1897 Receiving Vault Repaired

Hartland Village Cemetery, Hartland, VT, May 2013

Article originally appeared in the Vermont Old Cemetery Association website. Used with their permission.   Supplemental information added.

The 1897 Receiving Vault in the Hartland Village Cemetery, Hartland, Vermont sustained damage when a tree limb went thru the slate roof. Volunteers Richard Brousseau, cemetery sexton and Dick Belisle, cemetery mower repaired the roof this spring at no cost to the Hartland Village Cemetery Association. Both are directors of the non-profit association which owns and operates the cemetery located in Three Corners, Vermont. Thanks to them, this repair will ensure the building will survive for many more years to come! Whit Mowrey, VOCA Assistant Treasurer and Footstone, spearheaded the project.

A receiving vault or receiving tomb is a structure designed to temporarily store the bodies of deceased persons in winter months when the ground is too frozen to dig a permanent grave in a cemetery.







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