Hartland Business Directory 1883-1884



Directory is arranged as follows: ~

1. Name of individual or firm.

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis.

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village.

4. Business or occupation.

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work.

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased.

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible.

ABBREVIATIONS. — Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Abbott Solon S., (Hartland Four Corners) r 48, farm laborer.

Ainsworth Edwin S., (Hartland) r 23, wool grower 125 sheep, and farmer 200.

Alden Mary A., (Hartland) resident.

Alexander Charles O., (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, farmer 80.

ALEXANDER EDWIN, (North Hartland) r 12, boot cutter, and farmer.

Alexander Foster T., (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, farmer 85.

Alexander Frank S., (North Hartland) r 12, farmer, works for Mary M. 80.

ALEXANDER FREDERICK R., (Quechee) r 8, 8 head of cattle, farmer 160.

Alexander Mary M., (North Hartland) r 12, widow of Elias, farm 80.

Alexander Taylor, (Hartland) retired farmer 115.

Allen William, (North Hartland) r 18, farmer 20.

Allen William I., (North Hartland) r 18, farmer.

ARCHER ISAAC H., (Taftsville) r 25, life, fire and accident insurance agent, general agent for the Granite State sap and cider evaporator, wool grower 100 sheep, 15 head of cattle, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 225.

Ashey Joseph, (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

Ashey Joseph, Jr., (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

ASHWORTH JAMES E., (Hartland) manuf. and wholesale dealer in heavy army and horse blankets, bed blankets, and custom wool carding.

Atwood Dana P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, works on shares for Frances P. Barstow 200.


Badger Nathan W., (North Hartland) r 16, machinist.

Badger Osman P., (North Hartland) foreman of the weaving department in Ottaquechee Woolen Mills, and machinist.

Bagley Arnold G., (Hartland Four Corners) r 57, carpenter and joiner.

Bagley Sanford B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 68, wool grower 50 sheep, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 125.

Bagley Mary, (Harland. Four Corners) r 58, widow of Perkins, farm 17.

Bagley Melissa, (Hartland Four Corners) r 57, (Mrs. Dwight,) farm 10.

Bagley William W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, carpenter, farmer 65, and leases of Asa Weed 260.

Bailey Baxter, (Hartland) r 42, farmer 6.

Bailey Charles D., (Hartland) r 42, laborer.

Balch Lowell C., (Taftsville) r 2, farmer 35.

Barbour David P., (Hartland) r 59, shoemaker.

Barrell Alonzo M., (Hartland) r 38, farmer.

Barrell Charles H., (Hartland) r 45, laborer.

Barrell Daniel W., (Hartland) laborer.

Barrell Elisha, (Hartland) r 59, farmer 65.

BARRELL JOHN F., (Hartland) r 38, owner of Morgan stock horses “Dreadnaught” and “Independence,” farmer 70.

Barrell Hubbard, (Hartland) r 23, laborer.

Barrell Paschal S., (Hartland) r 38, farmer.

Barstow Frances P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, widow of Henry, farmer 200.

Bates Augusta, (Hartland) widow of Jacob F., resident.

Bates Homer H., (Hartland) r 23, farmer.

Bates Jacob, (Hartland) r 45, farmer 175.

BATES JAMES G., (Hartland) r 23, vice president Vt. Farm Machine Co., agent for Meadow King mower and Gleaner wheel rake, wool grower 150 sheep, 30 cattle, and farmer 400.

Bell Alfred W., (Woodstock) r 71, wool grower 65 sheep, farmer 225.

Bell Darwin C., (Woodstock) r 71, son of A. W.

Bell Orlando A., (Woodstock) r 71, farmer.

Benjamin Alvin, (Quechee) r 7, farmer 90.

Benjamin Filmore, (Quechee) r 7, farmer.

Benjamin George W., (Quechee) r 7, son of Alvin.

Benson Fred L., (Quechee) r 7, farmer.

BENSON LYMAN M., (Quechee) r 7, wool grower 47 sheep, dairy 5 cows, and farmer 194.

Billings E. Willis, (Hartland Four Corners) carriage maker and general blacksmith, farmer 30.

Billings Elias, (Hartland Four Corners) off r 34, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 80.

BILLINGS FRANK P., (Hartland) dealer in stoves, and wholesale and retail dealer in tin, copper and sheet iron ware, wooden ware, pumps, lead pipe, hides, pelts, furs, etc.

Blanchard Ira, (North Hartland) r 16, farmer 2.

BOWERS JAMES H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 73, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 56, and in West Windsor 34.

Boyce James, (North Hartland) r 16, spinner in woolen mill.

Boyd Charles H., (Hartland) r 63, laborer.

BRENNAN VINCENT J., (North Hartland) superintendent of Ottaquechee Woolen Co.’s mills.

BRITTON HENRY S., (Hartland) r 63, lister, stock dealer, wool buyer, wool grower 550 sheep. dairy 40 cows, farmer 200.

BRITTON ROBERT L., (Hartland Four Corners) r 70 cor 71, butcher and meat peddler, dealer in cattle, sheep and hogs, farmer 105.

Britton William E., (Hartland) r 62, farmer 90.

Britton Wilson, (Hartland) r 59, lister, dealer in horses and cattle, money and real estate broker, farmer 40.

Brothers George, (North Hartland) r 18, farmer.

