Damon Hall

The hall is little changed from when it was built 100 years ago. What is now the Treasurer’s Office on the left at the front entrance was originally set aside for a library. A large room across the back of the building has a separate outside entrance. It is divided by an archway, with the larger portion occupied by the Hartland Nature Club. The smaller area was designated as a place to deposit relics and historical materials of the town for safekeeping.
The entire Damon family was interested in natural history. Mrs. William Damon became interested in the Hartland Nature Club and was pleased to contribute toward the building. The rooms for the library, Nature Club, and historical items were to be preserved for that use as long as needed. The library moved into a new building just up the street in 1957 (the Martin Memorial Library). After the current library was built, the Historical Society moved into the Martin Memorial building in 2001.
The main hall with the stage was designed to seat 375 comfortably. Another 125 could occupy the gallery. The pressed metal wall and ceiling covering was originally painted a light apple green. The woodwork in all the rooms is hard pine except for the original library, where it is oak.
Damon Hall became the civic center for the town. For many years, town meetings were held in the Ladies Aid Hall in the Four Corners village. Town officers elected to do the town’s business worked out of their homes or a store if they owned one. Eventually, some of the main functions occupied permanent offices in Damon Hall.
It seems Hartland always had a robust community and social life centered on the old hotel. Starting in December 1915, the townsfolk enjoyed a modern facility for their suppers, shows, dances, performances, moving pictures, social meetings, and any number of activities. Upon completion, the building and its furnishings were appraised at $25,000.


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