washburn) Merritt
Merritt, Jerry1853s/o L & E Merritt
Merritt, Jessica19621980d/o Henry L. and Janet (Washburn) Merritt
Merritt, Lewis1878h/o Eliza (Marcy) Merritt
Merritt, Lewis18211891
Merritt, Lewis18681946h/o Della (Dunsmoor) Merritt
Merritt, Martha (Lodge)18541936w/o Asa Merritt
Merritt, Martha1954d/o Henry and Janet (Washburn) Merritt
Merritt, Pamela1951d/o Henry and Janet (Washburn) Merritt
Merritt, Rebecca (Williams)1881w/o Lewis H Merritt
Merritt, Rebecca1914d/o Lewis and Della (Dunsmoor) Merritt
Merritt, Rhoda1855w/o Lewis H Merritt
Merritt, Sylvester1844s/o L & E Merritt
Merritt, Willis1902Child of L and E Merritt
Messier, Hazel (Gardner)1890d/o Frank and Etta (Hastings) Gardner
Metz, Emanuel18311877
Metz, Marion (Richardson)18451913w/o Emanuel Metz
Meyer, Evelyn19141999
Miller, Alice (Clough)18601952w/o James B. Miller
Miller, Annie (Gilson)18661887w/o Howard J Miller
Miller, Aurora (Shedd)1903w/o Harris Miller
Miller, Charlie1874s/o R and M Miller
Miller, Clara1850d/o Harris and Aurora Miller
Miller, Clinton1873s/o Harris and Aurora Miller
Miller, Edgar18671942
Miller, Everett19041989h/o Luella
Miller, Flora (French)18621928w/o Hugh Miller
Miller, Frank1909s/o Harris and Aurora Miller
Miller, George1865
Miller, Harris1885
Miller, Harry
Miller, Harry18941959
Miller, Howard18591945
Miller, Hugh18611943h/o Flora (French) Miller
Miller, James18691956h/o Alice May (Clough) Miller
Miller, Jennie (Ferris)18691931
Miller, Julia19071919
Miller, Lucy1858w/o George Miller
Miller, Luella (Merriam)19082002w/o Everett H Miller
Miller, Martha (Marble)1910w/o Richard Miller
Miller, Mary (Gilson)18721949w/o Howard J Miller
Miller, Mary1943d/o R and M Miller
Miller, Richard1865
Miller, Ruth18861975
Mills, Charles18991982h/o Edwina Dorothy Mills
Mills, Edwina19021979w/o Charles Edgar Mills
Mills, John19242001
Milner, F.18791944
Miner, Martin18611928
Mockbridge, Etta18381914
Moody, Clyde19111934
Morey, Albert1875s/o GB and LA Morey
Morey, Annette1875Bd/o GB and LA Morey
Morey, Arthur1875Bs/o GB and LA Morey
Morey, Luther1876Bs/o GB and LA Morey
Morgan, Alva18641926h/o Evaline (Darling) Morgan
Morgan, Daniel1897
Morgan, Eunice (Gallup)1871w/o James Morgan
Morgan, Evaline (Darling)18701961w/o Alva B. Morgan, d/o Charles and Janet Darling
Morgan, Florence18561859B
Morgan, James1883
Morgan, James18801937
Morgan, James18161893Bh/o Julia Maria (Cotton) Morgan
Morgan, Joanna (Walker)1889w/o JG Morgan
Morgan, Joseph1896h/o Joanna (Walker) Morgan
Morgan, Julia (Cotton)18301857Bw/o James C Morgan
Morgan, Lora (Marcy)18511931
Morgan, Susan1867w/o Daniel Morgan
Morrison, Paul18971945B
Morrison, Ruth (Hawthorn)w/o Carlyle R Morrison
Morse, Eva19711987d/o Steven and Nina Morse, sister of Mariya
Motschman, Frank19212007h/o Joyce
Motschman, Joyce (Best)19241997w/o Frank
Mower, Frank19211982h/o Rita F. Mower
Mower, Harold18981954h/o Lottie Mower
Mower, Lottie18941963w/o Harold R. Mower
Mower, Rita1918w/o Frank A. Mower
Murdock, Henry1845
Murdock, Joseph18561923
Murdock, Matilda (Phillips)18331916w/o Henry Murdock
Murphey, Frank18761922
Murphey, Lulu (Davis)18811905w/o Frank A Murphey
Murphy, Carleton19371995h/o Sylvia (Coderrl) Murphy
Murphy, Emily (Kibler)19001984w/o Julian Murphy
Murphy, George18741941h/o Nellie (Carter) Murphy
Murphy, Jeffrey19591961s/o Jack A. and Aldeen (Cherrier) Murphy
Murphy, Julian18941956
Murphy, Julian19201920
Murphy, Leon19031904s/o George and Nellie (Carter) Murphy
Murphy, Nellie (Carter)18751948w/o George Murphy, Jr.