Brothers Oliver, (North Hartland) r 18, farmer, leases of George Eastman, of Naugatuck, Conn., 122.

BROTHERS OLIVER, JR., (Hartland) r 23, inventor and manuf. of patent wagon wrench and can combined, farmer 80.

BROWN FREDERICK A., (Quechee) r 5, farmer 40.

Brown Frederick C., (Quechee) r 5, farmer.

BROWN SIDNEY W., (Quechee) r 3, dairy 6 cows, farmer 160.

Brown William S., (Quechee) r 5, farmer.

Bryant Elbert A., (Hartford) r 24, farmer.

BRYANT GILBERT E., (Hartland) r 24, farmer 90.

Buckman Louisa, (North Hartland) r 12, widow of William W., resident.

Buckman William S., (North Hartland) r 12, works estate of Jasper Buckman, 100 acres.

Burill George W., (Hartland) r 20, farmer 42.

Burk Albert B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, farmer 86.

BURK CYRUS P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, live stock dealer, fruit grower 150 trees, breeder of Chester county swine and Morgan horses, and farmer 100.

BURK GEORGE A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, stock dealer, farmer 86.

Burk Jacob P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 50, carpenter, and farmer.

Burk Tobias, (North Hartland) r 18, section foreman.

Burk William W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 50, sheep shearer, farmer 100.

Burnham Benjamin F., (Taftsville) r 2, farmer 50.

Burnham Charles G., (Hartland Four Corners) r 35, with O. F. Hemenway, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 230.


Cabot Asa A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 66, farmer, leases of George Marcy 80.

Cabot George D., (Hartland Four Corners) r 80, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 50, and in West Windsor 100.

Cady Daniel I., (South Woodstock) r 72, farmer, with Frank B. 160.

Cady Frank B., (South Woodstock) r 72, farmer, with Daniel I. 160.

CADY, see also CODEY.

Carey Ruth E., (Woodstock) r 34, resident.

Carpenter Frank L., (Hartland Four Corners) molder in F. Gilbert’s foundry.

Carroll Wilber E., (Hartland) r 59, works in F. Gilbert’s foundry.

Case Hubbard W., (Hartland) r 60, farmer 22.

Caswell Joseph C., (Taftsville) r 1, fire, life and accident insurance agent, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 112.

Chase George C., (Hartland) r 18, laborer.

Chase George H., (Windsor) r 65, farmer, leases of Melinda Tinkham 155.

Chase Orrin A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 48, farmer.

Chase Orrin K., (Quechee) r 11, farmer 85.

Chase Stratton S., (Quechee) r 11, laborer.

Chase William, (Hartland) r 39, laborer.

Churchill Clarence E., (Hartland) pastor of Universalist church.

Clark Fred W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 54 cor 55, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 140.

Cleveland Albert S., (Hartland Four Corners) r 47, farmer 100.

Codey Charles S., (Hartland) r 41, farmer 50 in Norwich, leases of W. Sabine, of Windsor, 100.

Codey Peter D., (Hartland) r 41, farmer.

CODEY, see also CADY.

Colby Charles B., (Woodstock) r 29, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 110, and in Barnett 30.

Colston George W., (South Woodstock) r 51, farmer 65.

Conant Addie A., (Hartland) r 42, farm 35.

Conant Lucy A., (Hartland) r 42, widow of Samuel, resident.

Corey John S., (Hartland) r 60, weaver in blanket factory.

Coutremash Eldoras, (North Hartland) r 14 laborer.

Coutremash Euzeb, (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

Crandall Aaron L., (Hartland) r 40, blacksmith, and farmer 30.

CROOKER ETHAN A., (Taftsville) r 26, farmer.

CROOKER WILLIAM S., (Taftsville) r 26, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 100.

Crosby Albert, (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, laborer.

Crosby Augustus J., (Hartland Four Corners) r 67, farmer 90.

CROSBY GALO R., (Hartland Four Corners) r 76, lister, cider mill, wool grower 115 sheep, and farmer 260.

CUMMINGS PAUL, (Hartland) prop. of Central Hotel, and farmer 350.

Cushman Edward W., (Hartland Four Corners) off r 70, laborer.

Cyrs Alexander, (North Hartland) r 16, laborer.


Damon Elizabeth E., (Hartland) r 63, resident.

Damon Sarah J., (Hartland) r 63, resident.

Damon William E., (Union Square, New York City) owns with Elizabeth E. and Sarah J. Damon and Lucy E. Lamb, farm 160.

Darling Charles E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, farmer 55.

Davis Almond L., (Hartland Four Corners) off r 34, roof slater, and farmer 130.

Davis Oscar P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 48, farmer.

Davis Ozro P., (Hartland) r 36, cooper, and farmer.

Davis Samuel W., (Hartland) r 63 works for A. A. Martin, farmer 4.

DAVIS WILLIAM E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 48, prop. of stock horse Hermit, breeder of horses, and farmer 125.

Densmore Frederick, (South Woodstock) r 51, farmer.

Densmore James M., (South Woodstock) r 51, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 125.

Densmore Marshall M., (South Woodstock) r 51, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 100.

Devins James, (North Hartland) r 14, night watchman in woolen mill.

DICKINSON HIRAM L., (Hartland) general blacksmith.

Dunbar George A., (Hartland) r 20, farmer, leases of T. Alexander 115.

