Martins Mill – A. MARTIN’s sash and blind factory


Martin’s Mill was important to the 19th century in Hartland. The area of Hartland where it was located is still called Martinsville today. A. MARTIN’s sash and blind factory, located on road 62, gave employment to fifteen men. In 1882, they converted 500,000 feet of lumber into sash, blinds, etc. The following photos represent an overview of the mill property, buildings, and a photo of some of the people who worked there.


The people are, from left to right: E. Seams, L. Ayers, J. Johnson, A. W. Martin. W. Jensen, E. Mower, W. Colman, N. (Nellie) Patch, A. Hamel, L. Williams, W. Lawton




Key to Martin’s Mill Buildings picture

  1. Alonzo A. and Nancy Martin’s home
  2. NP & Arme Ide home (formerly A. W. Martin’s)
  3. A chapel when built, then various storage
  4. David & Mary Frazier home
  5. W. David  Barbara Martin – duplex home
  6. Garage. Alonzo & David both used this at one time
  7. Lumber storage (damaged in the 1938 hurricane)
  8. Warehouse – Stored doors, sash, blinds of all kinds. This building burned down.
  9. Garage
  10. The mill. Glazing room added on the end 10′ to the original mill in 1882.
  11. Shaving Shed – the room the chute goes to was the glue room
  12. Dry Kiln
  13. Used to be an office and was moved
  14. Had to do with operating the flume etc., parts etc
  15. Office 2 rooms,  parts room for door knobs, screws, nails etc.
  16. Floating bridge to a building across the brook for shavings. Boys used to fish off the bridge.  Notice the tree blooming so the picture was taken in early spring, we think in 1955.

Tanks and silos also were made as well as all kinds of house finish.  During WWII different size boxes for planes etc.  Also Red & Nancy kept a pig in one of the bays under the warehouse (#8).

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