Murphy, Oliver18951975
Murphy, Orvilla19181950d/o Julian H and Emily F (Kibler) Murphy
Murphy, Riley18971969s/o George and Nellie (Carter) Murphy
Murphy, Sylvia (Coderri)19402005w/o Carleton
Muzzey, Don18411904h/o Eliza C. (Hamilton) Muzzey
Myrick, Ellen (Bullard)18391912w/o Orso Myrick
Myrick, Grace18591936
Myrick, Osro18371920
Naramore, David1955s/o L.S. And G.B Naramore
Neill, Olive (Smith)18941948
Nelson, Cynthia18671951d/o William and Lydia (Way) Nelson
Nelson, Laura18611949d/o William and Lydia (Way) Nelson
Newton, Richard19291984
Nichols, Jamie19561973
Nichols, Philip19581977
Northrop, Richard19461990
Nutting, Elizabeth (Webster)18971974w/o George Nutting
Nutting, George18931975h/o Elizabeth (Webster) Nutting
Oakes, Maude (Martin)18711951w/o William J. Oakes
Oakes, William18831945h/o Maude M. (Martin) Oakes
Ogden, Herbert1911h/o Ruth
Ogden, Ruth (Van Sickle)19141999w/o Herbert
Ogden, Ruth (VanSickle)19141999w/o Herbert
Oscistowski, Alexander18961981
Page, Albert19001969h/o Ella (Maxfield) Page
Page, Ella (Maxfield)18971967w/o Albert Page
Paige, Derick18811918
Paige, Persis (Gilson)18681949
Parker, Leonard19111912s/o L.? and G? L? Parker
Parker, Robert19261978
Parkman, Emma (Temple)1910d/o Arthur and Flora Temple
Parks, Frederick18031889h/o Hannah (Sartwell) Parks
Parks, Hannah (Sartwell)18121895w/o Frederick W. Parks
Pasho, Chester1946h/o Sandra H. Pasho
Pasho, Sandra1947w/o Chester R. Pasho
Patch, Alson18521903
Patch, Carrie (Stillman)19081987w/o George H. Patch
Patch, Doris (Miner)19061967w/o Lawrence M. Patch
Patch, Edwin19291955
Patch, George18951952h/o Carry S. (Stillman_ Patch
Patch, Hazel (Bryant)18971920w/o Lawrence Patch
Patch, Lawrence18891949h/o Doris (Miner) Patch
Patch, Orso18921955
Patrick, Eben1859s/o Lewis and Lydia Patrick
Patrick, Lewis1876
Patrick, Lydia (Stocker)1871w/o Lewis Patrick
Patterson, Esther19191972
Patterson, Ronald19421989
Paul, Hial1858
Paul, Hial1850s/o Hial and Nancy Paul
Paul, Nancy1874w/o Hial Paul
Pearson, Arline19171985w/o Samuel Pearson
Pearson, Guy19552009s/o Samuel and Arline Pearson
Pearson, Samuel19151987h/o Arline Pearson
Peck, Edith (Fallon)19001981
Peck, Ernest18991974
Peck, Willis19191920
Pember, Mabelle (Sturtevant)18721944
Penniman, Bessie18711960d/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Penniman, Dora18651929d/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Penniman, Jessie1872s/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Penniman, Jessie18711960
Penniman, Lavina (Damon)18361896w/o Merit Penniman
Penniman, Luther18781943s/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Penniman, Merit18151898h/o Lavina (Damon) Penniman
Penniman, William18681934s/o Merit and Lavina Penniman
Peoples, Dustin19681972s/o Jean Porter & Vernon Peoples
Peoples, Dustin
Peoples, Wilmer18381981
Perkins, Charles18841907
Perkins, Cyrus18781946
Perkins, Edna (Rice)18551896w/o Henry F. Perkins
Perkins, Frank18741953d/o Henry and Edna Perkins
Perkins, Henry18551928h/o Edna (Rice) Perkins
Perkins, Mary18461934
Perkins, Norman18131911h/o Sarah (Jaquith) Perkins
Perkins, Sarah (Jaquith)18211903w/o Norman Perkins
Perry, Amanda1879w/o William Perry
Perry, Blanche18961980d/o KH and C LM Perry
Perry, Charity (Marcy)18671942w/o Kimball Perry (2nd wife)
Perry, E1883
Perry, Eunice1878w/o EW Perry
Perry, F.18941982h/o Helen (Crandall) Perry
Perry, Helen (Crandall)19041970w/o F. Russ Perry
Perry, Joseph18641923h/o Roseltha (Colston) Perry
Perry, Kimball18681939
Perry, Mildred (Pierce)190419291st wife of Russ Perry
Perry, Myrlin19191943
Perry, Myrlin19191943
Perry, Roseltha (Colston)18681903w/o Joseph F. Perry
Perry, William1894
Person, Abbie (Bryant)18571928w/o Martin. Aldo Person
Person, Martin18601935h/o Abbie (Bryant) Person
Person, Melvina (Russell)18491913w/o Erwin F. Person
Petrie, Annie (Hedger)18501918w/o Frank J Petrie
Petrie, Carrie1878d/o William and Harriet Petrie
Petrie, Charles1847s/o William and Harriet Petrie
Petrie, Edwin18721903s/o Frank and Annie Petrie
Petrie, Frank18491878
Petrie, Frank1878s/o William and Harriet Petrie
Petrie, Harriet (Head)1886w/o William Petrie
Petrie, William1889
Pierce, Abbie (Alexander)18371932Bw/o Owen Pierce
Pierce, Abigail (Rockwood)18111893w/o Alfred Pierce
Pierce, Alfred18021880
Pierce, Charles19382000h/o Nada
Pierce, Earle19201993h/o Muriel E. Pierce
Pierce, Edward1880Bs/o Owen and Abbier Pierce
Pierce, Elizabeth1949d/o Earle and Muriel Pierce
Pierce, Francis18351883
Pierce, Georgie18701873Bs/o Owen and Abbie Pierce
Pierce, Hellen18531876Bd/o Owen and Abbie Pierce
Pierce, Jeffrey19742000s/o Kenneth & Donna
Pierce, John17951867
Pierce, John18341892
Pierce, John1867h/o Patience Pierce
Pierce, Lucy18431901
Pierce, Mabel18811881d/o Owen and Abbie Pierce
Pierce, Mary18311833d/o Alfred and Abigail Pierce
