Hartland News, The Vermont Tribune, March 28, 1890

Miss Carrie E. PERRY returned to her school near Boston, last Saturday.

David STEEL is home from Holderness, N. H., on account of sore eyes, caused by la grippe.

The ladies of the Congregational society will give a sugar party at L. A. SHEDD’s, this evening.

Hon. E. M. GOODWIN, who has been ill for a long time, is not expected to recover.

Miss Ida METZ returned to her home in this village, Monday. She has been in Manchester, N. H., with her aunt, the past few weeks.

Mrs. Lucy TEMPLE, a lady 72 years of age, has, in the past six years, woven 3,000 yards of rug carpeting. Who gives a better record?

George A. DUNBAR is in Bellows Falls this week.

Transcribed by Ruth Barton

Footnote:  The item about Mr. Steel’s sore eyes caused by “la grippe” may sound trivial, but it is not.  “La grippe” is a name given to the influenza pandemic that was raging through the US at this time. From an article by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota,

The “Asiatic Flu”, 1889–1890, was first reported in May 1889 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. By October, it had reached Tomsk and the Caucasus. It rapidly spread west and hit North America in December 1889, South America in February–April 1890, India in February–March 1890, and Australia in March–April 1890. It was purportedly caused by the H2N8 type of flu virus. It had a very high attack and mortality rate. About 1 million people died in this pandemic.

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