Dunbar Henry T., (North Hartland) r 18 dental student.

Dunbar Henry D., (North Hartland) r 18, inventor of the compound engine, piston packing, machinist and engineer, farmer 365.

Dunbar Joseph H., (North Hartland) r 18, principal of Haverill Academy Haverill, N. H.

Dunbar Norman W., (North Hartland) r 18, manuf. and layer of cement aqueduct, breeder and dealer in Spanish Merino sheep, reg., farmer 205.

Dunbar Samuel M., (Hartland) r 20, farmer.


Eastman James C., (Hartland) r 63, farm laborer.

EASTMAN JEROME H., (Quechee) r 3, wool grower 60 sheep, dairy 12 cows, farmer 200.

Eastman William, (Quechee) r 3, retired farmer 185.

Emery Harry P., (Hartland) r 60, sash and door maker.

Emerson Jacob H., (Hartland) r 59, harness maker and carriage trimmer.

ENGLISH NATHAN F., (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, practical machinist, fine model maker, and inventor and maker of machinist’s tools of all descriptions; lens, microscope and opera glasses made and repaired.


Fields John, (Hartland Four Corners) r 58, farm 75.

Finley Horace H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 35, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 140.

Finley Horace L., (Hartland Four Corners) r 35, tin peddler.

Fitzmorris Catharine, (North Hartland) r 16, widow of Michael, resident.

Flower Curtis A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34,) brick mason.

Flower Dennis, (Hartland Four Corners) r 50, mason, and kalsomining.

Flynn Martin, (North Hartland) foreman of carding room in Ottaquechee Woolen Mills.

Follansbee John H., (Hartland) r 41, farmer.

Freeman Frederick, (Hartland) sexton Congregational church.

French Albert W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 40, molder in Gilbert’s foundry.

French Carlos E., (South Woodstock) r 72, farmer 114.

FRENCH CHARLES H., (South Woodstock) r 72 cor 73, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 140.

French George, (South Woodstock) son of Chas. H.

FRENCH ROBERT E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 68, stock dealer, and farmer 200.

French Robert E., Jr., (Hartland Four Corners) r 68, stock dealer, and farmer.

French Simeon R., (Hartland Four Corners) r 68. son of Robert E.

Furbur Benjamin C., (Hartland Four Corners) r 68, farmer 30.


Gage Moses C., (North Hartland) r 17, farmer.

Gage Sophia M., (North Hartland) r 17, (Mrs. Moses) farmer 80.

GALLUP ELISHA, (Hartland) r 49, wool grower 120 sheep, farmer 260.

GARDNER CHARLES S., (Hartland Four Corners) r 48, farmer, leases of Daniel Barrel 8.

GATES CHARLES, (North Hartland) r 17, (C. Gates & Sons.)

GATES CHARLES C., (North Hartland) r 17, (Charles Gates & Sons.)

GATES CHARLES & SONS, (North Hartland) r 17, (Charles, Charles C. and Elisha B.,) breeders of pure Jersey cattle and Morgan horses, farmers 456.

Gates Elbridge J., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, stone layer, lumberman, and farmer 100.

GATES ELISHA B., (North Hartland) r 17, (C. Gates & Sons.)

Gates James A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 57, farmer 124.

Geer George D., (Hartland) r 24, wool grower T25 sheep, farmer 50, and leases of Eben Perry 160.

*GILBERT FRANCIS. (Hartland) r 56, manuf. of and dealer in box and cottage stoves, sinks, hollow ware, plows, cultivators, kettles and arch grates. [Card on page 466.]

Giles Ethen A., (Hartland) r 28, building mover, and farmer 164.

Giles Lemuel L., (North Hartland) r r9, section hand, farmer 10.

Giles William H., (Hartland) r 23, farmer.

Gill Rush V., (Woodstock) r 29, sugar orchard 500 trees, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 135.

GILL THEODORE H., (Woodstock) r 31, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 250.

Gilson Albert O., (Hartland) r 39, dealer in fast horses, butcher, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 140.

Gilson Allen P., (Hartland Four Corners) off r 34, laborer.

Gilson Nathaniel, (Hartland) r 60, cooper, and farmer 15.

Goodwin Elam M., (Hartland) r 63, member of state agricultural board, state senator, fire insurance agent, farmer 85.

Graham Joseph IL., (Hartland) r 64, farmer 85.

Green Calvin R., (Woodstock) r 33, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 200.

Green Frank H., (Quechee) r 3, farmer 27.

Green J. Albert, (Hartland) r 39, farmer 1.

Green Peter, (Hartland Four Corners) r 70, pensioner.

Griffin Warren T., (North Hartland) r 36, mason.

GROUT WILLIAM A., (Quechee) r 11, wool grower 100 sheep, 20 head cattle, farmer 245.


Hackett Lorenzo, (Quechee) r 23, farmer 115

Hadley George L., (Hartland Four Corners) r 67, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 160.

Hadley James, (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, farmer 85.

Hadley James L., (Hartland) r 24, farmer 2.

Haley Edward W., (North Hartland) clerk for H. R. Miller.

Haley Mary, (North Hartland) widow of John, resident.

Hall Charles, (Quechee) r 5, farmer 110.

Hall Chester P., (North Hartland) r 18, farm laborer.

Hall John, (Hartland.) r 60, laborer.

Hammond Mary E., (Hartland) Widow of Louis H., resident.