Pierce, Muriel19221988w/o Earle H. Pierce
Pierce, Nada (Crowell)w/o Charles
Pierce, Owen18271909Bh/o Abbie (Alexander) Pierce
Pierce, Patience17951873w/o John Pierce
Pierce, Sarah18611861Bd/o Owen and Abbie Pierce
Piper, Kenneth19221994
Pollard, Dallas18751973
Pollard, Eugene19051988
Pollard, Katherine (Ainsworth)18741958w/o Dallas Pollard
Poole, Zilpha17651849
Porter, Betsey1886w/o Charles Porter
Porter, Charles1882
Porter, David19382002s/o Nelson & Lois
Porter, Gary19422005h/o Carol
Porter, John19151993h/o Lois J. Porter
Porter, Lois19192010w/o John Nelson Porter
Poulin, Richard19171976h/o Shirley (Tucker) Poulin
Poulin, Shirley (Tucker)1917w/o Richard F. Poulin
Powers, Josephine (Miller)18271908
Powers, Joshua18161896
Pratt, Fred18321906
Pratt, Mercy (Mc Arthur)18151903
Pressey, Stella18871978
Puffer, Mary (Farman)18931975w/o Samuel R. Puffer
Puffer, Samuel18961968h/o Mary B. (Farman) Puffer
Putnam, E (Labaree)1888w/o Geo I Putnam
Putnam, Infant1888d/o E Maud Putnam
Putney, Jessie18981972d/o True and Lizzie (Beers) Putney
Putney, Lizzie (Beers)18621939
Raymond, Abbie (Smith)18491924m/o Laura (Raymond) White
Reed, Adam18451925
Reed, Ida (Metz)18741949
Rice, Emma (Perkins)18571933w/o Owen C Rice
Rice, Errol1923h/o Jaqueline H. Rice
Rice, Frank18571923
Rice, James18701941
Rice, Jaquelinew/o Erroll R. Rice
Rice, Jon19641982s/o Erroll and Jaqueline Rice
Rice, Owen18521926
Rich, Capitola (Gilson)18591923w/o Charles Rich
Rich, Charles18481924
Rich, Florence (Shaw)18601952Bw/o James Rich
Rich, James18521933B
Richardson, Amasa1888Bs/o Amasa and Martha (Cotton) Richardson
Richardson, Amasa17871889h/o Martha (Cotton) Richardson
Richardson, AmasaB
Richardson, Annie1865d/o Ward and Sarah Richardson
Richardson, Clara1866d/o Ward and Sarah Richardson
Richardson, Clyde19041983h/o Reba M. Richardson
Richardson, Danielh/o Joyce E. (Pollard) Richardson
Richardson, Effie (Clay)18611941w/o Leonard Richardson
Richardson, Frank19001950
Richardson, Helen18221904B
Richardson, Infant daughter1883d/o SW and MA Richardson
Richardson, James18741931h/o Lexie (Harlow) Richardson
Richardson, Joseph18331836Bs/o Amasa and Martha (Cotton) Richardson
Richardson, Joyce (Pollard)w/o Daniel R. Richardson
Richardson, Leonard18471862s/o Paul and Nancy Richardson
Richardson, Lexie (Harlow)18761962w/o James J. Richardson
Richardson, Martha18431927
Richardson, Martha (Cotton)17911843Bw/o Amasa Richardson
Richardson, Nancy (Hamilton)18141903w/o Paul Richardson
Richardson, Paul18141870
Richardson, Reba1902w/o Clyde Richardson
Richardson, Sally18401932
Richardson, Sarah (Hoisington)18221895w/o Ward Richardson
Richardson, Ward18181904
Richardson, William18311832Bs/o Amasa and Martha (Cotton) Richardson
Richardson, Zoe19731987d/o Daniel R. and Joyce E. (Pollard) Richardson
Richmond, Fred18751941s/o L.A. and M.R. Richmond
Richmond, Joseph19091974
Richmond, Lauriston18291898
Richmond, Lizzie18611937d/o Lauriston and MF Richmond
Richmond, Mary (Conant)18391911w/o Lauriston Richmond
Rickard, Almyra (Davis)18621926w/o Clarence Rickard
Rickard, Clarence19021935
Ricker, Mary Ann1932
Riley, Lura (Howe)1933w/o William Riley I
Riley, Penny19631963d/o Billy and Laura (Howe) Riley
Riley, William19321988h/o Laura
Riley, William19541990s/o William & Laura
Robb, Margaret (Wellman)19001973d/o Sidney and Nina (Rich) Wellman
Rockwood, Lewis18781934
Rockwood, Lewis19101911s/o LM and ME Rockwood
Rockwood, Mary (Murphy)18781962w/o Lewis Rockwood
Rodgers, Clara18701881d/o Ellen and William Rodgers
Rodgers, Ellen (Sims)18461915w/o William Rodgers
Rodgers, Evvie18661872d/o Humphrey and Jucy E. Rodgers
Rodgers, Humphrey18361875s/o Lorenzo and Mary Ann Rodgers
Rodgers, William18421926h/o Ellen Maria Sims Rodgers (1846 - 1915)
Rogers, Addie (Round)18691961w/o Fred Rogers
Rogers, Angeline (Gill Hopkins)18291906
Rogers, Arthur18921961
Rogers, Augusta18271902w/o Jerome Rogers
Rogers, Charles1852s/o CR and ST Rogers
Rogers, Cyrus1901
Rogers, Daniel18211894h/o Puah (Lovejoy) Rogers
Rogers, Fred18661937h/o Addie (Round) Rogers
Rogers, Herbert18751925
Rogers, Howard1875s/o Ira S and Polly Pearson Rogers
Rogers, Ira1886
Rogers, Jerome18261906
Rogers, John18611914h/o Netie I. Rogers
Rogers, Lillian (Keeler)18831964w/o Max P Rogers
Rogers, Mabel18961968
Rogers, Marcia1868w/o Silas Rogers
Rogers, Max18771962h/o Lillian Jane (Keeler) Rogers
Rogers, May18751972Sister of Max P Rogers
Rogers, Nettie (Rodgers)18661948w/o John Rogers
Rogers, Pearl18531923h/o Sarah E. (Fullerton) Rogers)
Rogers, Pollie (Persons)1883w/o Ira S Rogers
Rogers, Puah (Lovejoy)18261900w/o Daniel Rogers
Rogers, Sarah (Fullerton)18521923w/o Pearl Rogers
Rogers, Servia (Cotton)18151882w/o Cyrus Rogers
Rogers, Silas1898
Rogers, William18571906
Rouselle, Maude (Tewksbury)1938
Rowell, George18671898
Rowell, Janice19342014w/o William H. Rowell
