Weed Cemetery: Chloe, Chloe, and Chloe

There are three people buried in Weed Cemetery with the name Chloe (or Chloa). They are a mother, daughter, and granddaughter.

Chloe Peabody was born July 20, 1789, in Reading, VT, the daughter of Daniel Peabody. Her mother’s name is not on the birth record, but the death records says that her mother’s name was Abigail. Chloe married William Rogers, likely his second wife, and had nine children between 1815 and 1834. She died December 8, 1864 of lung fever. She was buried in Weed Cemetery, and her gravestone is included in the 1907 survey, but it is listed as no longer there in the 1991 survey.

Her first child was Abigail Rogers, who was born about 1815. Abigail married George Bagley in 1841. She died November 3, 1863. Abigail and George Bagley had a daughter Chloe Ann (Chloa Ann on the gravestone) Bagley around 1842, apparently named after her grandmother, Chloe (Peabody) Rogers. Chloe Ann died at age 12 in 1854 and is buried in Weed Cemetery.

Chloe (Peabody) Rogers also had a daughter named Chloe Ann Rogers, born around 1831. She married Cornelius F. Person March 27, 1848 at Hartland. She died March 25, 1849, at the age of 18. No cause of death is given in her death record. Her gravestone is in Weed Cemetery.

So the three Chloe’s buried in Weed Cemetery are a mother (Chloe (Peabody) Rogers, 1879-1864), her daughter (Chloe Ann (Rogers) Person, about 1831-1848) and a granddaughter through the first child of Chloe Peabody Rogers, Adeline, Chloe Ann Bagley (about 1842-1854).

The information above is from Hartland Historical Society notes confirmed through Vermont Vital Records.

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