Harding Edward B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 58, musician and farmer.

Harding Watson, (Hartland Four Corners) r 58, sewing machine agent and repairer, musician, farmer 20.

Harlow Marshall C., (Hartland) r 46, sheep dealer, farmer 130.

Harlow Nathan, (Quechee) r 9, wool grower 40 sheep, 10 head cattle, farmer 200.

Harwood David T., (Hartland Four Corners) r 80, farmer, leases of S. B. Bagley 11 acres.

Hatch Lucina, (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, widow of Benjamin F., h and 3 1/2 acres, and with Leslie B. 72 1/2.

Hatch Leslie B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, tin peddler, farmer with Lucina Hatch 72 1/2.

Hawkins Benjamin F., (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

HAZEN GEORGE T., (North Hartland) postmaster, station and express agent, and telegraph operator. (Removed to Royalton.)

Headle Reuben W., (Hartland) boot and shoe salesman for Batchelder & Lincoln, of Boston.

Healey George W., (Woodstock) off r 31, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 60 with J. H.

Healey John H., (Woodstock) off r 31, farmer 60 with G. W.

HEMENWAY OSCAR F., (Hartland Four Corners) r 35, carriage maker, and farmer 214 In Woodstock, and with Chas. G. Burnham wool grower 100 sheep, dairy 6 cows, farmer 230.

Hill Archie E., (Hartland) r 62, weaver in blanket factory.

Hodgman Adeline, (Hartland) r 59, widow of Jonathan, resident.

Hodgman George M., (Hartland) r 62, teaming, and farmer S.

Hoisington Albert L., (Hartland) r 45, farmer, with Sylvester.

Hoisington Charles H., (Quechee) r 11, farmer.

Hoisington Freeman B., (Quechee) r 11, farmer 120.

Hoisington Harriet, (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, widow of Elias, resident.

Hoisington Lucina, (Hartland) r 45, widow of Cyrus H.

Hoisington Sylvester E., (Hartland) r 45, wool grower 103 sheep, farmer works estate of Cyrus Hoisington 200.

Holmes Wallace W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 70, farmer 25.

HOLY JAMES H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 47, farmer.

Holt James C., (Hartland Four Corners) r 47, dairy 6 cows, farmer 120.

HOLT JOSEPH S., (South Woodstock) off r 75, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 325.

Holt Melvin J., (South Woodstock) r 75, wool grower 80 sheep, farmer 154.

Holt Oliver, (Hartland) r 60, egg buyer.

Hosmer Joseph, (Woodstock) r 29, laborer.

Hough Henry C., (Hartland) r 22, farmer 21.

Houghton Warren T., (Quechee) r 9, farm laborer.

Howard Abel, (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, farmer 7.

HUMPHREY CHARLES D., (Quechee) r 9, farmer 95.

Humphrey Owen W., (Quechee) r 9, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 140.

HUNT PHELPS, (Hartland Four Corners) farmer 21.

Huntley Ann J., (Hartland) r 50, resident.

Hurley Michael D., (North Hartland) station agent C. V. R. R., agent U. S. & C. express, and telegraph operator.


Jaquith Nathan H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 76, mason and farmer, aged 77.

Jaquith Wesley A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 76, wool grower 125 sheep, farmer 103, with E. H. Spaulding, of West Windsor, and 150 in Reading.

Jenne Albert S., (Hartland Four Corners) r 73, owns saw mill with S. C. Jenne, and farmer.

Jenne George M., (Hartland Four Corners) r 73, farmer.

JENNE SEBASTIAN C., (Hartland Four Corners) r 73, owns saw mill, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 225.

Jenne Walter E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 73, mason and farmer.

Johnson Jesse D., (Hartland.)

Jones Elwin B., (North Hartland) r 18, poultry buyer.

Jones George, (North Hartland) r 18, farmer 95.

Jones Lyman, (Hartland Four Corners) farmer.


Keene Ernest A., (Hartland) r 45. molder in F. Gilbert’s foundry.

Ketchum Ellen B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, widow of Henry M., resident.

King Levi B., (Hartland) r 60, blanket weaver.

KINGSLEY THEODORE A., (Hartland) farmer 26, and in Reading 160.

Kingston William, (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, farm laborer.

Kneen John J., (Woodstock) r 49, wool grower 110 sheep, and farmer 450.

Kneen Thomas A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, wool grower 70 sheep, dairy 5 cows, farmer 217, and 100 on r 29.

Knight Celestia, (North Hartland) widow of Lorenzo M., resident.


LABAREE BENJAMIN F., (Hartland) dealer in dry goods, groceries, flour, hardware, crockery, hats, caps, boots and shoes, ready made clothing, drugs, medicines, etc.; undertaker, and dealer in undertakers’ goods, and with Mrs. F. P. Barstow owns farm 200.

Labaree Ralph, (Hartland) r 48, station and express agent, and telegraph operator.

Lachure Frederick L., (North Hartland) r 12, laborer.

Lamb Edward E., (Hartland) r 63, son of Julius, farmer.

LAMB JULIUS, (Hartland) r 63, farmer 341.

Lamb Lucy E., (Hartland) r 63, resident.

Lamphere George H., (Taftsville) r 2, farmer, leases of Timothy Hastings, of Mount Holly, 50.

Lamphear William N., (Hartland) r 39, farmer.