Rowell, Sadie18881908d/o M.A. and G.E. Rowell
Royce, Amon1893
Royce, Chester18891889Bs/o Frank and Julia Royce
Royce, Elias1912h/o Mary (Dunbar) Royce
Royce, Frank18631931Bh/o Julia F. Royce
Royce, Grace1903d/o Fred and Hattie Royce
Royce, Harold1880g/s of Amon and Ruth Royce
Royce, Hattie (Westgate)18711906w/o Fred Royce
Royce, Joseph18441889h/o Orpha R. (Hastings) Royce
Royce, Julia (Seems)18701944Bw/o Frank F. Royce
Royce, Louise (Brothers)19142009w/o Philip P. Royce
Royce, Mary (Dunbar)1915w/o Elias Royce
Royce, Nora (Plumley)18911972w/o Philip H. Royce
Royce, Philip19161994h/o Louise (Brothers) Royce
Royce, Philip18791967h/o Nora (Plumley) Royce
Royce, Ruth1913
Royce, Sophia (Hastings)18441943w/o Joseph B. Royce
Royce, Walter18761944h/o Nellie (Gardner) Royce
Rugg, David18521900
Rugg, Harold18831957s/o Dr. David and Julia (Hagar) Rugg
Rugg, Julia (Hager)18531925
Rugg, M.1928w/o Robert S. Rugg
Rugg, Rickey19561978s/o Robert S. and M. Jean Rugg
Rugg, Robert1929h/o M. Jean Rugg
Ruggles, William18791901s/o George and Estella Geer Ruggles
Rumrill, Charles19151999h/o Lila K. Rumrill
Rumrill, Eloise (Moore)19232012w/o Robert L. Rumrill
Rumrill, George19201976h/o Ruth L. Rumrill
Rumrill, Henry18901977h/o Maud Rumrill
Rumrill, Lila19191997w/o Charles H. Rumrill
Rumrill, Maud18921978w/o Henry A. Rumrill
Rumrill, Robert19222006h/o Eloise C. (Moore) Rumrill
Rumrill, Ruth (Lapine)19232004w/o George C. Rumrill
Russell, Addison18631946s/o Artemas and Levina Russell
Russell, Artemas18371923h/o Levina (Smith) Russell
Russell, Catherine (Clas)18651953w/o Addison Russell
Russell, Etta (Russell)18951984w/o Carleton H. Lamb
Russell, Jay18911972h/o Nina Thrasher Russell
Russell, Jonas18261890
Russell, Lavina (Smith)18401922w/o Artemas Russell
Russell, Marion19081970w/o Ronald Russell
Russell, Nina (Thrasher)18941983w/o Jay Harold Russell
Russell, Phebe (Spafford)18181901w/o Jonas Russell
Russell, Ronald19041936h/o Marion E. Russell
Russell, Sarah1875d/o Jonas and Phebe Russell
Sanders, Clifton19041942h/o Ruth (McArthur) Sanders
Sanders, George1916h/o Leola G. Sanders
Sanders, Leola19051984w/o George H. Sanders
Sanders, Ruth (McArthur)18991975w/o Clifton Byron Sanders
Sanderson, Le Roy18891926
Sanderson, Paul19211932s/o Le Roy and Pearl Sanderson
Sanderson, Pearl (Walker)18951975w/o Le Roy Sanderson
Sargent, Charles18681928
Sargent, Eddie1861s/o Isaac and Jane Sargent
Sargent, Elijah17811856h/o Hannah Huggins
Sargent, Frank18651927
Sargent, Hannah1847d/o Elijah and Hannah Sargent
Sargent, Hannah (Huggins)1849w/o Elijah Sargent
Sargent, Ida1861d/o Isaac and Jane Sargent
Sargent, Isaac18221891
Sargent, Jane (Achsa)18341873w/o Isaac Sargent ?
Sargent, Lillie (Crosby)18691954w/o Charles Sargent
Sargent, Salmon1840
Sawyer, Alfred1933h/o Ida (White) Sawyer
Sawyer, Alfred19281999
Sawyer, Brian19631990h/o Jennifer (Wilson) Sawyer
Sawyer, Elsie (Hawley)1906w/o Horace A Sawyer
Sawyer, Horace18981964
Sawyer, Horace18981964h/o Elsie (Hawley) Sawyer
Sawyer, Ida (White)19331991w/o Alfred Lewis Sawyer
Sawyer, Jennifer (Wilson)1966w/o Brian A. Sawyer
Sawyer, John18221900
Schouten, Albert19211994h/o Albertha (Post) Schouten
Schouten, Albertha (Post)19151996w/o Albert Schouten
Scott, Andrew19781978
Searles, Robert1933
Seaver, Daniel18711956
Selkirk, Delia (Powers)1857w/o William Selkirk
Selkirk, William18551929
Shambo, Alfred19142006h/o Mildred (Mayhew) Shambo
Shambo, Mildred (Mayhew)19141981w/o Alfred W. Shambo
Shannon, Edna18871955
Shannon, Ralph18861965
Shattuck, Andrew18581916
Shea, Marguerite (Stillson)19011984
Shedd, Emma18381902
Shedd, Emma1896w/o Henry Shedd
Shedd, Henry1866
Shedd, Lyndon18331912
Shedd, Sarah (Howard)18441929w/o Lyndon Shedd
Shepard, Agnes18901961
Shepard, Charles18911934B
Shepard, Christina
Shepard, Ds/o Sanford and Harriet Shepard
Shepard, Edith (Kenyon)18691957w/o Harry Shepard
Shepard, Flora (Lobdell)19011932
Shepard, Fred18571911
Shepard, Gertruded/o Sanford and Harriet Shepard
Shepard, Harriet (Rogers)18571942w/o Sanford Shepard
Shepard, Harry18571936
Shepard, Leon18961965
Shepard, Sanford18551925
Shepard, Stuart1927h/o Margery
Sherwin, Alfred1884Bs/o Elwin and Nellie Sherwin
Sherwin, Elwin18501938
Sherwin, Leonard1896h/o Sarah M. Sherwin
Sherwin, Mary (Small)18671908w/o Elwin P Sherwin
Sherwin, Nellie (Rogers)1885Bw/o Elwin P Sherwin
Sherwin, Sarah1864w/o Leonard P Sherwin
Short, Benjamin1886
Short, Clara1852d/o Benjamin S and Mary M Short
Short, Edwin1880
Short, John1893
Short, John1865
Short, John18091897
Short, Lucy (Lawton)18091898w/o John M. Short
Short, Mary (Hoisington)1882w/o William Short
Short, Mary1869w/o Benjamin S Short
Short, Minnie1872d/o D. and E.M. Short
Short, Roxa (Lamphere)1915w/o John Short
Short, William1889h/o Mary (Hoisington) Short
Shortt, Benjamin
Shortt, Clara1853d/o Benjamin Shortt & Mary W.
