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Almon Lull

Dr. Almon Lull   Almon Lull was born in Hartland in 1804, and died a millionaire in Glen County, California in 1894. His fortune was made from the goldrush although it was said that he did receive some unsolicited assistance in his rise from rags to riches, that assistance coming from a justice of the […]

The Damons

Damon Hall is a memorial to Luther and Betsey Thayer Damon and their children, especially William Emerson Damon, through whose generosity the gift of the building was made possible. The Damon family in Hartland dates back to 1805, when they came from Peabody, Massachusetts (the Damon farm was just south of the present I-91 interchange.). […]

The Gallup Family

The Gallup family are linked to the story of the slave Derrick Oxford.   In 1630 John Gollop (sic) arrived from England and settled in the Boston area where he became a trader and navigator. He reportedly took part in the unsuccessful attempt to capture the pirate ‘Dixie Bull’ who was famed for his brazen […]

Derrick Oxford – the story

This story is courtesy of Jane Stephenson from Plainfield Historical Society Plainfield town history states that Benjamin Cutler owned two slaves, one named Darok, who had served in the Revolutionary War, and that his slaves are buried in unmarked graves in the Cutler (now Coryville) cemetery.  In May of 2017, after finding the graves, we […]

Derrick Oxford

Derrick Oxford Derrick was a slave of William Gallup of N.Hartland. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War. His grave was recently located and the VA provided a headstone. There was a short dedication service at Coryville Cemetery (Ladieu Rd) in Plainfield, NH on May 19th 2018. Members of the First NH Regiment re-enactment group fired […]