English-Livermore Papers, 1796-1907
MSA 190-191

The Vermont Historical Society (Montpelier, VT 05609-0901) has an extensive collection of material related to Eli English (1789-1852) and his son Nathan F. English (1822-1902) and his son-in-law Benjain Livermore (1829-1871). A complete description and inventory is available at their website. Here is the summary at the beginning of their document.

The English-Livermore collection consists of the miscellaneous papers of Eli English (1789-1852), of Norwich, Vermont, Eli’s son, Nathan Frederick English (1822-1902), and Eli’s son-in-law, Benjamin Livermore (1829-1871), both of Hartland, Vermont.

Nathan Frederick English, known as Frederick or Fred, was a machinist, model maker, and inventor. Many of the letters, legal papers and accounts relate to Frederick English’s inventions, as well as those of his partner and brother-in-law, Benjamin Livermore. The collection also includes in letters exchanged between Frederick and his wife, Emily Livermore English (b. 1825), as well as other family correspondence.

The papers are shelved in two flip-top archival boxes and occupy one linear feet of shelf space. The papers are part of the Harold G. Rugg manuscript collection and were housed in Doc. 87 before they were reprocessed in 1998.

A handwritten note in the collection indicates that Mr. Rugg acquired the papers from the estate of Ernest A. English, son of Nathan F. English. Ernest English died in Hartland, Vermont, in 1939.

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