Shortt, Harriet1895w/o Samuel Short
Shortt, John1865
Shortt, Mary1869w/o Benjanin
Shortt, Samuel1886
Shute, Grace (Murphy)19061975w/o Neal S. Shute
Shute, Neal19051964h/o Grace (Murphy) Shute
Simonds, Gladysw/o Ivan W. Simonds
Simonds, Ivan19021980h/o Gladys Simonds
Simonds, Ivan19302002
Skinner, Fidelia (Gove)1901w/o Parry C Skinner
Slayton, Addie18541882
Slayton, Edwin18561934
Slayton, Ella18521864
Slayton, Fred18601898
Slayton, Henrietta (Brothers)18571946w/o Edwin Slayton
Slayton, Lucy (Bartlett)18291904w/o Truman Slayton
Slayton, Truman18281902
Sleeper, Alden18691934h/o Luna M. Bloanchard
Sleeper, Luna (Blanchard)18751960w/o Alden H. Sleeper
Sleeper, Zillah19051930d/o Alden and Luna (Blanchard) Sleeper
Small, Claude19131917
Small, Cora19321935
Small, Elaine (Fletcher)19522011w/o Ernrst Small
Small, Ernest18811943
Small, Gertrude (Phillinger)19151985w/o Henry W. Small
Small, Glen19221991
Small, Henry1921h/o Gertruce (Phillinger) Small
Small, John18431929
Small, Laura (Davis)18441934w/o John P Small
Small, Nellie1871d/o John and Laura Small
Smith, Benjamin18531875s/o Ithamar and Mary Smith Marcy
Smith, Bertha1908w/o Ross A Smith
Smith, Caroline18241891w/o Pliny B. Smith
Smith, Charles18181893
Smith, Charles18411882
Smith, Chester19001974h/o Eva (Amell) Smith
Smith, Earle19001976h/o Melva (Woodworth) Smith
Smith, Eddie18431849s/o Pliny and Caroline Smith
Smith, Etta (Cutts)18671925w/o Sidney Smith
Smith, Etta (Mitchell)18701948w/o William T. Smith
Smith, Eva (Armell)19011978w/o Chester C. Smith
Smith, Fred18851899
Smith, Harry1856s/o Dr J H and L D Smith
Smith, Jacqueline (Hammond)19312012w/o Theodore
Smith, Joseph1865s/o C C and R K Smith
Smith, Lizzie1867d/o CC and RK Smith
Smith, Lizzie18511853d/o Pliny and Caroline Smith
Smith, Melva (Woodworth)19051977w/o Earle Lewis Smith
Smith, Pliny18201890h/o Caroline R. Smith
Smith, Ross19041949
Smith, Ruth (Kimball)18171879w/o Charles C Smith
Smith, Sidney18541927
Smith, Teddy
Smith, William18691947h/o Etta (Mitchell) Smith
Spafford, Louise (Russell)1867w/o Nathaniel Spofford
Spafford, Nathaniel18381932
Spafford, Sarah (Lasure)18481911w/o Nathaniel Spafford
Spalding, Abigail1864w/o Zebina Spalding
Spalding, Ann18511920d/o Daniel and Eleanor Spalding
Spalding, Charles1842s/o Daniel and Eleanor Spalding
Spalding, Daniel1874
Spalding, Diodamia1850d/o Daniel and Eleanor Spalding
Spalding, Eleanor (Evans)1886w/o Daniel Spalding
Spalding, George18331901h/o Maria (Towne) Spalding
Spalding, George18581891h/o Lottie E. (Pitkin) Spalding
Spalding, Lemuel1883
Spalding, Louisa1848d/o Daniel and Eleanor Spalding
Spalding, Lucy1864w/o Lemuel Spalding
Spalding, Maria (Towne)18351923w/o George Spalding
Spalding, Walters/o George C. and Lottie E. (Pitkin) Spalding
Spalding, Will18641898s/o George and Maria (Towne) Spalding
Spalding, Zadock1837s/o Zebina and Abigail Spalding
Spalding, Zebina1858h/o Zebina Spalding
Spaulding, Angie (Lucas)1923w/o Stephen H Spaulding
Spaulding, Anna1840w/o Joseph Spaulding
Spaulding, Betsey1846w/o Lyman Spaulding
Spaulding, Joseph1842
Spaulding, Lyman17991886h/o Betsey Spaulding
Spaulding, Mercy1840d/o Joseph A and Julia Ann Spaulding
Spaulding, Nancy18241899
Spear, Celia19101986w/o George R Spear
Spear, Edgar18421901
Spear, Edwin18741943
Spear, Elizabeth1902d/o Frank G. and Winiford (Rich) Spear
Spear, Ernest18711958h/o Maud A. (Hadley) Spear
Spear, Frances (Gates)18411918w/o George W. Spear
Spear, Franklin18681915
Spear, George19081978s/o Frank G. and Winifred (Rich) Spear
Spear, George18441902h/o Frances (Gates) Spear
Spear, Kittie (Gates)18811959w/o Edwin Spear
Spear, Lucy (Ainsworth)18461910w/o Edgar Spear
Spear, Maud (Hadley)18711965w/o Ernest A. Spear
Spear, Stanley18731961
Spear, Winifred (Rich)18781965w/o Franklin Spear
Spencer, Carolyn (Cole)19322006w/o Fred
Spencer, Fred19202003h/o Carolyn
Spooner, Samuel1845s/o Daniel M and Mary Ann Spooner
Squier, Infant1846d/o Rev EH and ME Squier
Stanley, Fred18861951
Stanley, George19211990
Staskiewicz, Mieczyslaw19202013
Staszkiewicz, Genowifaa (Ambrose)
Stearns, Raymond1929h/o Velma C. (Shute) Stearns
Stearns, Velma (Shute)19311987w/o Raymond Stearns
Steele, Benjamin18371873h/o Martha Foxcroft (Sumner) Steele
Steele, David18711937h/o Edith Putnam Steele
Steele, Edith (Putnam)18751950w/o David S. Steele
Steele, Martha (Sumner)18401896w/o Benjamin Steele
Steele, Mary18631937s/o David S. Steele
Stetson, Dorothy19391988w/o Robert J. Stetson
Stetson, Robert19371987h/o Dorothy May Stetson
Stevens, Alexander18351885
Stevens, Andrew18391918
Stevens, Andrew18391918
Stevens, Augusts17991880
Stevens, Edith (Kingsley)18791949w/o Olin Stevens
Stevens, Edwin18331880
Stevens, Elizabeth (Conant)18421907w/o Andrew Stevens
