Hartland News, Vermont Tribune, March 15, 1889

B. P. RUGGLES has recently received by mail, from Marseilles, France, three packages of Mediterranean sea-shells that were mailed at Marseilles last August, but being misdirected to “Wisconsin,” instead of Vermont, went astray and were sent to the dead letter office; from whence postmaster STEVENS received a notice that such packages were there and the inquiry if such a man was here. Mr. STEVENS’ reply brought the packages, containing 160 specimens of 40 species, about two quarts in bulk and 30 ounces in weight.

J. G. MORGAN has contracted all the maple syrup he makes this season to Mr. REED of Woodstock, for 70 cents per gallon.

Clarence MARTIN of Claremont was in town last week.

Three young men of the Methodist Seminary at Montpelier will give an entertainment in the M. E. church here, Wednesday evening of this week, after which the young people will serve cake and coffee in the vestry.

Our popular drum corps gave their drama, “The Firemen,” to a crowded house in Plainfield, last Saturday. They are invited to repeat it at North Hartland next Saturday evening.

The many friends of Miss Lena PERKINS will be glad to know that she is slowly improving.

George DAVIS has bought the Buckley MARCY place, at the Four Corners, for $400.

Transcribed by Ruth Barton

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