Byron P. Ruggles

From the 1984 survey of Hartland Village Cemetery by Howland F. Atwood, pg 64.

Byron P. Ruggles is buried in the Ascutney Street Cemetery in Windsor, VT.

  • Byron P. Ruggles, born Roxbury, VT. 1837, died in Hartland, VT. 1917.
  • Abbie M. Campbell, his wife, born Roxbury 1828, died in Hartland 1913.

Mr. Ruggles surveyed most of Hartland’s cemeteries in 1906-1907. Many of the graves in that survey were not found in 1984 when Mr. Atwood surveyed them, and many more from 1984 are no longer legible. So the work by Mr. Ruggles is the only record of many buried in Hartland.


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