Stevens, Ellen18371862d/o AN and Sarah Stevens
Stevens, Francis1844s/o Rev James E and Pedee T C Stevens
Stevens, Hannah18451865d/o AN and Sarah Stevens
Stevens, Irene (Graves)1899w/oJulian Stevens
Stevens, Julian19051972
Stevens, Marietta1827
Stevens, Mary (Dearborn)18321906w/o Rev NF Stevens
Stevens, Nathaniel18301879
Stevens, Olin18721951
Stevens, Samuel18411934
Stevens, Sarah (Dodge)17991880
Stillson, Bertie1885Youngest s/o John P and Phebe P Stillson
Stillson, Deanes/o George P. and Eva (Davis) Stillson
Stillson, Eva (Davis)18781954w/o George P. Stillson
Stillson, George18741941h/o Eva D. Stillson
Stillson, Gladys19021980d/o George and Eva Stillson
Stillson, J.18791942
Stillson, John18441913
Stillson, Persis (Gilbert)1916w/o Robert Davis Stillson
Stillson, Phebe (Whitcomb)18491935w/o John P Stillson
Stillson, Ralph19121994h/o Velma (Shorey) Stillson
Stillson, Robert19161992h/o Persis (Gilbert) Stillson
Stillson, Velma (Shorey)19202008w/o Ralph Stillson
Stocker, Abigail1839w/o Eben Stocker
Stocker, Eben1859
Stocker, Ormond1887
Stoddard, Frances1846d/o Ezra L. and Mary H. Stoddard
Sturtevant, Adaline18231914
Sturtevant, Adeline (Weld)18211904w/o William Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Albert18401922h/o Louise (Marsh) Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Amelia18751878d/o W.R. And L.R. Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Amelia1854d/o CF and H Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Annie18571941w/o Clarence Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Augusta18401912w/o Edgar Sturtevant
Sturtevant, C18681907
Sturtevant, Clarence18491909
Sturtevant, Cullen17951889
Sturtevant, Edgar18331916
Sturtevant, Ernest18711943
Sturtevant, Fannie (Richardson)18601949w/o Rev Ernest Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Florence18731957
Sturtevant, Friend
Sturtevant, George18031885
Sturtevant, George18551949
Sturtevant, Harriet (Morey)1871w/o Cullen F Sturtevant
Sturtevant, James18181876
Sturtevant, James18471871
Sturtevant, Julia (Alexander)18451928w/o S.F. Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Leonora (Robinson)18481936w/o Wilber Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Lillian18711903d/o Albert A. and Lillian A. (Marsh) Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Louise (Marsh)18421933w/o Albert A. Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Mary (Short)18111899w/o Safford Sturtevant
Sturtevant, May18701901
Sturtevant, Melissa (Daniels)18181888w/o George Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Nancy1898d/o Rev Ernest and Fannie Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Nettie18701958w/o C A Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Prosper18981898s/o CE and AE Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Rolla18691871
Sturtevant, S18441928
Sturtevant, Safford18101883
Sturtevant, Samuel1838s/o Thomas F and Rosalind T Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Sarah1864w/o Dr. Friend Sturtevant
Sturtevant, Thomas1874
Sturtevant, Wilber18441927
Sturtevant, William18211907
Summarsell, Carmen (Coon)1940w/o Richard Summarsell
Summarsell, Richard19351994h/o Carmen (Coon) Summarsell
Sumner, Caroline18671947d/o William and Eveline Sumner
Sumner, David17791869
Sumner, Eveline (Sturtevant)18341929w/o William J Sumner
Sumner, Harriet (Kelsey)18141893w/o William Sumner
Sumner, Wealthy (Thomas)18111887w/o David Sumner
Sumner, William18121886
Sumner, William18361909
T, F
Tarbell, Levi18541928
Temple, Arthur18811959h/o Flora (Searver) Temple
Temple, Belle18821970
Temple, Bertrand18791918
Temple, Clarence18931931
Temple, Edward19141986h/o Geneva (Alexander) Temple
Temple, Edward18541931h/o Emma (Graham) Temple
Temple, Emma (Graham)18561946w/o Edward S. Temple
Temple, Flora (Seever)18891960w/o Arthur E. Temple
Temple, Frank1874h/o Jennie Temple
Temple, Frank19621975s/o Arthur and Flora Temple
Temple, Frank18791957h/o Lucy K. Temple
Temple, Geneva (Alexander)19172009w/o Edward W. Temple
Temple, George18471911
Temple, Harry18711923
Temple, Jennie18771900w/o Frank Temple
Temple, Lucy (Wright)18441898w/o George Temple
Temple, Lucy18181904
Temple, Lucy (Kenyon)18871976w/o Frank Temple
Temple, Nellie18651932
Tessier, Warren19211982h/o Constance Tessier
Tewksbury, Almond1859
Tewksbury, Charles
Tewksbury, Jacob18191898h/o Julia (Swan) Tewksbury
Tewksbury, Julia (Swan)18371920w/o Jacob Tewksbury
Tewksbury, Mae
Tewksbury, Mary1858d/o A and LH Tewksbury
Tewksbury, Maude
Thibodeau, Barbara19332008
Thomson, Henry1847s/o Ira and Louisa Thomson
Thomson, James1844s/o Ira and Louisa Thomson
Thomson, Louisa1850w/o Ira C Thomson
Tibbals, Susan (Hughes)d/o Archie & Mildred Hughes
