Get your tonsils out at Damon Hall!!

Some of you may remember this day and may have even taken part. It happened sometime between 1915 and 1922. Let us know if you can pinpoint it better. C.Y.M.

The clinic for the operations on the throat and nose for the benefit of the children of Hartland which was held at Damon Hall, August 9th and 10th, under the auspices of the local branch of American Red Cross, was most successful, as to the number of operations and results obtained. Fifty-one cases were corrected; many being of long standing and some of a very severe type, which would ultimately have proven a serious menace to health. All cases needed immediate attention. While many of the operations were serious, all the children were able to be removed to their homes within a few hours. The expense of the operations was the amount arranged with surgeons and doctors going downward from $15.00. The total expense of the clinic was $442.00 of which $293.00 was borne by the Red Cross, $149.00 being taken at the clinic.

There were in attendance four doctors, six professional nurses, five domestic nurses and many assistants in the various departments. The hall was temporarily converted into a hospital. The dining room was quickly turned into a ward containing 14 beds with all the necessary furnishings. The kitchen was used as the operating room. The Nature Club room was used for a dressing room; and here the children were prepared for the operations. The selectmen’s room was given over to the branch committee where a bountiful lunch was served both days free to all.

The auditorium was used as a rest room, and here was maintained the business office in charge of Mrs. H. H. Miller and Mrs. A.W. Martin. The offices of the Hartland branch American Red Cross take this opportunity to express their thanks and appreciation to all who rendered aid during the clinic. Never was anything conducted in Hartland that received more hearty co-operation or a better response from the citizens. Aside from the doctors, all services were given. We are glad to make public acknowledgment to the following who rendered valued assistance.
(This was followed by a great list of people who assisted in various ways. I will finish with the section that dealt with special thanks)

Especially did we appreciate the use of the Martin truck in getting furnishings to and from the hall, also the help of Miss Florence Sturtevant whose car was stationed in front of the hall both days to be on call when needed, and was frequently used. Miss Regis Daley, in charge of the preparatory work at No .Hartland, gave most substantial assistance, both before and during the clinic. Dr. Carlton was the operating surgeon, assisted by Miss Horton. Dr’s Ward and Eastman gave the ether, assisted by Miss Brown. Dr. Kidder, health officer, whose services were given, was in charge of the ward, also rendered efficient aid helping in various places as occasion demanded, thereby making it easier for the management. Miss Jacques, public health nurse, is deserving of special mention for the interest manifested and painstaking efforts to further the work of the clinic.
Public Health Committee (No record of who wrote this.)

Extracted from the Spring 2006 Hartland Historical Society Newsletter.

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