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Hartland Round Barn

The original round barn was added onto twice, increasing herd size to 150 head. The round barn burned in 1978 and some Milking Shorthorns were lost. The replacement barn was a 100 stall tree stall facility, with attached heifer barn. It was located at Green Acres Farm, the home of Philo Withington in North Hartland. […]

Stone Culverts

Culverts are openings beneath roads and railroad lines generally constructed out of stone. They were used where a full fledged bridge was unnecessary.  Culverts originally were built to form a dry, hard surface over small streams. Later on with railroads crisscrossing farm lands animal underpasses were added. Most culverts are below the road surface. Hence, […]

‘It’s Been Here for 160 Years’: Hartland Church Steeple to Be Renovated

By Jon Wolper, Valley News Staff Writer Published in print: Thursday, April 25, 2013, used with permission. Jason Norris, who works for contractor Jan Lewandoski, measures the outside of the steeple of the Hartland Unitarian Church in Hartland Four Corners yesterday. (Valley News – Sarah Priestap)   Hartland – Since the mid-1850s, a white steeple […]