Lamphere Reuben, (Hartland) r 39, resident.

Lattimer E. Lovina, (Woodstock) off r 49, widow of James L., farm 50.

Leonard Frank M., (Hartland Four Corners) (Marcy & Co.) postmaster.

Leonard George S., (Hartland Four Corners) farmer.

Leonard James H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 33, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 150.

LeSeur George H., (North Hartland) carpenter and joiner.

Lewin Elmer H., (North Hartland) r 14, butcher and meat peddler.

Livermore Joseph, (Hartland) ‘r 42, resident, aged 94.

Livermore Julia A., (Hartland) r 42, widow of Benjamin, farmer 40.

Litch Edwin, (Hartland) r 14, carpenter and joiner.

Longley George, (Hartland) r 38, farmer 20.

LULL ALBOURNE, (Hartland) r 21, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100.

Lull Charles, (Hartland) r 36, laborer.

Lull Laura P., (Hartland) widow of Chauncey, resident, bds at Pavillion House.

Luce Napoleon, (Hartland) r 22, farmer 25.

LYMAN JOEL F.; (Hartland) r 62, saw mill manuf. and dealer in lumber, shingles and lath, farm 15.


Marcia Richard, (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

Mackenzie Charles A., (South Woodstock) r 54 farmer.

Mackenzie Elmer E., (South Woodstock) r 54, farmer.

Mackenzie George O., (South Woodstock) r 54, farmer.

MACKENZIE JAMES M., (South Woodstock) r 54, dairy 6 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 300.

Marcy Adaline A., (Woodstock) r 34, widow of George S., farm 250.

Marcv Amarilla, (Hartland Four Corners) widow of Buckley, resident.

MARCY ANDREW C., (Hartland Four Corners) (Marcy & Co.)

Marcy Charles C., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer 170.

Marcy Daniel. (Hartland Four Corners) off r 57, dairy 4 cows, farmer 200.

Marcy George, (Hartland Four Corners) r 66 cor 58, agent for Vt. Mutual, Farmers’ Mutual, and Union Mutual insurance companies, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 210.

Marcy Ithamar, (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, retired farmer.

Marcy Lewis J. M., (Taftsville) (Marcy & Co.)

MARCY & CO., (Hartland Four Corners) (Andrew C. Marcy, G. S. Marcy, deceased, L. J. M. Marcy, F. M. Leonard) dealers in dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots and shoes, crockery, glassware, etc.

MARTIN ALONZO A., (Hartland) r 62, manuf. of and wholesale and retail dealer in doors, sash, blinds, glazed windows anti house finish, boxes and tubing for water wheels, tanks, packing boxes, and lock corner boxes for mail purposes.

Martin Ella M., (Hartland) r 62, (Mrs. A. A.,) book keeper.

Martin Frank P., (Hartland) r 62, (Martin & Stickney) h and lot.

Martin & Stickney (Hartland) (Frank P. Martin, Charles S. Stickney) manufs. of doors, sash and blinds, house finish of all kinds, moldings, brackets, etc., tubing for water wheels, bleaching tubs for paper mills, and all kinds of large tubs, store counters, office desks and tables, packing boxes, etc.

MARKHAM ALBERT S., (Hartland) pastor of M. E. church.

McArthur Johnson A., (Hartland) r 44, farmer 70.

McCabe Edward, (North  Hartland) dairy 6 cows, farmer 90.

McGregor Carlos, (Hartland Four Corners) r 54, farmer 75.

McLaughlin Frank, (North Hartland) r 18, with Fred, wool grower 125 sheep, farmer 250.

McLaughlin Fred O., (North Hartland) r 18, with Frank, wool grower 125 sheep, farmer 250.

Meader Mary A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, resident, farm 50.

Merrill & West, (South Woodstock) off r 75, (Calvin M., and Luther W. of Sherburne) farmers 12.

Merritt Asa, (Hartland) prop. of saw mill, grist mill, and cider mill.

Merritt Lewis H., (Hartland) r 41, apiarist 12 colonies, dairy 7 cows, wool grower 150 sheep, farmer 325.

Merritt Willis S., (Hartland) r 59, farmer 100.

Metcalf Monroe, (Hartland Four Corners) farmer.

Meyett Anthony, (Hartland) r 62, laborer.

MILES CHARLES W., (Quechee) r 8, brick and plaster mason, dairy 10 cows, farmer 140.

Miller Frank H., (Hartland) r 44, farmer.

Miller Harris, (Hartland) r 44, wool grower 40 sheep, 8 head cattle, farmer 94.

*MILLER HENRY R., (North Hartland) postmaster, dealer in general merchandise, carriages, platform and farm wagons, harnesses and sleighs, Wood mowers and reapers, horse hay rakes, etc. [Card on page 466.]

MILLER HOWARD J., (North Hartland) r 14, wool grower 50 sheep, dealer in cattle, sheep and hogs, farmer 50, works for Martha A. Miller 200.

Miller Hugh H., (Hartland) r 44, farmer.

Miller Martha A., (North Hartland) r 14, widow of Richard, wool grower 60 sheep, 9 head cattle, farm 200.

Morgan Daniel F., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, wool grower 125 sheep, farmer 200, and in Woodstock 125.

Morgan Homer L., (Hartland) harness maker, and carriage trimmer, dealer in lap robes, blankets, etc.