Tinkham, Anna (Wood)1849w/o Squire Tinkham
Tinkham, Harrison18331900B
Tinkham, John18311836s/o Squire and Melinda Tinkham
Tinkham, Melinda (Hoisington)1893w/o Squire Tinkham
Tinkham, Squire1851
Tinkham, Squire1867
Tolken, Conrad19151983
Towne, Charles19491983
Towne, Donald19041969h/o Helen (Dow) Towne
Towne, Gaston18501925h/o Mary E. (Field) Towne
Towne, Harlan19061970h/o Mary L. Towne
Towne, Helen (Dow)1910w/o Donald W. Towne
Towne, Mary (Field)18421919w/o GE Towne
Towne, Mary1906w/o Harlan E. Towne
Towne, Roby19411943s/o Harlan and Mary Towne
Townsend, Hattie18721953w/o William A. Townsend
Townsend, William18761960h/o Hattie Townsend
Townsley, Clare (Merritt)18531904w/o George N. Townsley
Trachier, Florice (Best)1912w/o Maurice Trachier
Trachier, Maurice1910h/o Florice (Best) Trachier
Tucker, Gordon19212002
Turner, Abbie (Bugbee)18471915w/o W. A..J. Turner
Turner, Louis1882s/o WAJ and AD Turner
Turner, Minnie1872d/o W.A.J. And A.D. Turner
Turner, Wallace18401924h/o Abbie D. (Bugbee) Turner
Vacant Lot,
Varney, Alfred18451915
Varney, Alice (Blanchard)18641958w/o Alfred Varney
Vaughan, Harriet (Marcy)1879w/o John Vaughan
Vaughan, John18001886h/o Harriet (Marcy) Vaughan
Virgus, George1899h/o Mabel (Stillson) Virgus
Virgus, Mabel (Stillson)19021966w/o George A. Virgus
Von Dreden, Mildred (Varney)18951985d/o Alfred Varney
von Kristen, Diane19642000
Waldo, Frances (Walker)18281908w/o Owen W. Waldo
Waldo, Kate (Huntley)18591920w/o Owen W. Waldo
Waldo, Owen18341925h/o Frances M. (Walker) Waldo
Walker, Abbie18461921
Walker, Charlotte (Tinkham)18411902w/o William H.H. Walker
Walker, Clara19241924d/o RS and MM Walker
Walker, Herbert18461918
Walker, Herbert18891946
Walker, James18241900
Walker, Male
Walker, Maria (Gardner)18441917w/o Andrew J. Walker
Walker, Mary18781936
Walker, Rachel (Stevens)18001873w/o William Walker
Walker, Simon18261891
Walker, William18001866h/o Rachel Stevens s/o James Walker
Walker, William18371898h/o Charlotte (Tinkham) Walker
Ward, Jennie1906
Warner, Morris18071887
Warren, Charles1875
Warren, Julia (Perry)1881w/o Charles W. Warren
Warren, Lizzie1895d/o CW and JP Warren
Waters, Julian18681898
Watriss, Albert1849Only son of HB and CH Watriss
Watriss, Calista (Hyland)18261912w/o Henry Watriss
Watriss, Henry18131898
Watson, Belle (Crosby)18771944w/o Ord C Watson
Watson, Ord18791937
Webster, Azro1870
Webster, Cora (Mc Arthur)18651936w/o John P Webster
Webster, Daniel18571943
Webster, John1846
Webster, John18521932
Webster, John18971980B
Webster, Katherine (Chamberlain)18911934B
Webster, Lillian (Chamberlain)18981974B
Webster, Lucia (Hazen)18751954w/o Daniel C Webster
Webster, Marion18901966d/o John and Cora Webster
Webster, Mary (Parsons)18231914w/o Azro Webster
Webster, Mary18601919
Webster, S18931983d/o John and Cora Webster
Webster, Sarah1860d/o AM and MR Webster
Webster, Thankful (Cheever)1848w/o J Webster
Weed, Abbie (Green)18491884
Weed, Abigail (Green)17881878w/o Asa Weed
Weed, Asa18281907
Weed, Asa1847
Weed, Asa18551909
Weed, Eva1864
Weed, Evaline (Darling)18261897w/o Nathaniel Weed
Weed, Genevieve (Avery)18751968w/o Asa J Weed
Weed, Nathaniel18631927
Weed, Nathaniel18211862
Welch, Sarah (Stevens)18281896
Weld, Elias
Weld, Reuben17981862
Weld, Sophia (Holmes)17991875w/o Reuben Weld
Wellman, Nina (Rich)18801959w/o Sidney Wellman
Wellman, Sydney18761958h/o Nina F. (Rich) Wellman
West, Christiana (Hamilton)1870w/o George C West
West, James19121993h/o Lula I. (Cochran) West
West, Lula (Cochran)19131991w/o James A. West
Wheeler, Maria (Morgan)1883w/o Augustus C Wheeler
Whitaker, Benjamin19731909s/o Benjamin F and Ida S Whitaker
Whitaker, CharlieInfant s/o Sidney Whitaker
Whitaker, George18551855s/o Simeon W and LH Whitaker
Whitaker, Ida (Labaree)1874Bw/o Sidney A Whitaker
Whitaker, Julia (Labaree)1891Bw/o Sidney A Whitaker
Whitaker, Mary1864d/o B. R. & S. M. Whitaker
Whitaker, Sidney18441908
Whitaker, Simeon1855
Whitcomb, Ernest18811896s/o Eugene and Ettie A Whitcomb
Whitcomb, Levi1893
Whitcomb, Marbry1884w/o Levi Whitcomb
White, Alice (Patterson)19222003w/o Wilson R. White
White, Bessie18851890d/o Rand and Ida White
White, Fred18581957h/o Olive (Gove) White
White, Ida (Flowers)18641890w/o Rand White
White, Iva (Vanderburg)18811926w/o Millard White
White, John18841964
White, Laura (Raymond)18881936w/o John A White
White, Marion1924w/o Francis E. White
White, Marion (Lobdell)19061998w/o Millard
White, Millard18891961h/o Iva Vanderburg White
White, Olive (Gove)18631953w/o Fred T. White
White, Olive (Gove)18631953
White, Philip19451968s/o Millard and Marion White
White, Rachel1922d/o John and Laura White
White, Rand1864
White, Wilson19141976h/o Alice R. White
Whitter, Ellen (Morgan)18511887B
Wilder, Malvina (Morgan)1882w/o Silas Wilder
