This collection of genealogies was developed from secondary sources only. Much of it is from internet research, which has a mix of good and bad research. 

It is meant to be a guideline only for genealogists. It should give you an idea of the name of the person you are missing and you can then verify the person before adding it to your own records. Some verifications can be found on this website eg: Cemetery Listings with pictures of gravestones. If you notice duplications or errors, or want to add some of the people you have researched please notify us, so that corrections can be made.

We would like to thank Bev Lasure for her dedication to the Hartland genealogy project. She has spent countless hours collecting and inputting information into the database.

We also want to acknowledge the research by former president of the Hartland Historical Society, Howland Atwood, who compiled many family genealogies that are here on file. 

How to use the compiled Hartland Genealogies:

  1. Click on this link which will open the home page for the genealogies in a new tab or window. You can then return to these instructions without closing the genealogy pages.
  2. From that page you can click:
    Frequent Surnnames list of surnames based on number of people listed for each. When you select a surname, you will be presented with an alphabetical list of people with that surname.
    Surnames list of surnames alphabetically. The number next to each surname indicates the number of people included for each surname.
    Surname Index by letter Click on a letter to enter the index starting with those beginning with that letter.


  1. When you first select a person from one of the indexes above you will be in the Family Group view. If you click on the little tree icon next any name, it will bring you to a Family Tree view. You can navigate up and down the family line from either view.
  2. In the Family Group view, a down arrow under a person indicates that we have descendants listed for that person. Click on the down arrow to see them. If there is no down arrow, that means that we don’t have any descendants listed, but they certainly could and we just don’t have the information.
  3. In general, once a family has left Hartland we no longer include descendants. In general if a person was not born in Hartland, lived in Hartland a significant part of their life, or died in Hartland, they are not included. We are not totally strict on this point and are receptive to including additional people.