Morgan James, (Hartland Four Corners) r 31, with Joseph G., wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 270.

MORGAN JOSEPH G., (Hartland Four Corners) r 31 cor 49, wool grower 200 sheep, apple orchard 500 trees, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer, with James 270.

Morrison Adeline F., (Hartland) r 59, resident.

Morrison Lorenzo, (Hartland) r 59, clock tinker.

Murphy George, (Hartland) r 38, farmer 2.


Neal James L., (North Hartland) r 14, farmer 70, and in Hartford 65.


O’Neill John & Co., (White River junction) branch grocery store, Andrew Renehan, manager.

Osmer William A., (Taftsville) r 2, farmer 86.

OTTAQUECHEE WOOLEN CO., (North Hartland) V. J. Brennan, superintendent.


Paddleford James L., (North Hartland) r 12, wool grower 110 sheep, 20 head cattle, farmer 220, and in Pomfret 100.

Page Daniel D., (South Woodstock) r 51, Second Advent clergyman, and farmer, leases of B. F. Wilder 170.

Parker Frank E., (Woodstock) r 27, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 100.

PARKER SIDNEY M., (Taftsville) r 1, scythe maker, h and 1 acre.

PAVILLI0N HOUSE, (Hartland) W. R. Sturtevant, prop., J. W. Reed, manager.

Perkins Augustus E., (South Woodstock) off r 75, carpenter and farmer.

Perkins Edwin H., (Hartland) teacher of music.

Perkins Henry F., (Hartland Four Corners) r 26, wool grower 100 sheep, and farmer 250.

Perkins Lucia, (Taftsville) r 1, resident.

Perkins Norman, (South Woodstock) r 50, farmer 90.

Perry Ebenezer W., (Hartland) r 59, farmer 165.

Perry William T., (Hartland) r 18, farmer 100.

Petrie Charles, (North Hartland) r 14, commercial traveler.

Petrie William, (North Hartland) r 14., dealer in wool waste, and farmer 65.

Picard Edward, (Hartland) r 62, laborer.

Pierce Francis M., (Hartland) r 60, farmer.

Pierce Owen, (North Hartland) r 16, truckman.

Pierce Summer T., (Hartland) r 62, carpenter and joiner.

Pike Lucian, (Woodstock) off r 29, farmer 38.

Pitkin Ellhu H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 46, farmer 19.

Pixley James E., (Woodstock) r 29, laborer.

Powers Joshua R., (North Hartland) r 16, peddler, manuf. of medicines, liniments and essences, and farmer 20.


Rahue Frederick, (Hartland) r 38, farmer.

Ramsey David M., (Hartland) sash, door and blind maker for A. A. Martin.

Reed Alonzo, (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, farmer.

REED JASPER W., (Hartland) manager of Pavillion House for W. R. Sturtevant.

Renehan Andrew, (North Hartland) manager John O’Neill & Co.’s branch grocery.

Rice Frank, (North Hartland) r 27, laborer.

Rice Joseph E., (Taftsville) r 27, farmer 90.

Rice Luther, (South Woodstock) off r 72, farmer 50, and pasture lot 45.

Rice Luther H., (South Woodstock) off r 72, farmer.

Rice Owen C., (Taftsville) r 27, laborer.

Richardson Edward C., (Hartland) resident.

RICHARDSON NANCY T., (Hartland) widow of Paul D., resident, h and 6 acres.

Richmond Barzillai, (South Woodstock) r 52, farmer 100.

Rodgers Lorenzo, (Hartland Four Corners) r 50, miller and peddler.

Rodgers William W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 50, farmer 130.

Rogers Cyrus W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 31, farmer 185.

ROGERS DANIEL P., (Hartland) r 40, farmer 125.

Rogers Ira S., (Hartland) r 59, farmer 60.

ROGERS JEROME, (Hartland) r 37, wool grower 100 sheep, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 300.

Rogers John D., (Hartland) r 40, farmer.

Rogers Lewis, (Hartland) r 22, farmer 8.

Rogers Lorenzo, (Hartland) r 39, farmer 48.

ROGERS PEARL E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 1, c, breeder and dealer in Durham cattle, Norman Percheron horses, and Southdown sheep, farmer 150.

Rogers Willie E., (Hartland) r 37, wool grower 75 sheep, farmer 95.

Rogers Silas, (Hartland) r 39, farmer 45.

Royce John B., (Woodstock) r 56, farmer.

Royce Joseph B., (Hartland) r 60, works in blanket factory.

Rugg David F., (Hartland) physician and surgeon.

Ruggles Byron P., (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, farmer 78.

Rundlett Charles E., (North Hartland) overseer of finishing room in Ottaquechee woolen mills.

Russ George A., (North Hartland) r 14, carpenter, and farmer 160.

RUSSELL ABIJAH J., (Hartland) r 22, (J. E. & A. J. Russell.)

RUSSELL J. E. & A. J., (Hartland) r 22, (Jonas E. and Abijah J.) cidermill, dairy 20 cows, farmers 257.

RUSSELL JONAS E., (Hartland) r 22, (J. E. & A. J. Russell.)


Sanderson Leander J., (Woodstock) r 49, laborer.

SARGENT ISAAC N., (Hartland Four Corners) r 65, wool grower 100 sheep; farmer, 150.

Sawyer John W., (Hartland) r 44, farmer 75.

