Spring days gone by. What were people doing?

Lyndon Shedd March 5, 1904
16 below at village- rehearsal at Kellys paid music 25 ” [Mr. Shedd ran a singing school at what is now the Flower Farm]

Sebastian Cabot Jenne [Clyde’s great grandfather] April 2,3,and 4 1856
I worked on wood A.M. P.M. I went to the sugar place taped 20 trees. I went to the sugar place. Started a fire. I went to the sugar place with oxen broke carried the tubs around saved a little ware.

Mildred Varney [I do love Mildred!] April 1, 1911
I got up about 7 o’clock. I went down and helped Mrs. Backus [This is Mr. Shedd’s daughter, also a musician] and took my music lesson. Had an extraordinary one. I made some little pies for myself. May Fallon came in. She and I went to the L.A. [Ladies Aid] meeting. I rode home with Nora Plumley [Leon Royce and Ginny Dow’s mother]. She and I went down by Martinsville. There were four members present and Miss Nelson [a Hartland teacher for many years] and Miss Sturtevant [Ruth Flanagan’s aunt] was with us today and Mrs. Rogers . I have been “April Fooling” people and got “April Fooled” myself. I got a postal from Allen Rice and a letter and a postal from Flora Blanchard. I have been in Laura”s. She has been in here. Papa had some fish come this morning [Alfred Varney had a fish route]. I have been over to Mrs. Rich’s this evening. I got a library book, Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed. It is nice and interesting… Not a very good day, snowed some and cold.

Reprinted from the Hartland Historical Society Newsletter, Spring 2005.

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