Willard, Alice18651910
Willard, Allen18211924
Willard, Bertha (Elkins)18631956w/o Daniel Willard
Willard, Daniel18941940s/o Daniel Willard
Willard, Daniel18611942h/o Bertha Elkins Willard
Willard, Daniel18321905h/o Mary Ellen (Brothers) Willard
Willard, DeVoe (Holmes)18941918w/o Harold N. Willard
Willard, DeVoe19161975s/o Harold N. Willard
Willard, Edward19131938
Willard, Edward
Willard, Ellen (Pierce)18261890w/o Phineas K Willard
Willard, Eluthera1823d/o James and Maria Willard
Willard, Fanny1900
Willard, Florence (Kenyon)18841915w/o GE Willard
Willard, G18791946
Willard, Giles18841893
Willard, Harold18901918h/o DeVoe Holmes Willard
Willard, Harold19171980s/o Harold N. and DeVoe Willard
Willard, Henry18741875s/o Daniel S. and Mary Ellen (Brothers) Willard
Willard, James1868
Willard, James18441918
Willard, James18211892
Willard, James18881933
Willard, Jessie18641933
Willard, John18651917
Willard, Kate (Hicks)18451911w/o James N Willard
Willard, Louisa1829d/o James and Maria Willard
Willard, Maria (White)1869w/o James Willard
Willard, Maria18631933
Willard, Martha (Daniels)18182002w/o DeVoe H. Willard
Willard, Mary (Beale)18991994w/o Daniel Willard Jr.
Willard, Mary1866w/o DS Willard
Willard, Mary (Brothers)18421933w/o Daniel S. Willard
Willard, Mary18191903
Willard, Mary18621891
Willard, Phineas18251901
Willard, Sumner18531932
Williams, Everett18981970
Williams, Ida (Armstrong)18671932w/o Sylvester Williams
Williams, Leroy (Roy)18951977h/o Margaret (Sykes) Williams
Williams, Margaret (Williams)19001983w/o Leroy Williams
Williams, Rachel (Williams)19302001w/o Donald F. Adams
Williams, Sylvester18481926h/o Ida (Armstrong) Williams
Williamson, Alonzo18101889
Williamson, Clarence18541871w/o Alonzo and Miranda Williamson
Williamson, Miranda18101894w/o Alonzo Williamson
Wills, Alice (Sturtevant)18771955
Wilmarth, Louisa (Burgett)1855w/o Thomas Wilmarth
Wilson, Ebenezer18331907B
Wilson, Julia (Morgan)18531918Bw/o Ebenezer Wilson
Withington, Annie (Tenney)18651936w/o J. Frank Withington
Withington, Earle18971945
Withington, Edith1901
Withington, J.18611950h/o Annie (Tenney) Withington
Withington, Marion19251987w/o Raymond L. Withington
Withington, Philo19031980h/o Vivian W. Withington
Withington, Raymond1923h/o Marion S. Withington
Withington, Robert18931945
Withington, Vivian (White)19101990w/o Philo T. Withington
Wood, Abigail (Gould)1857w/o Lorenzo Wood
Wood, Cora1888d/o J and M Wood
Wood, Flossie (Wentworth)1903w/o George O Wood
Wood, George18831954
Wood, Horace18751880
Wood, Joseph18351923
Wood, L1839s/o L and A Wood
Wood, Lorenzo1884
Wood, Mary18411910w/o James Wood
Wood, Priscilla1837m/o Anna (Wood) Tinkham
Woodruff, E.18921966
Woodruff, Olga (De Tchitchagoff)19021968w/o E. Frederick Woodruff
Woods, Albert19031988
Woods, Ella (Fallon)19101993w/o Albert Woods
Woodward, Elwin18921952h/o Olga S. Woodward
Woodward, Henry17981873
Woodward, Henry18331833
Woodward, Jane (Cornell)18111892w/o Henry Woodward
Woodward, John18371842s/o Henry and Jane Woodward
Woodward, Joseph1834s/o Erastus and Sarah Woodward
Woodward, Mary1869Only child of Geo and M Woodward
Woodward, Olga19091980w/o Elwin E. Woodward
Wright, Aaron1879s/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Betsey1881d/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Eliza1875d/o James O. Wright
Wright, Eloise (Gilson)18481896Bw/o George Wright
Wright, FreemanBh/o Velma Wright
Wright, George18451898B
Wright, Hannah (Leonard)18401906w/o James O. Wright
Wright, Hannah18711898d/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Infant1876d/o O A and LM Wright
Wright, James18391925h/o Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, James1971s/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, John19452001Bs/o Freeman and Velma Wright
Wright, Leonards/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Maynard18691871s/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Michael1885s/o James O. and Hannah (Leonard) Wright
Wright, Otis1883
Wright, Otis1883s/o O A and L M Wright
Wright, VelmaBw/o Freeman Wright
Yorke, Margaret19352002
Young, Amanda (Short)18381929w/o Charles Young
Young, Belle (Huntoon)18631892w/o William Young
Young, Betsey1849w/o Nathaniel Young
Young, Charles1867
Young, Edward1846s/o Orville and Phebe Young
Young, Esther (Miles)19021990w/o Laurence Richard Young
Young, Ida1869d/o LP and LH Young
Young, Laurence19141988h/o Ester (Miles) Young
Young, Nathaniel1849
Young, Orville1874h/o Phebe (Shepherd) Young
Young, Phebe (Shepherd)1847w/o Orville Young
Young, Seneca1874
___, Baby Tina1964
___, Lucille1921
____, Baby Tina
____, Ellen
____, Kathryn19651966
____, Kathryn
____, Rollin

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