The Marcy Tomb

This entry is from the 1984 Hartland Village Cemetery survey by H. Attwood.

Although the Marcy tomb is not in the Hartland Village Cemetery, it is located in the western part of the village, behind the A.A. Martin house (Ellis 1991).

However, it seems appropriate to include its record here, because it, too, is within the parameter of Hartland Village, or Hartland Three Corners.

These facts were told to the compiler about 1940 by Mrs. Kimball R. Perry and her daughter Blanche, who were living on the Joseph Marcy farm, more recently owned by their son and brother Russ Perry. (Mrs. K. R. Perry died in 1942).

Joseph Marcy was the great grandfather of Mrs. Charity Hodges Leonard Perry. Joseph Marcy had the tomb built because of the danger of grave robberies at that time.

Internments in the Marcy Tomb in Hartland Village:

  • Joseph Marcy, Sr. (1758-1838) (Rev War Soldier)
  • Mary (Cole) Marcy, his wife (____ - 1854)
  • Joseph Marcy, Jr. (1800-1878)
  • Charity H. L. Marcy, his wife (1801-1863)
  • Thomas T. Marcy, son of Joseph, Jr. (1831-1881)
  • Andrew C. Marcy, son of Joseph, Jr. (1841-1887)
  • Fred Marcy, son of Joseph, Jr.
  • Edgar Marcy, son of Joseph, Jr.
  • Sylvester Marcy, son of Joseph, Sr. (1799-1840)

(Dr. Sylvester Marcy, died Oct. 13, 1840 of Typhus fever, according to a letter from Daniel Ashley to Mrs. Celia B. Page. See Sumner manuscript, page 5171).

George S. Marcy and his sister Mary (Marcy) Leonard were entombed there but were afterwards removed to the Hartland Village Cemetery. (They were the children of Joseph Marcy, Jr.)

A Walker boy is in the tomb, as his farther asked permission to place his body there, planning to remove him later, but he never did.

There are two rooms in the tomb — the outer one is where the Walker boy was placed — the others (Marcys) are in the inner room. The interior has been whitewashed throughout and new coffins have been made to replace the old ones. Frank Marcy Leonard helped do this work and one of the Marcys. This work must have been done some time before Frank Leonard died int 1937 at the age of 83. He was the grandson of Joseph Marcy, Jr.

Thomas Tisdell Marcy (1831-1881), who died unmarried was the greatest Bible student and authority on the Bible in this region. After he died, the family Bible, which he read a great deal, was carefully wrapped up in a cloth and placed beneath his head in his coffin, which was placed in the Marcy tomb.

Mrs. Perry was named for her grandmother, Charity Hodges Leonard, wife of Joseph Marcy, Jr. Mrs. Perry’s parents were George Sylvester Marcy and Adeline Augusta (Carey) Marcy.

Two children of Doctor Marcy died August. 18 and 19 1801, but these were children of Doct. Stephen Marcy of a different family. Dr. Sylvester Marcy never married. Dr. Stephen was a brother of Joseph Marcy, Sr.

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