Scott Charles, (Hartland) pastor of Congregational church.

Shattuck Charles, (Woodstock) r 49, laborer.

Shattuck Eliza J., (Hartland) r 39, widow of Eliphalet, farmer 45.

SHATTUCK THOMAS H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 34, works town farm of 218 acres.

Shaw Eliza, (Hartland) r 58, resident.

Shedd Emma E., (Hartland) r 59, widow of Henry, resident, owns farm 10.

Shedd Lyndon A., (Hartland) r 46, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, dairy 7 cows, farmer 50.

Shepard Catharine W., (Hartland) r 39, widow of Noah S., farmer 63.

Shepard Eli, (Hartland) laborer.

Shepard Frederick S., (Hartland) r 20, laborer.

Shepard Harry N., (Hartland) r 39, teaming, and farmer.

Shepard Sanford S., (Hartland) r 20, laborer.

Shepard Sylvanus H., (Hartland) r 20, farmer 15.

Sherwin Elwin P., (Hartland) r 45, farmer, leases of Jerome Rogers 100.

Sherwin Frank N., (Hartland) r 63, farm laborer.

Sherwin Leonard P., (Hartland) r 45, farmer.

Short Daniel, (Hartland) r 18, farmer 140, and leases of William T. Perry. 100.

Short John F., (Hartland) r 22, wool grower 33 sheep, farmer 120.

Short John M., (Hartland) farmer 61.

Short Samuel F., (Hartland) r 43, farmer 75.

Slayton Edwin, (Quechee) r 8 cor 10, farmer.

SLATON TRUMAN L., (Quechee) wool grower 200 sheep, 20 head cattle, farmer 300.

Sleeper James M., (Hartland Four Corners) r 67, farmer, leases of G. Crosby 60.

Sleeper John S., (Hartland Four Corners) farmer 20.

Small Herbert W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 59, carpenter, farmer 4.

Small John, (Hartland) Sawyer.

Small Lucius W., (Hartland) sash and blind maker for A. A. Martin.

Small Sumner B., (Hartland Four Corners) r 79, carpenter and joiner, farmer 14.

Smith Fred W., (.Hartland) r 63, farmer on L. Damons estate.

Smith Oliver, (Hartland) retired farmer.

SMITH PLINY B., (Hartland) custom tailor, mail carrier from Hartland  Four Corners to depot.

Smith S. Jasper, (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, carpenter and joiner.

Smith William, (North Hartland) r 12, farmer r 25.

Snow Justin H., (Hartland Four Corners) farmer 75.

Solger Dallas E., (Taftsville) r 2, laborer.

Solger John G., (Taftsville) r 2, farmer 1.

Spafford Nathaniel, (Hartland Four Corners) r 35, farmer leases of Leslie B. Hatch.

Spaulding Charles C., (North Hartland) r 17, farmer 80, and leases of H. D. Dunbar 365.

Spaulding George, (Hartland) r 63, spinner in blanket factory.

Spaulding George C., (Hartland) r 63, door and blind maker for A. A.  Martin.

Spaulding Nancy A., (Hartland) r 46, farm 10.

Spear Albert H., (Hartland) r 20, farmer, leases of William Short, of Quechee, 95.

Spear Edgar F., (Hartland) r 36, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 228.

Spear George W., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 150.

Spear John W., (Hartland) r 36, farmer 100.

St. Clair Charles E., (Hartland) weaver in blanket factory.

Steele Martha S., (Hartland) widow of Judge Benjamin H. Steele, resident.

Stevens Andrew J., (Hartland) r 60, farmer 60.

Stevens Augustus N., (Hartland) r 60, farmer 18.

Stevens Samuel E., (Hartland) r 60, physician and surgeon.

Stickney Charles S., (Hartland) (Martin & Stickney.)

Stillson John P., (Hartland) r 56, farmer 12.

Stocker Osmond D., (Hartland) r 59, resident.

Stockwell Bradley T., (Hartland) carder in blanket factory.

Stockwell James F., (Hartland) r 47, farmer, leases of Maria Cobb 47.

Strong Green B., (Hartland) carpenter.

Strong John C., (Hartland) peddler.

Strong Lewis H., (North Hartland) laborer.

Strong Lewis J., (North Hartland) carder in woolen mill.

Strong Wallace L., (North Hartland) laborer.

STURTEVANT ADALINE A., (Hartland) r 24, widow of Tames B., farmer

Sturtevant Clarence E., (Hartland) r 24, music teacher, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, reg., farmer 80.

Sturtevant Cullen F., (Hartland) resident, aged 88.

Sturtevant George F., (Hartland) r 62, resident.

Sturtevant James R., (Hartland) r 24, farmer.

STURTEVANT WILBER R., (Hartland) justice of the peace, postmaster, town clerk, life and fire insurance agent, prop. of Pavillion House, dealer in dry goods and groceries, boots and shoes, clothing, hardware, and all grades of flour.

SUMNER FRANCIS A., (Quechee) off r 3, wool grower 65 sheep, farmer 130.

Sumner James M., (Quechee) off r 3, farmer 100.

SUMNER WELTHY T., (Hartland) widow of David H., farmer 50.

Sumner William A., (Hartland) carpenter and wheelwright.


Tarbell George E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 69 sugar orchard 400 trees, breeder and dealer in registered sheep 60 head, farmer 130.

