Some Vermont Vital Records of the Early 19th Century, 1802-1838

The following summary and link to the subject document as a PDF file is from the Vermont Historical Society. It contains many references to Hartland.

Some Vermont Vital Records of the Early 19th Century, 1802-1838

The vital records contained herein were transcribed from index cards found in two drawers of a filing cabinet at the Vermont Historical Society. They consist of items relating to Vermont deaths and marriages in the early part of the 19th century. These records were compiled by John Elliott Bowman from various newspapers, chiefly dated between 1802-1838, with a single reference to a 1796 issue of the Keene, N.H., Rising Sun, and one of the same year to Spooner’s Vermont Journal. It is not clear whether all issues within the various time periods were searched. However, a list of the newspapers from which information was apparently derived, and time spans represented, are as follows:

Boston Advertiser, Boston, Mass., 1813 through 1822
Boston Record, Boston, Mass., 1819
Boston Recorder, Boston, Mass., 1814 through 1838
Columbian Centinel, Boston, Mass., 1817
Freeman’s Press, Montpelier, Vt., 1810 through 1811
Green Mountain Patriot, Peacham, Vt., 1804
Political Observatory, Walpole, N.H., 1803 through 1806
Rising Sun, Keene, N.H., 1796
Rutland Herald, Rutland, Vt., 1802
Salem Register, Salem, Mass., 1802
Spooner’s Vermont Journal, Windsor, Vt., 1796 through 1806
Trumpet & Universalist Magazine, Boston, Mass., 1838
Vermont Chronicle, Westminster, Vt., 1821 through 1827
Vermont Federal Galaxy, Brattleboro, Vt., 1802
Vermont Gazette, Windsor, Vt., 1802
Vermont Republican, Windsor, Vt., 1809 through 1810
Washingtonian, Windsor, Vt., 1811
Windsor Gazette, Windsor, Vt., 1803
Worcester National Aegis, Worcester, Mass., 1802

Download as a PDF: Some Vermont Vital Records of the Early 19th Century, John Elliott Bowman

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