TEMPLE EDWARD S., (Hartland) r 71 cor 56, tin peddler, farmer 26.

Temple George H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, farmer 50.

Tewksbury Jacob, (Hartland) r 44, carpenter and joiner.

Thayer Gilbert, (Hartland Four Corners) boot and shoemaker, dealer in boots, shoes and rubber goods.

THOMPSON CHARLES I l., (Hartland) r 45, stone mason, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer, works of shares for Jacob Bates 175 acres.

Thornton Harriet J., (Hartland Four Corners) widow of Charles C., farm 13.

Tinkham Melinda, (Windsor) r 65, widow of Squire, farm 155.

Tracy Charles O., (Taftsville) r 7, taxidermist and naturalist, dealer in and collector of minerals, Indian relics, fossils, coins, etc.

TRACY JAMES H., (Taftsville) r 1, dairy 6 cows, farmer 155.

Trask Eben S., (North Hartland) wool grower 33 sheep, farmer 180.

Trask Samuel, (North Hartland) retired farmer 170, aged 80 years.

Turner Wallace A. J., (Hartland) r 36, wool grower 75 sheep, dairy 7 cows, farmer 150.

Tuttle Arsula T., (Hartland) off r 54, (Mrs. George,) farm 100.


Vaughan Daniel K., (Quechee) r 6, carriage maker, blacksmithing and farmer.

Vaughan John, (Hartland) resident.

Vaughan Lewis, (Quechee) r 6, farmer 65.


WALDO OWEN W., (Hartland) r 58, constable and collector, house, sign and carriage painter, paper hanger, and glazier.

WALDRON JOHN H., (Quechee) r 3, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 100.

Walker Ido J., (South Woodstock) r 72, farmer, with C. H. French.

Walker Ira. E., (Hartland Four Corners) r 76, farmer, works for G. R. Crosby.

WALKER J. & S. S., (Harland Four Corners) r 58, (James and Simon S.) breeders of pure Devon cattle and Cotswold sheep, wool growers 200 sheep, cider mill, and farmers 228.

WALKER JAMES, (Hartland Four Corners) r 58, (J. & S. S.)

WALKER SIMON S., (Hartland Four Corners) r 58, (J. & S. S.)

Walker Zina, (Hartland Four Corners) r 67, farmer 7.

Warner Morris, (Hartland) r 45, farmer 45

WASHBURN JEROME A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 77, wool grower 20 sheep, farmer 50, and in Bridgewater 125.

Waters Paschal P., (Hartland Four Corners) house painter and farmer.

WATRISS HENRY B., (Hartland Four Corners) retired blacksmith, and farmer 50.

Weed A. & E. A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, (Asa and Evaline A.) farmers 260.

Weed Asa, (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, (A. & E. A.) live stock dealer, and farmer 250.

Weed Asa J., (Hartland Four Corners) live stock dealer, and farmer.

Weed Evaline A., (Hartland Four Corners) r 49, widow of Nathaniel, (A. & E. A.)

Weed Nathaniel, (Hartland Four Corners) live stock dealer and farmer.

Weeden William, (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, works West Windsor poor farm, and farmer 35.

Webster Daniel C., (Hartland) r 20, with J. P., 15 head cattle, wool grower 125 sheep, and farmer, works for Mary R. 215.

Webster John P., (Hartland) r 20, with Daniel C., 15 head cattle, wool grower 125 sheep, and farmer, works for Mary R. 215.

Webster Mary R., (Hartland) r 20, widow of Azro N., farm 215.

Whitcomb Marvin E., (Hartland) r 59, carriage and house painter.

Whitney Hiram, (Taftsville) r 2, farmer 120.

Whittaker Sidney A., (North Hartland) r 16, dealer in horses, and farmer, leases of Mary Marble 15.

Wilder Levi, (South Woodstock) r 75, works for M. J. Holt.

Wilder Silas D., (Hartland Four Corners) r 56, wool grower 75 sheep, and farmer 100.

*WILLARD DANIEL S., (North Hartland) r 15, inventor and manuf. of Eureka milk pail, wool grower 30 sheep, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 240. [Card on page 560.]

Willard James N., (North Hartland) r 16, carpenter and farmer 3 1/2.

Willard John S., (Hartland) r 45, laborer.

Willard Phineas h., (North Hartland) farmer 170.

WILLIAMS GEORGE, (Hartland) r 24, (L. D. & Son,) agent for Averill’s chemical paint.

WILLIAMS L. D. & SON, (Hartland) r 24, dairy 7 cows, farmers 170.

WILLIAMS LEWIS D., (Hartland) r 24, (L. D. & Son.)

Williamson Alonzo N., (Hartland) r 43, farmer 100.

Wood Joseph, (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

Wood Lorenzo, (Hartland Four Corners) resident.

Wood Melvin, (North Hartland) r 14, laborer.

Wood Seth W., (Taftsville) r 2, R. R. jobber, and farmer 75.

Woodward Lauriston F., (Hartland Four Corners) r 70, farmer 20.

Woodward Oliver H., (Hartland Four Corners) r 69, farmer 235.

WRIGHT DANIEL E., (Quechee) r 25, carpenter, and farmer 90.

Wright Eva. (Hartland) widow of Otis A., resident. 26


Gazetteer and Business Directory of
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884.
Pages 379-393.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006

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